Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Wednesday

ECW on Sci Fi Results:

Show opens with a Vince McMahon promo

(1) Kevin Thorn (with Ariel) d. Tommy Dreamer

(2) CM Punk d. Stevie Richards.

Extreme Expose

(3) "The Alpha Male" Marcus Cor Von (with Elijah Burke) d. RVD. CM Punk came out to join the New Breeds after the match.

Raw on Monday night scored a 3.9 cable rating, with a 6.0 share.

The 4/7 edition of AM Raw posted a 0.7 cable rating, with a 2.9 share.

The 4/6 edition of WWE Friday Night Smackdown finished up with a 2.7 broadcast rating, with a 4.9 share.

WWE is opening an office in Santa Monica, and is seeking a head of publicity.

There are various rumors that the Memphis show with Jerry Lawler v. Hulk Hogan is Hogan's show, but those rumors are false. Hogan had the opportunity to make it his show, but passed as he didn't want the liability in case of a lawsuit from a fan getting hurt, etc.

Apparently Hulk Hogan and wife Linda recently attended marriage counseling for an upcoming episode of VH-1’s reality series “Hogan Knows Best.”

credit: gerweck.net