Monday, March 05, 2007

Say goodbye to "NWA" TNA!

Even though TNA hasn't really used the name "NWA: TNA" since the Nashville days, they've still been pretty clear about their association with the NWA, and using the NWA World Heavyweight & Tag Team Titles-but that will be coming to an end soon. In the next few months, TNA will be losing the rights to the NWA name and titles. TNA currently has plans to introduce their own Tag Team Titles soon, and plans are in place for Samoa Joe to win the NWA Title, then throw it down saying something along the lines of not being the NWA Champ, but the TNA Champ-much like Shane Douglas did with ECW back in 1995. Over the weekend at an NWA event in Canada, Bryan Danielson cut a promo stating that he wanted to be the next NWA Champion, and in fact, the NWA does have plans in place to make Danielson the next NWA Champ, once TNA loses its rights to the title.