Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Smackdown Spoilers from Ft. Wayne, IN

Dark Match:

- Kofi Kingston and Jamie Noble over La resistance (Sylan and Rob Conway)


- Mr. Kennedy d. Jeff Hardy (also, they set up Kennedy vs. Hornswaggle and Finlay next week)

- Second segment was an interview backstage with Timbaland and Ashley, which was interupted by Jillian Hall.

- The Miz over Chris Benoit in a non-ttle match with help from MVP

- Matt Hardy over King Booker

- Kane and Dave Taylor went to a no contest. Kane destroyed Taylor and William Regal.

- backstage segment with Booker and Sharmell. Sharmell slapped Booker.

- Deuce and Domino watched from an old school convertible as London and Kendrick defeated Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero Jr.

- JBL and Michael Cole were in the ring, and JBL cut an awesome promo on the crowd.

- The Undertaker comes with the druids intro. Taker gets ready to talk when Batista comes out says he want a re-match. Booker comes from behind, only to be tombstoned onto the announce table which didn't give out .. end of Smackdown.