Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Smackdown Spoilers

Batista opened the show cutting a promo on the Undertaker explaining
what he did and why at No Way Out.

There was a 6 Man Tag... Deuce & Domino & Mercury beat Matt Hardy,
Kendrick & London

Chavo Guerrero beat Scotty 2 Hotty. Worm got a big pop, hadn't seen
it a while.

They ran the Mr. Perfect Hall of Fame video, it got a good ovation
from the crowd.

Booker T. beat Kane in the Money in the Bank Qualifying Match. Match
was pinfalls count anywhere. Great Kahali came out and interfered
throwing Kane thru a barrier around ringside and Booker pinned him.

Finlay & Little Bastard beat Boogeyman & Mini Boogeyman. Funny
entertaining match.

They ran a promo saying Undertaker will speak next week.

Rey Misterio came out to a huge pop and updated us on his status,
saying he's getting better, and is recovering ahead of schedule.

Mr. McMahon and 20 security guards showed up to spoil the fun. He
made fun of Rey's size and asked him who he though would win the
battle of the billionaires. Rey called Vince a loser. Then he brought
out Umaga, and gave Rey a chance to change his answer. And then
McMahon nailed him before Umaga destroyed him in the middle of the
ring. Pretty good segment. I believe the show ended there.

Batista beat Mr. Kennedy to retain the World Title. As he begun to
celebrate, the lights went out, you heard a gong, lights on and the
Undertaker is in the ring. He chokeslamed Batista and then left. Big
pop for the Undertaker.