Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Disco Inferno Arrested on Felony Charges

Courtesy of georgiawrestlinghistory.com

Glen Gilberti, best known as WCW star Disco Inferno, is being linked to an overnight raid, whereas at least twenty-seven people have been arrested for their involvement in a high stakes poker game. Two women had been employed as waitresses to serve drinks to the players, and were included in the arrests.

It is being reported that those arrested will all be charged with misdemeanors, and that more serious charges may be brought forth against the hosts of the game, including felonious commercial gambling. It is unclear at this time as to Gilberti�s level of involvement.

Apparently, people had to register online in order to receive an invitation, and then produce an entry fee of $10,000 to participate in the weekly games of Texas Hold 'Em at a home in the normally quiet home in the suburban town of Roswell. There were complaints from neighbors, concerned about the amount of traffic outside their homes, and it is said that the raid capped a six-month investigation.

Law enforcement officials searched more than twenty vehicles after the suspects were removed from the home, and impounded them for possible further investigation. It is being reported that two handguns were found, as well as a bag of about two hundred pills believed to be ecstasy.

The story is still unfolding

This afternoon, details regarding last night's gambling raid in Roswell, Georgia, which included the arrest of Glen "Disco Inferno" Gilberti, continue to surface.

According to WAGA, Gilberti was living with Dan Tyre and his family. As had been suspected earlier today, Gilberti has been charged with felonious commercial gambling, also being reported by Doug Richards at WAGA.

Richards offered a definition the term "safe game", a phrase used by Roswell Police Department Sergeant B.C. Brackett to describe the gaming that had been going for many months in basement of the Tyre home. A safe game is apparently when money is not necessarily used on site, in an effort to help avoid large thefts in the event of a home invasion, or perhaps if someone enters the game with intentions of committing theft.

Most of the suspects arrested in the raid began bonding out around noon ET today, according to Harry Samler of WGCL. It is unclear at this time whether Tyre and Gilberti were still in custody or had been released.

Elaine Reyes of WXIA reported that the Tyre children, one aged two and the other not yet one, were indeed home at the time of the raid. She also clarified that Tyre�s full name is Walter Daniel Tyre, which created some confusion in earlier reports this morning that were initial listing him as "Walter", only to later refer to him as "Dan".

Brackett was quoted as saying that although many may question the seriousness of this act, the Roswell Police are concerned that activities such as this could lead to more serious crime.