Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Friday

Apparently the tv world is starting to take notice of TNA. Not only have talks between TNA and Spike heated up about expanding the Impact timeslot, but My Network TV and another major cable network that has never aired pro wrestling are both trying to lure TNA away from Spike TV.

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Issue Date: 2007-04-14

1. WWE: No Way Out (DEBUT)
2. WWE: The New And Improved! DX (last week's #1)
3. WWE: Royal Rumble 2007
4. NFL: Super Bowl XLI Champions: Indianapolis Colts
5. PRIDE Fighting Championships: Hardcore Knockouts Volume 1
6. WWE: Mick Foley: Greatest Hits & Misses
7. WWE: Royal Rumble: The Complete Anthology 1988 - 2007
8. 2007 Tostitos BCS National Championship
9. WWE: WrestleMania III
10. PRIDE Fighting Championships: Bushido VIII (DEBUT)

Yesterday former WCW Star, Kanyon (Chris Klucsaritis) announced on his Myspace account that he was retiring from pro wrestling effective today.

Yesterday marked the 15th anniversary of his pro debut on April 5, 1992 in Levittown, NY. Kanyon also said that he will announce his non-wrestling plans for his future Wednesday on the Howard Stern show on April 11th.

It's being rumored that Cryme Tyme's push is pretty much done, as the writer's have gotten bored with them.

People that were backstage at Wrestlemania are stating that Ashley Massaro was crying after her match because she knew it wasn't good and was said to be very upset.

Smackdown Spoilers:

Dark Match:

Kofi Kingston and Jamie Noble d La resistance (Sylan and Rob Conway)


Mr. Kennedy d. Jeff Hardy (also, they set up Kennedy vs. Hornswaggle and Finlay next week)

The Miz d Chris Benoit in a non-ttle match with help from MVP

Matt Hardy d King Booker

Kane and Dave Taylor went to a no contest. Kane destroyed Taylor and William Regal.

Deuce and Domino watched from an old school convertible as London and Kendrick defeated Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero Jr.

The Undertaker comes out with the druids intro. Taker gets ready to talk when Batista comes out says he want a re-match. Booker comes from behind, only to be tombstoned onto the announce table which didn't give out

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