Tuesday, March 06, 2007

TNA/Spike TV Conference Call w/ AJ Styles

AJ said he was very excited to do Elevation X when it was first pitched to him. He’s always wanted to do a scaffold match and they are few and far between. But now that he has seen and been on top of the structure he is really scared to take part in the match. He said the only thing you can do is just pray to God that you can some out of it safe.

He doesn’t really pattern his heel style after anyone. He just does his thing and it flows naturally.

If WSX were to fold he would to see TNA sign Matt Sydal and Colt Cabana.

He called Mistico “Rey Mysterio on crack”.

His dream match is himself vs. Eddie Guerrero but he says sadly that will never happen.

He called Jay Lethal the next breakout star in TNA. He loves his Macho Man impersonation.

He said Davey Richards has a ton of talent but he called their match in ROH "awful. He said it was mostly his fault though.

He said the Elevation X structure is very unstable. There won’t really be an opportunity to do many moves on top of it because of how narrow the platform is but he and Rhino are going to try and make it as exciting as possible. He called it close to the line of being too dangerous and said it’s almost something that shouldn’t even be in wrestling.

The TNA video game will have game play similar to the No Mercy/Virtual Pro Wrestling series of games. He said the graphics will be great and that yes the Canadian Destroyer will be in the game for all of those that keep asking.

He says he loves the X Division right now. The talent involved are some of the best in the world and they are starting to have characters which is great.

He called Vince Russo a very smart guy and said he’s glad he’s in TNA.

He's been told that it’s only a matter of time before iMPACT! gets 2 hours full time.

When he took the big bump on top of the cage last year at Lockdown he was afraid that he might go all the way through the top of the cage but of course he didn’t.

Being a Christian in wrestling has never been a problem for him.

He refused to say who was his better opponent between Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels.

Being a father in wrestling is hard on him and his wife but he somehow manages.

He said it took far too long but he’s super glad that Jerry Lynn is back in the ring in TNA. He said he's in great shape and has a ton to offer.

He called ROH the best place for young workers to go and get their name out in the industry and he gave ROH credit for doing allot for his career.

He's had so many great matches in ROH that he can't single out just 1 or 2 as being the best but he mentioned working with Aamazing Red and Samoa Joe.

His main goal in wrestling is to help TNA become the top promotion.

He said even though he turns 30 years old this year he still feels like he can go with the best of them.

While he didn't have a ton of input on his upcoming TNA DVD he did suggest a couple of matches and TNA did put them on there.

credit: gerweck.net