Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Tuesday

Hulk Hogan has apparently decided against working in TNA, and has stated he won't return to WWE since Vince won't pay him main event level money. Hogan is looking at working in Antonio Inoki's new promotion in Japan.

Antonio Inoki is still working on a Kurt Angle-Brock Lesnar match for the "real" IWGP title on the 6/29 Tokyo Inoki Genome Federation debut show.

Angle is under the impression he is going over, and winning whatever title they create.

Antonio and Simon Inoki hold the NWA membership in Japan.

Jim Mitchell's monster, as things stand, will be Ricky Banderas. His AAA schedule is apparently the hold up.

From a talent perspective, no one understands why TNA uses Bob Backlund.

Many of the undercard wrestlers complained when TNA banned talent from working for Ring of Honor, PWG, and UWA in Canada. The current morale is said to be quite low.

The recently released Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens (The Naturals) may be used in the upcoming NWA Tag Team tournament to crown new World Tag Team champions.

credit: gerweck.net