Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wrestling Society X Results-2/13

Wrestling Society X Results - 2/13/07 (Episode #3)
Commentators: Kris Kloss & Bret Ernst
Special Guest Commentary: Sparta
Report by: Adam Martin of

- The animated intro for Wrestling Society X hits.

- We then go to a short musical performance by Sparta.

- Kris Kloss & Bret Ernst then welcome us to the show and view highlights from last week featuring Vampiro vs. 6-Pac to crown the first ever WSX Champion, which Vampiro won after giving 6-Pac a tombstone piledriver through a coffin at ringside.

- We then go to a vignette featuring Vampiro. He has laying down against a wall with the WSX on his lap. Vampiro makes a reference that wrestling is in his blood and now the WSX Title is in his blood. Had a very "Raven" promo feel to it, except the usage of big words.

- The Filth & The Fury (Teddy Hart & "M-Dogg 20" Matt Cross") defeated The Trailer Park Boyz (Nate Webb & Josh "Jug" Raymond w/ "White Trash" Johnny Webb). Lots of fast paced tag team action in this match, which is perfect for viewers with a short attention span (generally the audience these guys are going after). Say what you want about Teddy Hart's attitude problems, but the guy is an amazing athlete and put on a wide display of impressive moves. Matt Cross was equally impressive, with Hart & Cross getting in a majority of the offense early on against The Trailer Park Boyz. Hart hit a big moonsault from the ropes to the outside and then followed that up with an awesome full-body cradle DDT. This is where things got a little corny. Hart pulled some live electric wire from an area of the set and electrocuted Nate Webb with it. Hart then poured water all over Webb, put him on a table, climbed up a set of stairs and then did a big flip dive onto Webb crashing through the tables. In the ring, Cross hit a big shooting star leg drop on Raymond to get the pinfall.

- A promo was shown between Los Ponchos Guapos (Aaron Aguilera & Kaos).

- Jack Evans defeated El Hombre Blanco Enmascarado. The announcers and the guest commentators from the band Sparta had fun trying to figure out what El Hombre's name meant in english, which roughly means a white guy in a mask. He was also dubbed as being from "way above the north border." Hey, at least WSX has some entertaining characters that make you think and laugh. Evans got a good reaction from the crowd and started to break dance when El Hombre took the advantage by hitting him with a dropkick. El Hombre followed that up with a modified fishermans suplex. The finish saw Evans catch El Hombre with a big elbow and Evans followed that up with his famous 630 Splash to get the pinfall.

- A vignette aired profiling WSX's newest character: Matt Classic (aka Colt Cabana of ROH fame). Basically, he is playing a throwback old school wrestler character who only does very basic moves. It was very entertaining and looks promising once he debuts on TV.

- A preview for WSXtra on WSX.MTV.COM is shown.

- Luke Hawx & Alkatrazz defeated Los Ponchos Guapos (Aaron Aguilera & Kaos) in a TLC Match (Tables, Ladders & Cervezas). Kaos was able to get in some pretty impressive moves during the match including the Kaos Driver (a firemans carry into a modified cradle piledriver) and a modified back rack piledriver. Kaos & Aguilera have some miscommunication issues during the match, which eventually leads to Kaos getting sent face first through the Cervezas that Aguilera brought into the ring. The finish saw Alkatrazz give Kaos a big powerbomb through a table and then get the pinfall shortly afterwards for the win.

- A video aired of what will be coming next week, which will see the return of an angry 6-Pac after losing to Vampiro in the WSX Title Match.