Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Mon., Jan. 29, 2007-ROYAL RUMBLE RESULTS

(1) The Hardy Boyz d. MNM w/ Melina

(2) ECW World Heavyweight title match: Bobby Lashley d. Test via countout-heard this match pretty much sucked.

(3) World title match: Batista d. Mr. Kennedy.

(4) WWE title match: John Cena d. Umaga (with Estrada) in a last man standing match.

(5) The Royal Rumble: 90 seconds intervals this year. (1) Ric Flair vs. (2) Finlay. It is Finlay's first rumble. (3) Kenny Dykstra. (4) Matt Hardy. (5) Edge. FLAIR ELIMINATED BY EDGE, KENNY THEN ELIMINATED BY EDGE. (6) Tommy Dreamer. (7) Sabu. (8) Gregory Helms. (9) Shelton Benjamin. (10) Kane. DREAMER ELIMINATED BY KANE. SABU ELIMINATED THRU THE TABLE BY KANE. (11) CM Punk. (12) King Booker. HELMS ELIMINATED BY KING BOOKER. (13) Super Crazy. (14) Jeff Hardy (15) The Sandman. SANDMAN ELIMINATED BY KING BOOKER. (16) Randy Orton. THE HARDY BOYS HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED. (17) Chris Benoit. (18) Rob Van Dam. KING BOOKER ELIMINATED BY KANE. KING BOOKER THEN ELIMINATED KANE by re-entering the ring. (19) Viscera. (20) Johnny Nitro. (21) Kevin Thorn. (22) Hardcore Holly. (23) HBK. FINLAY ELIMINATED BY HBK. EVERYONE ELIMINATED VISCERA. HBK ELIMINATED BENJAMIN. (24) Chris Masters. NITRO ELIMINATED BY BENOIT. (25) Chavo Guerrero. BENOIT ELIMINATED THORN. (26) MVP. MASTERS ELIMINATED BY RVD. (27) Carlito. (28) The Great Khali. HARDCORE HOLLY ELIMINATED BY KHALI. (29) The Miz. MIZ ELIMINATED. RVD and PUNK ELIMINATED BY KHALI. CARLITO AND CHAVO ELIMINATED BY KHALI. (30) The Undertaker. UNDERTAKER ELIMINATED KHALI. UNDERTAKER ELIMINATED MVP. Final four - Taker, Orton, Edge, HBK. HBK ELIMINATED ORTON, THEN HBK ELIMINATED EDGE. Its down to HBK and Undertaker. . THE UNDERTAKER ELIMINATED HBK BY BLOCKING SWEET CHIN MUSIC AND TOSSING MICHEALS OVER THE TOP ROPE AT 56:20. Undertaker eyed the Wrestlemania 23 sign in lights, dropping down to his knee.

TNA News:

A taped two hour special will be shown on 2/12 when Raw is pre-empted. On Thursday 2/15, TNA will be getting a three hour block going head to head with the first run airing of Raw, between 8pm and 11pm.

CNN Headline News put AJ Pierzynski's chair shot on Lance Hoyt on its regular rotation.

Konnan spent nine days in the hospital after getting his hip replaced. Doctors have told him not to wrestle for at least six months, so obviously he's booked himself to work for AAA in three months time.

Morale is down again in the locker room. There is now a real divide between the star group (Nash, Sting, Angle, Christian, Jarrett) and the rest of the roster. The star group not only gets more money, but also has a seperate dressing room from the rest of the workers.

Brother Ray has a lot of heat over the last PPV match with LAX over being stiff with Homicide.

There is still talk of adding members to LAX. Konnan has been pushing hard for Senshi, but his attitude is such that TNA aren't sure about pushing him. The booking committee have suggested bringing Apolo and Machete back to the group.