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Steve Austin Interview Recap

Between The Ropes
Wednesday, May 2, 2007
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On Wednesday night, May 2, WWE legend "Stone Cold" Steve Austin joined hosts Brian Fritz, Dickerman, and Vito DeNucci live on Between The Ropes on Central Florida's Sports Radio 740 The Team to discuss his new film The Condemned, his thoughts on today's wrestling product and John Cena, his future in wrestling, and much more.

The interview began with Steve talking about the experience of filming his first movie. He said that he had a great time on the set and that there was a lot of laughing and joking. He also said that "doing the choreographed fight scenes was a little bit frustrating since you have to remember so much. In the wrestling ring you just go through it and learn after years and years.

Steve also joked that one of his co-stars "has one coming" as a result of accidentally giving Steve a black eye during a fight scene.

Regarding finding the script of the Condemned: "My agent brought the script to me and wanted me to be the part that Vinnie Jones plays in the movie. I took the script to Vince and he said 'okay, we'll do it, but, you're playing Jack Conrad.'"

Steve was then asked about living in California. He said that he had just bought a ranch in south Texas "so I'm still Texas based while I'm out here in L.A."

Steve confirmed that he has two more movies left on his movie contract and that he is looking for "another action-adventure movie. Something more solo, driven my me, and we hope to start shooting ASAP. Asked if he was sticking with just action movies Steve said "I think it makes sense to stick with them, at least initially and maybe forever. I'll just take it as it comes and stay in my comfort zone initially. I like action movies, I like watching them, and I like being involved in stuff like that. If I'm lucky enough to make 30-40 action movies I'd be a pretty lucky guy."

How does Steve see the wrestling business as it is today?

"I think right now is a good time for wrestling or sports entertainment. The last WrestleMania was the best all time as far as production goes. I think there's a big youth movement right now. I think John Cena is doing an outstanding job. I think he's kid friendly and corporate friendly. I was an edgy act and I pushed the envelope in a lot of different ways when the business was at the biggest point in its history. So, I think it's a good time for the business and they're on an up cycle."

Regarding where he sees himself in wrestling today Steve said he would probably always be a part of WWE. He also said that at this point it's time to give camera time to the younger guys who are out there working and drawing the houses. Though he did say that fans can expect to see him every so often at WrestleManias and when an angle is convenient.

Asked if he has any feelings of withdrawal when he hears a crowd reaction like he received at WrestleMania 23 Steve said "when you first come back you do have withdrawals, absolutely. But then you get used to it and get it out of your system. I just look back and have a lot of great memories in a business I absolutely loved. It was so good to me and I was good to it. But when you go out there and get a pop like I did in Detroit when you've been gone as long as I have…you just walk down to the ring thinking 'thank you very much for remembering.' It doesn't make me want to get back into the ring though. I've always appreciated my fan base and worked really hard for them and they just keep sticking by me."

Steve then talked about his creative control and backing out of some angles he felt would not be beneficial. "There's a lot of politics involved. And sometimes like with the Brock Lesnar deal you get a piece of information explaining it and it just doesn't make sense. During the time when I was white hot nobody has ever generated more income for that business than I did. So one day you show up and you hear they want you to do a job in a match on Monday Night Raw that hasn't been hyped and doesn't make sense. Believe me, big draws only come around very, very very few times. Myself and Hulk Hogan are probably the two biggest draws ever and you have to take care of cats like that."

On whether he thinks Hogan is bothered by the fact that a Hogan v. Austin match never happened: "I don't know, me and Hogan have never run in the same circles. He's done his thing and I've done mine. I've always given him credit for having a wonderful career. I don't know if it bothers him or why he seems so insistent on it…I don't think it would be a good match. I've always been a guy where, if you asked 'hey Steve, would you like more money or less money' I'd say more money. I could make a lot of money in that match, but I wouldn't be happy with what I was giving the people and therefore I don't want to give it to them"

Talk then turned back to Steve's movie career. Steve said that he got a quiet satisfaction at the end of the day when he knew he had done during filming. However, he has now seen the movie seven times with crowds while promoting it and he still gets to hear some crowd reaction as people clap and react during the movie.

Lastly, Steve said that he would be open to working with the Rock on a film, but it would have to be sometime in the future once he has progressed as an actor.

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