Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Tuesday

I'd like to send my thoughts and prayers out to the friends and family of "Kid America", who wrestled for local fed Tri-State Wrestling. Tri-State Wrestling will be holding a special tribute for him before their show in Bicknell, IN this coming Saturday.

Cleveland All Pro Wrestling Results From Sunday:

CAPW Champ Tracy Smothers def Rhino by DQ

CK3 def Bane to win the TV title

Johnny Gargano def Alex Shelley

Tag Champs Faith-n-Nothing def N8 Mattson & Truth Martini

Super Hentai def Zach Gowen to win the Junior title

6 Man Champs JT Lightning & Da' Munchies def Marion Fontaine, Shawn Blaze & Ponyboy Dynamite

Barry Saggitarius & Michael Hellborn def Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe (The Homeless/Handicapped Connection)

Tyrone Evans & Josh Emanuel def Kid Hybrid & Jeff Brooks

N8 Mattson & Truth Martini def Aftermath & Matthew Justice

Ironman def Christian Vaughn

Jessica Havok def Sassy Stephie, then def Angel Dust, then def Benny Boone, then def
Amber Lynn before being gored and pinned by Rhino

Chris Cronus def Robbie Starr

"Mdogg" Matt Cross def Johnny Gargano, Alex Shelley, Super Hentai, Shiima Xion & Aftermath in an elimination match

Virus def Brian Lydon & Flip Kendrick in a 3 way

TNA News:

Talent such as Serotonin, Senshi, and Petey Williams did not attend the last set of Impact tapings in Orlando, FL as they weren't scheduled to be used.

During a recent interview, Brother Ray of Team 3D stated that Vince McMahon has asked him to become an agent on three different occassions.

Bodog is interested in putting together a Kurt Angle vs. Daniel Puder or Angle vs. Roger Gracie match for the MMA's group September PPV.

With his Wrestling Society X contract up, Sean Waltman is looking to return to TNA.

Mistico Update:

Mistico told the press during an autograph signing at one of the Centro Banamex shows this weekend that he will be out of action for 6-8 months if he has to have surgery on his shoulder which he will find out in two weeks. Mistico said that he would prefer not to have surgery but if it is necessary then he would just have to deal with it.

Mistico is said to be making well over $500,000 per year in Mexico, and in fact, Dave Meltzer is reporting that the lucha libre star earns around $50,000 per month.

Prior to his injury, Mistico had decided to make up his mind regarding his future when his contract with CMLL expires next month. Rey Mysterio Jr. continues to push for Mistico to come to WWE.

Mistico is not likely to receive a downside guarantee offer from WWE that will match his current earnings in Mexico, but on the other hand, Mistico does 450 to 500 matches per year.

WWE News:

Mick Foley's "Hardcore Diaries" has dropped out of the New York Times bestsellers list, but last week the book was #1 in the sports category.

Foley's A&E reality show plot will begin filming later this month.

Writer Michael Hayes has blamed Smackdown's declining television ratings on the post-Wrestlemaia decline of the company.

Apparently Dusty Rhodes has pushed for Randy Orton to be moved to ECW because he always liked Randy's father, Bob.

Upcoming WWE DVDs Releases

Backlash 5/29

Great Families of Wrestling 6/5
Judgment Day 6/19

Vengeance 7/24

Great American Bash 8/21

Triumph Tragedy of World Class Wrestling 9/18
Summerslam 9/25

Unforgiven 10/16

No Mercy 11/6

Stone Cold Steve Austin Life Legacy 11/20

Cyber Sunday 12/4
Survivor Series 12/26

credit: gerweck.net