Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wrestle Line Thursday Report

Ted DiBiase Jr. made his Pro Wrestling NOAH debut in Japan earlier this month.
About 4,000 fans attended the hall of fame ceremony. There was a chant of "wifebeater" directed at Steve Austin, and "colon cancer is a slobberknocker" towards Jim Ross
Despite his induction into the WWE hall of fame on 3/31, there is still talk of replacing Jim Ross with Michael Cole on Raw. As previouly noted, JR's current contract expires this fall.
With UFC already in HD, there was internal talk of targeting next year's Wrestlemania to debut WWE in HD. WWE's first experiment with HD included a few glitches such as being able to hear wrestlers call spots. WWE is planning another round of HD testing. The CW Network is ready for Smackdown to go HD, while USA won't be ready for HD until next year.

IWA in Puerto Rico has sought out the financial help of former TNA owner, Jerry Jarrett. The promotion is in deep financial trouble, as the wrestlers are about 8 weeks behind in pay, and most have had to get a full time job. This deal with Jarrett has fallen through, though.

The 4/7 Saturday replay of TNA Impact did a 0.5 cable rating, with a 1.1 share.
I'd like to send my best wishes out to Jeff Jarrett and his wife, who has been battling cancer for many years. It's being reported that Jarrett's wife contracted pneumonia and wound up with a collapsed lung as her cancer treatment has killed off many of her antibodies.

TNA's monthly conference call with Spike TV will be with the current NWA champion Christian Cage.

Ricky Banderas is heading to TNA once his Wrestling Society X contract expires. He is slated for a big push.
TNA Impact Preview:
Petey Williams & Gail Kim v. Robert Roode & Jackie Moore
X Division Champ Chris Sabin v. Jay Lethal in a non-title matchup
A member of Team Cage v. Team Angle, plus find out who will be the final member of Team Angle!