Monday, April 16, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Monday

TNA Lockdown PPV Results:

In the pre-show, Voodoo Kin Mafia w/ Lance Hoyt defeated Serotonin w/ Christy Hemme.
Kip James got the pinfall following his modified jumping back suplex on Johnny Devine.

In the first actual ppv matchup, Chris Sabin retained the X Division Title in the Xscape Match over Jay Lethal, Alex Shelley, Sonjay Dutt & Shark Boy.

Robert Roode defeated Petey Williams.

Gail Kim defeated Jackie Moore.

Senshi defeated Austin Starr with Bob Backlund as the special guest referee.
James Storm defeated Chris Harris in a Blindfold Match.

Christopher Daniels defeated Jerry Lynn.

Team 3D defeated LAX in the Electric Steel Cage Match to become the NEW NWA World Tag Team Champions.

Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, Sting, Samoa Joe & Rhino) defeated Team Cage (NWA World Champion Christian Cage, AJ Styles, Scott Steiner, Abyss & Tomko) w/ Harley Race at ringside.

With Jeff Jarrett attending to family issues, Vince Russo and Dutch Mantel have done most of the booking.

In a recent interview, Brother Devon of Team 3D said he is interested in wrestling five more years, but wasn't sure if he would stay in TNA or return to WWE.

As of last week, the 4/20 TNA house show in Louisville at the Louisville Gardens had 800 tickets sold with all floor seat tickets sold out. Jim Cornette is promoting the event, which has a $15,000 advance.

Konnan spoke with Nicho (Psicosis) about returning to AAA on 4/5 in Tijuana.

Add Hardcore Holly to the list of disgruntled workers about being left off of the Wrestlemania ppv. WWE had been building a program for Holly to challenge for the ECW Title, but obviously the ECW Champ ended up being used in other ways. ECW writer Dave Lagana is blaming outside forces, while the "outside forces" are blaming Lagana.

Triple H was telling people at the hall of fame ceremony in Detroit that he is targeting a July return.

Vince McMahon made a decree for hall of fame inductees not to thank him to avoid past McMahon "lovefests."

The newly formed Inoki Gnome Federation is teasing a match between Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar for their June 29 show.

WWE US Champ Chris Benoit is wanting to return to New Japan to work their 35th anniversary show and possibly challenge IWGP Champ Yugi Nagata. John Laurinitis is said to be positive about letting this happen.

WWE is confident that Rob Van Dam is staying, although a final decision should be made in the following weeks. Stephanie McMahon was against RVD scoring the pinfall victory at Wrestlemania, but Vince McMahon was in favor of the "good faith" decision.

John Cena didn't drive the sports car at Wrestlemania, as WWE hired a stunt car driver for the spot.

WWE is under the impression that Tomko is working in TNA without a contract, and appear to have interest in bringing him back. Tomko requested his WWE release, and left on very good terms.

Donald Trump told the Don Imus show that his Wrestlemania pay off was being donated to AIDS research and the Police Athletic League. Trump also claimed his pay off was less than $5 million, but was in the millions.