Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Two Weeks Worth of TNA Impact Spoilers!

These are the LIVE SPOILERS for the final TNA TV taping before Sacrifice. Former WWE Tough Enough 2 competitor Hawk was in attendance along with Sean Waltman and family. Let's find out what happened tonight.

Hour one news and notes:

The show was opened by the arrival of the one and only Sting into the Impact Zone. He didn't even get in the ring as Kurt angle attacked him with a chair. TNA black shirt security hit the ring to break them up. Both were given microphones and they argued about the end of last week's match between Sting and NWA World Heavyweight champion ?Instant Classic? Christian Cage who also came out to the Impact Zone or at least his music played. Instead Sting and Angle brawled around the ring again and the black shirts hit the ring since the referee's were no match for the two high strung former world champions. Finally the champ hit the Impact Zone to a babyface pop. Cage wanted everyone to get along. He felt being the humanitarian he wanted Sting to team up with Angle to face ?the Instant Classic? and ?the Phenomenal? AJ Styles. The person who scores the pin in the NO DQ match would get the title shot, but if their team lost both of them lost their shot at Sacrifice. Sting said he already had the title shot and didn?t need the match. I think Angle asked Sting if he was an icon or a pussy before they cut to the backstage area.

Leticia interviewed NWA World Tag Team champions Team 3D (Ray and Devon) about their match tonight with Samoa Joe and Rhino.

(1) The match up of NWA World Tag Team champions Team 3D (Ray and Devon) vs. Samoa Joe and ?War Machine? Rhino ended in a no contest.

LAX didn?t join Mike Tenay and Don West for commentary this week but their fans chanted 3D sucks several times. Team 3D began by working over Rhino but Joe tagged into face Ray and the two men had an excellent exchange of power moves where nothing was resolved. Things broke down as Joe hit Devon with a Samoan Drop, Ray hit Joe with the Bubba Bomb. But when it looked like someone was going for a pin ?Fallen Angel? Christopher Daniels hit the ring and the competitors with a baseball bat. Too bad he didn?t hit Joe who locked him in the Kokina Clutch. All four men got in a shot and the fun ended when Rhino hit the GORE into a folding table propped in a corner.

Jeremy Borash spoke to NWA World Heavyweight champion ?Instant Classic? Christian Cage and ?the Phenomenal? AJ Styles, who wasn?t too happy Cage volunteered him for a NO DQ match. Cage tried to kiss Styles? butt a little saying if they eliminate Sting and Angle Styles would be #1 contender.

Back from commercial Mike Tenay and Don West spoke to the home viewers. Robert Roode (carrying his RRI business plan) and Ms. Brooks (sporting a neck brace) made their way into the Impact Zone with tons of egg on their face after last week?s announcement that Jeff Jarrett was Eric Young?s friend. Needless to say Roode was not a happy joy-joy person. He called for Young to come out to the ring so he could be fired in front of everyone in the Impact Zone. But instead of Eric Young, Roode got TNA Management?s Jim Cornette who told the fans Jeff Jarrett was not in attendance. He said the only people who deserved to be fired were Roode and his ?flotation floozy.? Cornette said when Eric Young signed the RRI deal he breached his TNA deal but Roode was guilty of tampering (I feel like I am on an episode of Law and Order) so Cornette wanted the whole thing dropped. Roode said he was firing Young whether Cornette liked it nor not and shoved Cornette down. This brought out Eric Young who cleaned Roode?s clock for a moment but when he went to get Jeff Jarrett?s guitar Roode was waiting. Too bad for Roode, Young knew what was coming and he fought back. But when Young went to clock Roode and Brooks with the guitar, Roode hit a chop block to Young?s knees (15 yard penalty in an NFL game.) Roode used the cuffs he stole from ?Wildcat? Chris Harris to lock Young in a corner, where he berated him on the mic before using the guitar on Young?s head. Cornette recovered enough to talk on the mic and said instead of firing Roode he was going to have to face Jeff Jarrett at Sacrifice.

Tenay and West spoke to the home viewers once more.

(2) In a Lockdown rematch with Street Fight rules, Gail Kim defeated ?the Pride of Tennessee? Jacqueline Moore (carrying a bullrope).

Kim wasted no time and leveled Moore with a cookie sheet to the head. The fight went to the floor where Kim?s ribs met the ringside guard rail and then she was slammed to the rampway for a one count. Kim threw Moore back in the ring and went shopping under the ring for garbage can, kendo stick (possibly borrowed from Kahagas) and the can ended up on Moore?s upper body as Kim swung it like Sammy Sosa. Kim must have been watching the best of AMW because she tossed baby powder into Moore?s face. Next she choked out Moore with a bar but the last blow came when Moore?s attempted chair shot was kicked back in her face for the pin. The fun really began when ?Tennessee Cowboy? James Storm came out to help Moore exact some revenge on Kim. The bad part for Storm was the fully healed ?Wildcat? Chris Harris also came out to the ring to fight. After the match some officials needed a moment to search in the ring for two of Moore?s front teeth which were knocked out during the match.

Tenay and West did another chat with the home viewers. Between commercials they were joined by Jim Cornette for commentary.

(3) In a NO DQ match, Sting and Kurt Angle defeated NWA World Heavyweight champion ?Instant Classic? Christian Cage and ?the Phenomenal? AJ Styles.

It may have been NO DQ but referee Rudy Charles made the match begin as a normal tag team match with angle squaring off with Angle and the two men traded punches and forearms but Angle got a takeover slam before tagging in Sting. Sting promptly dropkicked Cage and press slammed him over his head, threatening to toss him to the floor onto Styles. Styles and Cage got control by grabbing Sting?s legs and dragging him right into the ring post, making Sting?s lower abdominal area not feel so well. Cage and Styles tagged several times working over Sting as Angle was forced to watch on even though NO DQ was the rules for the bout. Sting fought off defeat several times and was finally able to get Angle into the match and he delivered several German suplexes. Sting hit a double Stinger splash and then hit Cage with the Scorpion Death Drop but Angle stopped the pin. They hit Styles with a double Rock Bottom but Cage hit both of them with chair shots. Styles got a chair but their chairscendo backfired as Angle moved and sent Cage to the floor. Both men got Styles to tap out to an Ankle Lock. This caused Cornette to exit the broadcast table to ask Charles which man got the submission victory. Charles said both men got the win so Cornette decreed at the PPV Cage would have to defend in a three way match.

In between shows Jeremy Borash introduced someone from the TV show Heroes (which airs on NBC and mentioned TNA Mobile was now fully active.

Hour two news and notes:

(1) LAX?s ?Notorious 187? Homicide defeated Team 3D?s Devon and ?Big Poppa Pump? Scott Steiner.

Everyone minus Steiner came to the ring with their partner or manager who remained at ringside. Homicide tried to talk Steiner into working together but Steiner refused and kept trying to order Homicide around. They hit Devon with a suplex and chest chops as Ray could only watch on. Devon tried to fight back but Steiner hit a belly to belly suplex for two. Steiner placed Devon in the Tree of Woe so more punishment could be inflicted. Homicide was hit by a Steiner Tilt-A-Whirl slam for two as Devon recovered in a corner. Devon got back in the match hitting Steiner with a shot then hit Homicide with a Sky High Slam for two as Steiner fought on the floor with Ray. Machete got the referee?s attention long enough for Hernandez to hit Devon with the Border Toss help to win the match for Homicide. After the match Ray and Steiner traded chair shots and fought to the locker room.

Tenay and West talked on camera to the home viewers. Christy Hemme and the Voodoo Kin Mafia (Kip and BG James) came out the ring but the team formerly called the Bashams hit the ring and attacked the VKM. Hemme introduced them as Basham and Damaja. Lance Hoyt came out and the trio hit the bricks. Tenay and West spoke on camera possibly talking about what went down in the ring.

(2) World X Division champion ?the Future? Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley defeated Sonjay Dutt and ?Black Machismo? Jay Lethal.

As Dutt and Lethal came out you could see Dutt was still not amused by the transformation Lethal underwent courtesy of Kevin Nash. Shelley didn?t look amused either as he faced off with Lethal to open the match where Lethal hit some ?Macho Man? like moves. Dutt stood in his corner and watched as Lethal was hit with several double team moves. Lethal survived and tagged out to Dutt who was energized, clearing the ring. Dutt hit Sabin Sliced Bread #2 and Lethal went up top ready to hit the elbow drop but Dutt picked up Sabin. The referee put out Lethal out of the ring and it allowed Shelley to hit Dutt with Emeral Frosion to win. After the match Bob Backland came out and attacked Sabin and Shelley possibly for the recent Paparazzi Productions video where Sabin and Shelley attacked Backland, who walks from the TNA hotel to Universal Studios for the tapings. .

(3) In a NO DQ battle, ?the Phenomenal? AJ Styles, ?Fallen Angel? Christopher Daniels and ?Tennessee Cowboy? James Storm (w/ ?Pride of Tennessee? Jacqueline Moore minus two teeth) defeated ?Wildcat? Chris Harris (w/Gail Kim), ?War Machine? Rhino and Samoa Joe

Storm wearing his hat squared off with Joe and quickly had it pulled over his eyes. Joe tagged in Harris and Storm quickly got out tagging in Styles who got suplexed by Harris as Joe made a blind tag. Rhino tagged in to inflict a beating on Styles with great fury. That ended when Styles distracted the referee and Daniels knocked Rhino off the top turnbuckle and down to the floor. Rhino got back in the ring where Daniels was waiting to attack .Daniels and teammates tagged out to wear out Rhino as the crowd cheered him on. Storm made a mental error and it allowed Rhino to tag out to Harris. Tags didn?t matter anymore as all six competitors got in the ring to fight. Storm and Harris remained in the ring where Moore tried to toss the beer bottle into Storm but landed in Harris? hand. Harris was ready to deck his old partner but Storm grabbed the referee and stopped the shot. In the end Storm won via rollup and a huge hand full of tights. The fighting was not done as Harris chased Storm in the crowd behind the announcers. Their fighting ended as Harris backdropped Storm off and down to the concrete floor below.

After that fight ended, Sting and Angle fought their way into the Impact Zone with Christian Cage watched on from a safe distance. Finally TNA referees and black shirt security broke them up. Angle said on the house mic come Sacrifice Sting?s ass was his.

Matches taped for Xplosion:

(1) Robert Roode (w/Ms. Brooks) defeated Sonjay Dutt. After the match Roode took the mic to tell the fans he was going to make an example out of Dutt but Eric Young and guitar came to the rescue.

(2) ?Black Machismo? Jay Lethal defeated LAX?s ?Notorious 187? Homicide (minus the rest of LAX).

Announced matches for Sacrifice PPV:

-- NWA World Heavyweight champion ?Instant Classic? Christian Cage vs. Sting vs. Kurt Angle

-- NWA World Tag Team champions Team 3D (Ray and Devon) vs. Tomko and ?Big Poppa Pump? Scott Steiner and Latin American Xchange (?Notorious 187? Homicide and Hotstuff Hernandez w/Konnan & Machete)

-- In a three way match, World X Division champion ?the Future? Chris Sabin vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal

-- In a Texas Death match, James Storm vs. Chris Harris

-- Robert Roode (w/Ms. Brooks) vs. "King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett

I am guessing Voodoo Kin Mafia (Kip and BG James) vs. Basham and Damaja (w/Christy Hemme) is on the PPV based on what went down in hour two of Impact.

Credit: Alan J. Wojcik of http://alanwojcik.com