Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Smackdown Spoilers

Dark Match:

Burchill d. Flash Funk


Teddy Long came out. Announced Batista vs Undertaker rematch for Backlash.

Finlay vs Kennedy was a non match. Kennedy apologized to Finlay for what happened at Mania. Finlay accepted and agreed with Ken that there shouldnt be a match. Long came back out and said both would be fighting Undertaker and Batista in the main event.

London and Kendrick d. Duece and Domino via DQ. Pretty long match ending when D&D refuse to listen to the refs warning of double teams... thus a DQ. D&D were furious. They went into Long's office and questioned the officials decision but Long said they need to learn to abide by the rules.

MVP d. Chris Benoit (Non Title). A good 20 minute match back and fourth. Benoit missed a diving headbutt giving MVP the advantage. MVP wins with a roll up and using the ropes.

Kane d. Davari. Squash match. Regal and Taylor come out post match and work over Kane.

Batista and Undertaker d. Kennedy and Finlay. Pretty average match with Undertaker choke slamming Batista at the finish then Batista tagging himself in. Batista bomb on Kennedy 1-2-3. Taker & Batista teased turning on each other through out.

Dark Match Main Event:

Batisa vs. Undertaker

credit: gerweck.net