Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Tuesday

ShopTNA.com will debut a new series of life-size wall posters in the coming weeks, featuring Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Sting, Kurt Angle, Christy Hemme and Gail Kim.

The back of the case for recently released Best of Abyss DVD lists two matches that are not actually on the disc. Monsters Ball 1 from Victory Road 04 and Abyss vs AJ Styles from iMPACT! in October of 2006. This is the not first time TNA has made this mistake. This happened with not only The Best of the X Division Volume One but Sting: Return of Icon as well.

Adam "Pacman" Jones TNA signing was mentioned on today's episode of Pardon The Interruption on ESPN. The hosts said they think it's a good idea for Jones who needs to change his image if he ever wants back in the NFL. One of the hosts asked what TNA is and the other host called it the arena league of pro wrestling.

Andy Douglas of The Naturals has stated on his myspace page that he and Chase Stevens will be getting a WWE tryout on Sept. 17 in Nashville, TN.

Insanity Pro Wrestling presnts "Reign Of The Insane"
6th Anniversary Show

THIS SATURDAY, August 4, 2007
The Salvation Army Community Center
1337 S Shelby Street
Indianapolis, IN

Doors Open 6:00 PM, Bell Time 7:00 PM
General Admission $12, Kids 10 and under only $7
Matches signed:











Visit www.insanityprowrestling.com

credit: gerweck.net, Insanity Pro Wrestling

Monday, July 30, 2007

Two Weeks Worth of TNA Imapct Spoilers!

These are the 100% complete live spoilers from the TNA IMPACT Tapings. By the end of this evening we will know many of the matches for the Hard Justice PPV. Former WWE superstar the Warlord as well as Kahagas were in attendance.

Hour one notes:

Jeremy Borash watched on as Jim Cornette spoke to Christian Cage and pals about who pulled Abyss under the ring. Cornette announced a tag team ladder match with a contract up top for a Hard Justice match between Cage & Abyss. If Cage and AJ Styles win the match goes away, if Abyss and Sting win Abyss picks the stipulation. Kurt Angle, his wife Karen and child walked by and Angle admonished the child for dropping something.

(1) Team 3D (Ray and Devon) defeated “Wildcat” Chris Harris & “Showtime” Eric Young.

Team 3D have white hot old school ECW style heat on them with the Orlando fans. They wasted no time in attacking Harris but he fired back with a clothesline and bulldog combo. Harris used his power to suplex Devon before tagging in Young who looked a little bit terrified but he had his friends behind him as Ray tagged in. young faired well against both 3D members but it came to a screeching halt when Devon tripped Young from the floor and Ray leveled him. 3D kept Young occupied until he hit what looked like a dropkick but when he went to tag out to Harris, he found Harris on the floor fighting with Dustin Rhodes as those two fought to the locker room. Young didn’t last along after being hit with a top rope Spike Piledriver.

After the match Robert Roode, Ms. Brooks, a pillow and a two bottles of lotion came out to the ring to admire 3D’s handiwork. They pulled Young to the floor where Roode got the house mic and talked about embarrassing moments. What happened next the mid-south wrestling fans used to call a “tar and feather” incident. Backstage Jeremy Borash tracked down the Angle Clan telling Angle that Samoa Joe would mow down anyone including his family to get to Angle. Angle seemed more interested in his wife’s figure and daughter’s appetite for candy.

(2) XXX (“Primetime” Elix Skipper, Senshi & “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels) defeated “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal & “the Guru” Sonjay Dutt.

The Motor City Machineguns watched on and taped the bout as Skipper slid to the floor. Lethal & Dutt fought with the remaining members but Lethal got isolated from Dutt and the under handed tactics began mixed in with some amazing double team moves. Lethal fought out of a chinlock, avoided a Daniels leg lariat and tagged in Dutt who let XXX have it with a series of moves but his slingshot Pop move only got two. Dutt hit Senshi with Sliced Bread into a slam of some kind. But he looked at Skipper who dropped him on the top rope. It set up the Warrior’s Way and BME to get the win for XXX. After the match XXX and the Guns had a heated verbal exchange but it didn’t escalate to punches.

As Jeremy Borash looked on, Dr. Kevin Nash held a session with the Angle Family. Kurt accused Karen of looking at Dr. Nash’s package. He forced Karen to have a session with Dr. Nash or “don’t the door hit her on the ass on the way out.” After Kurt left, Karen soon followed him out as she wanted nothing to do with Nash and his acting resume.

(3) In a Ladder Match, Sting & Abyss defeated “Phenomenal” AJ Styles & “Instant Classic” Christian Cage.

Sting and Abyss jumped their opponents at the bell and the hard hitting action was under way. Abyss hit Cage/Styles with a clothesline and Sting followed with a top rope bodyblock. Sting and Abyss sent Cage/Styles back to the ring so they could bring the ladder in. but Styles and Cage charged for a dropkick into the ladder but the ladder moved, they slid to the floor and got leveled by it. Abyss placed the duo in a corner as Sting hit the Stinger Splash into a ladder followed by Abyss’ version of the Splash. Abyss went to climb up but Styles stopped him and countered out a wheel barrel, dropping Abyss’ throat on the ladder. Sting saw the duo coming with the ladder and dropkicked it, sending Cage/Styles to the mat but when Sting went up top Cage followed. Sting opted to bring Cage back down and hit a bulldog. Sting went up again but Styles stopped that trip. Abyss and Styles fought on the ladder but Abyss chokeslammed Styles to the mat. Just as Abyss grabbed the contract Tomko hit Abyss with a chair. But as Tomko told Styles to go up, Andrew “Test” Martin hit the ring and Tomko with several moves. Sting and Martin held the ladder steady as Abyss climbed up and got the contract.

After a couch session, Kurt & Karen Angle came out to the Impact Zone to address the fans. Angle said he brought Karen out to explain to the fans and home viewers just who Kurt Angle really is. Angle said it must be difficult to live in his shadow but wanted Karen to tell the people what it is like living with him. Karen kept her lips shut even as Kurt tagged her with insults. Samoa Joe and his titles came out and said Kurt Angle is a horse’s ass. Kurt hid behind Karen when Joe hit the ring. Karen said living with Kurt for 12 years has been pure hell and went on to make TNA Impact into the Maury Povich Show for a little while.

Joe said after Hard Justice Angle would be left with his clothes, but then again he tore off Angle’s jacket and dress shirt. As Joe stood in the ring with all the gold, Angle went for the high ground as Jeremy Borash and Bill Banks filmed stuff for TNA Today.

Hour two notes:

TNA Management’s Jim Cornette and Matt Morgan made their way to the ring. Cornette said Sting, Abyss and “the Punisher” Andrew Martin had chosen their stipulation for the PPV. But Cornette was cut off by Christian Cage, Tomko and AJ Styles. Cage said six man matches weren’t his style and he wanted to discuss the world title situation. Cornette said Abyss came up with a “doozy of a match” called the “Doomsday Chamber of Blood” match. It’s basically a Six Sides of Steel match with Barb Wire on the top, post to post and corner to corner. You need to bust someone open to get a pinfall. The winner fights the TNA World Heavyweight champion at No Surrender in September. The lights went down and up to find the ring filled with people.

(1) In a tag team match, Kip James (w/Roxxie Laveaux) & Brother Devon defeated “Notorious 187” Homicide & Rick Steiner.

Homicide was the smallest man in the ring but you wouldn’t have known that by the way he took Kip down to the mat. Steiner tagged in and decked Kip with a Steiner Line and some forearms. But Rick focused on Devon for a moment and got kicked in the face by Kip. Devon laid in the shots but Steiner caught in mid-air and hit a slam. This allowed Homicide to tag in to take on both men. He ducked a Kip clothesline and it sent Devon to the floor. But when Homicide went to the ropes, Devon tripped Homicide and Kip hit the Famouser to win. After the match all four teams fought in the ring with 3D and VKM hitting the pavement running from LAX and the Steiners.

(2) In a six man “House of Fun” match; Raven, “Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm (w/Jacqueline Moore) & Robert Roode (w/Ms. Brooks) defeated “War Machine” Rhino, Frankie “the Future” Kazarian & Wildcat Chris Harris.

This specialty match in TNA dates back to the Nashville Asylum and like those matches this was hard hitting bell to bell. Raven & friends jumped Kazarian as he came out. Brooks and Moore set up a table and you doubted it was for a post match meal. Harris split Raven open with repeated trash can shots. Harris & Storm picked up where they left off with trash can lid shots to the head. Kazarian tossed a chair into Roode’s face but he ended up going through the table. Kazarian avoided a Storm clothesline and when Storm went to skin the cat back in Kazarian tossed a garbage can at him. But when Kazarian went for a spear, Storm hit him with a trash can lid shot. Storm grabbed some martial arts chucks but Rhino chased him to the locker room. Roode fell for the chair trick twice and Kazarian hit a spinning heel kick but Raven hit him with a kendo shot. Harris ducked a double team and hit a double clothesline and he took Roode to the floor. Kazarian countered out of the Raven Effect and kicked Raven into a table positioned in the corner. But Roode hit Kazarian in the gut with a mallet and hit the Perfect Plex to win.

Samoa Joe made his way to the ring with a “special guest” Karen Angle. Joe said he wanted to invite Karen to watch the match at the PPV from a front row seat. But before things got quiet, Kurt Angle came to the ring looking disheveled. Joe said the TV production truck said the show is beginning to suck now that Angle is out. Kurt got in the ring to talk to Karen about their marriage and reconciliation. Just when it looked like Karen was going to tell off Kurt, Angle played the “kids card” and Karen still told him off. Joe said after suffering due to Angle for the last nine months, he enjoyed watching Angle suffer at the hands of his soon to be former wife. But before it was done, Team 3D came out and accused Joe of being a home wrecker and a thief. 3D said they were here to take back what belonged to them, the TNA World Tag Team titles. Joe laid the belts down but when Ray went to pick them up, Joe said it was going to be hard for them to pick up. He attacked 3D but Angle attacked Joe. Angle locked in the Ankle Lock as 3D whipped Joe in the back with the title belts as they talked crap to his face. The Steiner Brothers hit the ring to face off with Team 3D as Angle ran for the hills. JB and Banks came back out to end the second hour with more stuff for TNA Today.

Matches taped for TNA Today/Xplosion:

(1) Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & “the Future” Chris Sabin) defeated “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal & Petey Williams when they hit Williams with a double team Sliced Bread #2.

(2) Hotstuff Hernandez (w/ “Notorious 187” Homicide) defeated Lance Hoyt (w/Christy Hemme) after a top rope move backfired and Hernandez hit a sit out power bomb.

Guesses and Official Matches for Hard Justice 2007:

*In a “winner takes all” match, TNA World/IWGP Heavyweight champion vs. World X Division/World Tag Team champion Samoa Joe

*Team 3D (Ray & Devon) vs Rick & Scott Steiner

* In a Bar Room Brawl, “War Machine” Rhino vs. “Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm (w/Jacqueline Moore)

* In a “Doomsday Chamber of Blood” match; Sting, “the Punisher” Andrew Martin & Abyss vs. “Instant Classic” Christian Cage, “Phenomenal” AJ Styles & Tomko

(Guess) Frankie “the Future” Kazarian vs. Raven

(Guess) “Wildcat” Chris Harris vs. Dustin Rhodes

(Guess) Voodoo Kin Mafia (Kip & BG James w/Roxxie Laveaux) vs. Latin American Xchange (“Notorious 187” Homicide & Hotstuff Hernandez)

credit: Alan Wojcik & gerweck.net

Suspended NFL Star Signs with TNA

Boy this is gonna be interesting. Adam "Pac Man" Jones-one of the biggest trouble makers in the NFL-has signed a contract to wrestle with TNA. Can we say car crash waiting to happen?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Monday

Eric Bischoff recently ranted on his blog, saying something to the effect of hoping Dave Meltzer and Wade Keller are happy-speaking on congress asking WWE for Wellness Policy info. Personally I think there needs to be more accountability, and if WWE has been responsible with their Wellness Program, then they shouldn't have anything to worry about-right?

Besides the Irv Muchnick book about Benoit tragedy (for ECW Press), two other books on the topic are being written. A shorter book (by Steve Johnson, Greg Oliver, Muchnick and Heath McCoy) will focus on things like the coverage of the story. Additionally, Scott Williams (who wrote the Terry Funk and Bill Watts books) is also writing a Benoit murder book.

Wrestling Society X will have it's first season out on dvd Nov. 13-apparently MTV is still showing WSX replays on MTV Tres

WWE's Steve Austin Life & Legacy DVD has been pushed back to a November release.

Diamond Dallas Page is now teaching Yoga at the Equinox Club in Santa Monica.

Look for TNA knock Leticia Cline to be on the cover of Playboy's Sexy Girl Next Door issue in September, according to Cline's My Space page. Speaking of Cline, she made it to the final top 10 in Maxim magazine's hometown hotties.

Matt "Martyr" Bentley has a myspace page up now at www.myspace.com/lostinchaosmusic

TNA has invited Matt Morgan to the Impact tapings tonight, and it's being rumored that they have big plans for the big man.

credit: gerweck.net

The Wrestleline Report-Sunday

R.I.P. Karl Gotch-one of the original greats of professional wrestling. He was just days shy of turning 83 years old.

Hopefully everyone will keep local wrestler Botch in their thoughts and prayers, as he's just found out that he has colon cancer.

To Sean in Austin, TX, I apologize, but I couldn't hear the phone numbers you gave me, if you'd like to leave those again I can mention them on the reports-as far as not mentioning more national stuff...not sure what you mean? I do try to mention all national callers that leave questions and answer their questions; I also try to include as much mainstream news as possible in the reports. If you're asking why we don't cover more national independents, I like to focus on feds locally that maybe wouldn't get as much coverage elsewhere to help them out, as well as the top locals.

Recent WWE signings-WWE has signed OVW referee Goose Mahoney to a developmental deal, Colossus, a wrestler from IWA in Puerto Rico, signed a WWE developmental deal, and has been assigned to Florida Championship Wrestling in Tampa.

Homicide suffered a stinger in his neck at Hermie Sadler's Columbia, SC show on 7/21 in a match against Petey Williams.

Terry Taylor, 51, Director of Talent Relations, needs a third neck fusion. He also needs his knees replaced.

Dustin Rhodes is scheduled to do a gimmick called Platinum-yes, much like Goldust.

Damaja (Danny Basham) missed the 7/2 Impact taping as he never got a plane ticket to fly to Orlando, but TNA apparently still had an angle for him. He never called anyone including Doug Basham, and at this point, may already been done with the company.

Konnan and his kidney transplant donor were a perfect match. The day after the transplant, Konnan was up taking phone calls and conducting business.

Apparently John Kronus had underwent knee replacement surgeries over the past year in the hopes of returning to the ring.

WWE hall of famer Jesse "The Body" Ventura and Marcia Clark (the prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson trial) taped a pilot for CBS called "Live Justice." The show is likely to debut this winter.

The idea to put the cruiserweight title on Hornswoggle has been talked about since the Judgment Day PPV. At one time, Hornswoggle winning the title would have signified the end of the title (with the idea of the title being brought back with a new name next year).

WWE hall of famer Dusty Rhodes-61-asked for his Texas bull rope match at the Great American Bash against Randy Orton to be short because of his limitations.

Steve Austin has put his 3,800-square foot Malibu home up for sale for $3.9 million. Austin has purchased a smaller house in Los Angeles.

After the Great American Bash, WWE champion John Cena got to Sacremento early to study his match with Bobby Lashley. He also watched the match again in catering.

Mark Henry told his hometown newspaper, The Austin American-Statesman, that he is planning on wrestling two more years and then will retire.

credit: gerweck.net

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Saturday

To Kevin Frost-Contact info for Hoosier Pro Wrestling-http://hoosierprowrestling.bravehost.com, hpw13@mail.com

To Tim-Drake Younger, Scotty Vortekz, Chuck Taylor, Osyris, Tank Tolland, Chad Collyer-the list goes on and on of the Indiana wrestlers to look out for

To Jim from MD-Demolition held the WWE Tag Titles the longest at 478 days-second to them are Jimmy and Johnny Valiant at 370 days, third longest is Mr. Fuji and Professor Toru Tatanka at 337 days, and fourth longest is Paul London and Brian Kendrick at 334 days.

TNA Impact on Thursday scored a 1.13 cable rating

TNA has announced Atlanta for their October "Bound For Glory" ppv. It was previously rumored that they may be having the event out of Chicago.

Team 3D v. The Steiners was announced for the Hard Justice ppv on a recent edition of the online tv program "TNA Today"

Booker T's PWA event for August will feature current TNA superstar AJ Styles and former WWE Tag Champ Joey Mercury-for more info on his fed, go to bookertonline.com

OVW Six Flags Results:

Beth Phoenix won a diva scramble match

The New Hart Foundation (Teddy Hart and Harry Smith) d. Jamin Olivenica and TJ Dalton

John Cena d. Shawn spears with a wet FU, as the rain came down.

Jerry Lawler d. KC James after hitting a piledriver

Show was then stopped due to the weather conditions

Great Lakes Championship Wrestling will be holding an AWA Legends fanfest in Milwaukee, WI on Oct. 21. Already scheduled for the event are Verne and Greg Gagne, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Mad Dog Vachon, "Dr. X" Beyer, and Nick Bockwinkel. For more info on the event, go to www.legendsofwrestlingfanfest.com

Just in case you haven't heard by now, Vince McMahon has been asked by a congressional committee to hand over WWE Wellness Policy information for investigation. Rut-roh George.

credit: gerweck.net

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Thursday

HBO Real Sports with Bryan Gumbel is doing an update to their "Deaths of Wrestlers" piece next month.

The NWA weekly TV show on the Dish Network will begin on the "Coulors" channel. Nothing has been confirmed, but the likely time slot will be Wednesday nights at 9PM.

There is talk of Luna Vachon and Gangrel moving full-time to the U.K. later this year. Gangrel feels he can make a full-time income living in Europe.

WWE is not only opposing the TNA trademark of "VKM", but "Voodoo Kin Mafia", as well as ESPN's trademark of "Judgement Day" for a new college football program. Power crazy much?

Interesting stats from the latest edition of WWE Magazine:

Oldest Person to win the WWE Title:Vince McMahon (54 Years, 21 Days Old)
Youngest Winner of the WWE Title:Brock Lesnar (25 Years, 44 Days) -This is accurate, because Lesnar won the WWE Championship-the original WWE Title-Orton won the World Heavyweight Championship-aka the old RAW Championship, that is now on Smackdown. Orton is still the youngest World Champ in WWE history, but Lesnar is the youngest WWE Champ.
Most Wins of the Royal Rumble:Stone Cold (3)
Most Consecutive Rumble Wins:Hulk Hogan (2), Shawn Michaels (2), & Stone Cold (2)
Most Rumble Wins (From the #30 Entrance): The Undertaker (1)
Most WWE Champions won:The Rock (7)
Most WWE Womens Title wins:Trish Stratus (7)

TNAwrestling.com has confirmed that the October Bound for Glory PPV will indeed be held on the road. The location and venue will be announced soon.

The Best of Abyss DVD isn't due out in stores until Tuesday 7/31 but it has already popped up in various Best Buy stores and has begun shipping from Amazon.com for those who pre-ordered it.

To access the music video easter egg on the Lockdown 07 DVD go to the bonus menu and highlight the main menu option at the bottom. Then press down, right and select.

The May Sacrifice PPV will be released on DVD via ShopTNA.com in the next few weeks. Other new TNA items such as blankets and t-shirts for AJ Styles and Tomko will be released soon as well.

Use the coupon code iWantMoreTNA for 10% off your next two orders at ShopTNA.com. The code expires 8/31.

Marvel Toys will have a TNA wrestling booth at this weekend's San Diego Comic Con.

TNA Impact Spoilers:

(1) NO DQ match, Sting defeated Robert Roode (w/Ms. Brooks).

(2) Latin American Xchange (“Notorious 187” Homicide & Hotstuff Hernandez) defeated Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & “the Future” Chris Sabin). After the match, there was a confrontation between LAX, The Steiners and Team 3D.

(3) No DQ match, “the Phenomenal” AJ Styles defeated Abyss.

credit: gerweck.net

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Tuesday

TNA Impact last week got a 1.17 rating

Dustin Rhodes and Roxy Leveaux have been added to the TNA roster page

Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett had another round of meetings with FOX Network executives last week, which means that if a deal is struck, TNA could be on multiple networks. TNA is also in the mindset that they will have a two hour show this fall either on Spike TV or whomever they sign a tv deal with. There is also talk of TNA producing a live tv show.

There have been rumors of TNA having interest in bringing Nidia in as part of LAX, but she has not been contacted by the company.

Ted DiBiase, Jr. has signed a WWE developmental deal and will be assigned to Florida Championship Wrestling in Tampa, FL.

Jerry "The King" Lawler has been served with papers from assault charges pending against him filed by Sal Corrente. Sal/Lawler are scheduled for an August 1, 2007 court date in Tunica County, MS.

Torrie Wilson will be opening a clothing store in Houston called "Jaded", and will open the store's official website-officiallyjaded.com soon. The store will feature men and women's clothing.

The best selling wrestling DVD in pro wrestling history is NOT a WWE dvd! It is the Grandmasters of Wrestling, which are $1 DVDs sold at Wal-Mart stores. As of 12/30, it had sold 426,775 units - 235,666 copies sold in 2005 and 191,109 sold in 2006.

In September, the entire month of WWE 24/7 will be free as part of celebrating their "WWE's Biggest Fan" contest.

credit: gerweck.net

ECW on Sci Fi Preview!

On the last ECW on Sci Fi, the words 'Johnny Nitro' were uttered for the final time as John Morrison revealed his true name. At The Great American Bash, he stopped talking and took care of things in the ring when he retained the ECW World Title against CM Punk. Has finally having the chance to be himself led Morrison to be an even more dominant champion?

Punk had a better night last week on ECW on Sci Fi, earning a win over Elijah Burke just one week after the Experience broke his losing streak against Balls Mahoney. How will ECW's Guiding Light respond to the loss? Has he reached another drought?

Also last week, Big Daddy V had a mammoth ECW on Sci Fi debut, leaving his teacher, Matt Striker, proud. What is next in the path of destruction for ECW?s largest teacher?s pet?

Find out the answers to all of these questions and more on the next ECW on Sci Fi on Tuesday at 10/9 CT.

credit: wwe.com

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Monday

Well, I was right on every one of my Great American Bash predictions except for two-the Cruiserweight Title match and the Women's Championship match! Here's the results:

MVP d. Matt Hardy to retain the US Title

Now get this, HORNSWAGGLE-aka Little Bastard d. Jamie Noble, Chavo Guerrero, Funaki, Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang to become the NEW Cruiserweight Champion!

Carlito d. Sandman in a Singapore Cane on a Pole Match

In a shock to me, Candice Michelle d. Melina to retain the Women's Championship-JR pointed out an interesting tidbit-that Candice was the first diva out of the diva search to win the Women's Championship.

Umaga d. Jeff Hardy to retain the IC Championship

John Morrison d. CM Punk to retain the ECW Championship

Randy Orton d. Dusty Rhodes in a Texas Bullrope Match

The Great Khali d. Batista & Kane to retain the World Heavyweight Title

John Cena d. Bobby Lashley to retain the WWE Title

Some recent OVW/Six Flags attendance figures-the 6/29 OVW show drew 800 fans for a show headlined by Carlito, also drawing 800 fans was the 7/6 show, featuring CM Punk. It should be very interesting to see how the show this coming Friday-featuring John Cena, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Teddy Hart and Harry Smith does.

On a side note-Cryme Tyme d. The James Boys to become the new OVW Tag Champs on the 21 in Owensboro, KY.

It's being reported that RAW has dropped 10 % in total viewers

Apparently a lot of WWE talent was mad at Konnan for speaking out on news programs

Former wrestling promoter Court Bauer-who ran the short lived Major League Wrestling-and more recently was a writer for WWE-has given his notice to the company. It's being rumored that he and Michael Hayes-currently the head writer for Smackdown-were clashing a lot.

Current TNA star Lance Hoyt commented on recent rumors of him going to WWE by stating that he didn't know where these rumors were coming from, but that he's had no contact with WWE, and still has an active contract with TNA.

It's being reported that Chris Benoit's heart showed no signs of damage, which came as kind of a shock to some people, as it's the norm that people who use steroids for long periods of time usually end up having enlarged hearts.

credit: gerweck.net

The Wrestleline Report-Sunday

TNA has talked about bringing in Giant Bernard (ex-Albert, A-Train in WWE). Bernard and Tomko are IWGP Tag Team champions in New Japan.

The plan to was bring the Bound for Glory PPV to Chicago, IL on 10/14 since WWE is running the No Mercy PPV in Chicago on 10/7. Cities being considered for Bound for Glory are Charlotte, Norfolk, Greenville, and Atlanta.

Sonjay Dutt required an MRI for a shoulder tear, but Terry Taylor told him that TNA wouldn't pay for it.

Konnan was sent a legal letter by TNA stating that he had been suspended for missing the last two shows without giving word. I guess the company doesn't consider quitting the company as giving word. TNA has also requested that Konnan pay back his loan for hip replacement surgery. The letter also stated that Konnan can't talk negativity about TNA while "suspended."

After the Benoit tragedy, Vince McMahon suggested they bring in a new face, thus the call up of Cody Runnels. The word is that Runnels got the promotion because nobody else in developmental was ready.

The Randy Orton-Dusty Rhodes program is scheduled to be a short program.

The current plan has Triple H facing King Booker at Summerslam.

McMahon has banned any form of a choke or strangulation move for obvious reasons.

Great American Bash preview and my predictions

Sandman V.S. Carlito – Cane on a pole match-winner-Carlito

Matt Hardy V.S. MVP (c) – US Title-winner-MVP
Cruiserweight Open-Chavo Guerrero defends against Jamie Noble, Funaki, Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang-winner-either Chavo or Jimmy Wang Yang

Dusty Rhodes V.S. Randy Orton – Texas Bull Rope Match-winner-Randy Orton

Melina V.S. Candice Michelle (c) – Women’s Title Match-winner-Melina

Jeff Hardy V.S. Umaga – Intercontinental Title Match-winner-Umaga

CM Punk V.S. John Morrison (c) – ECW World Title-winner-unfortunately, probably John Morrison

Kane V.S. Batista V.S. Kahli (c) – World Heavyweight Championship-winner-also unfortunately, probably Khali

Bobby Lashley V.S. John Cena (c) – WWE Championship-winner-while I would love to see Lashley win this, I just don't see it in the cards, so it'll probably yet again be John Cena. I'd love to be proven wrong on some of these outcomes!

credit: gerweck.net

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Friday

RIP former ECW Tag Champ John Kronus, who was found dead in his girlfriend's apartment this week.

ECW Champ Johnny "Nitro" Morrison will be at the OVW Six Flags show tonight in Louisville

The OVW Six Flags show has changed for 8/10 from Matt and Jeff Hardy appearing to Mark Henry and Shelton Benjamin taking their places.

Ricky Morton-who was just on The Indy Wrestleline about a month or so ago-has pulled out of this weekend's UWF shows due to a financial dispute. Apparently he asked for more money when he learned what Robert Gibson would be getting paid. Morton has instead taken a booking for IWA Mid South in Joliet, IL.

There are rumors of a dvd being made about Undertaker's Wrestlemania winning streak, entitled "Undertaker 15-0!".

A reminder that ROH's debut ppv begins airing on indemand tonight at 8 pm, and there should be numerous replays throughout the next month or so.

Billboard Video Sales - Recreational Sports DVD
Issue Date: 2007-07-28

1 WWE: The Ladder Match
2 WWE: One Night Stand 2007 (DEBUT)
3 WWE: Wrestlemania 23
4 UFC 66: Liddell Vs. Ortiz
5 TNA: Lockdown 2007
6 2001 FedEx Orange Bowl National Championship
7 WWE: Judgment Day 2007
8 UFC 67: All Or Nothing
9 WWE: The Most Powerful Families In Wrestlng
10 WWE: Backlash 2007

Smackdown Spoilers:

Teddy Long announces that due to Edge being injured, the World Title would be vacated. Edge cuts a promo, and then Long announces that the new World Champ will be decided in a 20 man battle royal.

Victoria d. Torrie Wilson

Great Khali won the 20-Man Battle Royal to win the World Heavyweight title

Interview with Khali and his translator

MVP interview

Matt Hardy d. Kenny Dykstra

Batista d. Kane via DQ after a Khali run-in

Teddy came out and announced that Khali will face both Kane & Batista at the Great American Bash in a Triple Threat Match

Dark Match: Batista def. Kane & The Great Khali via DQ in a triple threat match, after The Great Khali came to the ring with a steel chair and hit Batista.

credit: gerweck.net

The Wrestleline Report-Thursday

ECW on Tuesday scored a 1.34 cable rating

Vince McMahon wants Chris Masters to get more of a push.

Dusty Rhodes, who is a member of the WWE creative team, is expected to sign a talent contract soon.

At the New Orleans television tapings, WWE confiscated signs such as “RIP Chris” and “RIP Woman, “RIP Sherri, and believe it or not, “We paid to see Flair.”

There is talk of WWE calling up some women from developmental with Shantelle Taylor emerging as the front runner to get the call.

TNA Impact Spoilers:

Kurt Angle got out of his tanning bed claiming that somebody had stolen his belongings-the program revolves around him trying to find his belongings.

(1) XXX (“PrimeTime” Elix Skipper, “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels & Senshi) defeated Serotonin (Raven, Havok & Martyr)

(2) Voodoo Kin Mafia member Kip James (w/BG James & Roxxi Laveaux) defeated Lance Hoyt (w/Christy Hemme).

(3) “Instant Classic” Christian Cage & “Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm (w/Jacqueline Moore, a six pack of longnecks & Tomko) defeated “War Machine” Rhino & “Wildcat” Chris Harris.

Confrontation between Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe. Joe has all of Angle's belongings and challenges Angle to a match at Hard Justice with all the titles on the line, and Angle accepts.

credit: gerweck.net

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Wednesday

ECW on Sci Fi Results:

CM Punk d. Elijah Burke

Big Daddy V d. Tim Storm

The Miz promo

Kevin Thorn d. Tommy Dreamer

Johnny Nitro holds his press conference, basically making fun of CM Punk's name, which leads to a CM Punk-Nitro confrontation to close out the show.

TNA has talked with Rikishi about coming in to form a tag team with Brian Lawler.

Frankie "Kaz" Kazarian is in for something of a babyface push.

There is no time table set for Scott Steiner's return to the ring, but at this point, he isn't able to do much physically.

Spike TV has cancelled Bill Goldberg's "Bullrun," which apparently decreases the chances of TNA signing him since he is no longer affiliated with Spike.

Well, just in case you haven't heard by now, Chris, Nancy and Daniel Benoit all had Zanex in their systems-Chris had increased levels of testosterone, and Nancy had alcohol in her system as well. The speculations are just going to get worse from here on out.

Smackdown last Friday scored a 2.5 with a 4.9 share.

Raw on Monday scored a 3.4 cable rating.

It's official-the bigger, the better in Vince's eyes. The new WWE World Heavyweight Champion-that's the Smackdown champion-is the terrible, the awful, the down right bad, The Great Khali. Khali won a 20 man battle royal on the Smackdown tapings to become the new champ after Edge was stripped of the title for needing surgery. A new match has been added to The Great American Bash ppv, that being new champ Khali v. Kane v. Batista.

credit: gerweck.net

Smackdown Spoilers

Teddy Long announced that Edge is injured and has to vacate the belt.Edge came out walking kinda depressed, no fireworks, he talked about his championship goals. He aired his own tribute, with "Simply The Best" song. Teddy anoucnes that the belt will be decided in a 20-man battle royal.

Victoria def. Torrie Wilson

Great Khali won the 20-Man Battle Royal to win the World Heavyweight title

Interview with Khali and his translator

Backstage: Teddy Long & Vickie talked about Khali's Win.

MVP interview

Matt Hardy def. Kenny Dykstra

Batista def. Kane via DQ, after Khali did a run-in.

Teddy came out and announced that Khali will face both Kane & Batista at the GAB in a Triple Threat Match

Dark Match: Batista def. Kane & The Great Khali via DQ in a Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Title, after The Great Khali came to the ring with a steel chair and hit Batista.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Tuesday

To Jim Kirchner, The Iron Shiek was billed as being a 1968 olympic medalist, but actually was eliminated during his country's trials. He was the coach of two US olympic squads in the 70's, though. Ken Patera was an Olympic weight lifter and USA power lifter who won several medals, although I don't believe any of them were from Olympic games. There have also been numerous NCAA/collegiate and amateur wrestling champions to cross over into pro wrestling, but as far as I know, it's true, it's damn true that Kurt Angle is the only Olympic gold medalist in WWE history.

Matches you didn't see on RAW...

WWE Heat:

- World Tag Team Champions Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch d. The Highlanders

- Daivari d. Mike Sloan

- Charlie Haas d. Paul London

Post-Show Bonus Match:

- WWE Champion John Cena d. Randy Orton

"Macho Man" Randy Savage has been announced as being a part of the VH1 reality series Surreal Life 7, which will also feature Miss Cleo, and Poker Brat Phil Hellmuth

The next WWE Diva Search is coming in August

WWE and Gold's Gym have teamed up in a promotional partnership for Summerslam, which is basically a sweepstakes where fans can win a chance to go to the ppv in August.

Tonight on ECW:

ECW Champ Johnny Nitro will hold a press conference

No. 1 contender CM Punk will take on "The Alpha Male" Marcus Cor Von

Possible confrontation between Big Daddy V and Matt Striker

Layla, Kelly and Brooke continue to fight over The Miz

credit: gerweck.net

2 Weeks Worth of TNA Impact Spoilers!

These are the 100% complete live spoilers from the TNA IMPACT Tapings. By the end of this evening we will know the fate of World X Division champion & new TNA World Tag Team champion Samoa Joe. Only during the first hour did we see any backstage interviews.

Hour one notes:

Jeremy Borash was sent by Jim Cornette to find World champion Kurt Angle. But he found Angle in a tanning bed and he refused to go see Cornette. Angle also accused Borash of “checking out his package.” Angle felt Samoa Joe was going to surrender the tag titles after was screwed over on Sunday.

(1) XXX (“PrimeTime” Elix Skipper, “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels & Senshi) defeated Serotonin (Raven, Havok & Martyr)

That’s right the multi-time former World Tag Team champions reunited last Sunday when Daniels became #1 contender to the World X Division title. XXX wasted no time in their trickery as Skipper went to lockup with Havok and Daniels jumped him from behind. The XXX advantage ended when raven hit Daniels in the back with the Singapore cane. That allowed Serotonin to take over Daniels in their corner of the ring. Martyr had Daniels in a front facelock when Skipper hit a slingshot move that let Daniels free so he could tag in Senshi. The end came for Havok who got hit with a Skipper legdrop, Daniels’ BME and Senshi’s Warrior’s Way.

After the match Frankie “the Future” Kazarian attacked Serotonin and left before he could suffer any real damage. Jeremy Borash came back to Angle’s tanning bed to find Angle tanning his buttocks. He told Angle that Cornette would fine him $10,000 if he didn’t come to the office. Angle got out of the tanning bed to find all of his clothes and two title belts missing. So he left the room in his bikini briefs. Mike Tenay & Don West were addressing the home audience when Team 3D crashed the party. They said they knew the Steiner Brothers were not in the building but were watching at home. Ray said they cost Team 3D their World Tag Team titles and wanted to repay them face to face next week. Devon didn’t like something Tenay said and he choked him as Ray grabbed the timekeeper’s hammer threatening to hit Tenay. Kurt Angle began his search for his clothing and he questioned the TNA locker room. He accused Shark Boy of smiling like it was a joke, so he attacked him. Maybe Angle wasn’t wearing his glasses broke by Serotonin last Sunday or he just didn’t realize Shark wears a mask.

(2) Voodoo Kin Mafia member Kip James (w/BG James & Roxxi Laveaux) defeated Lance Hoyt (w/Christy Hemme).

Both Kip and Hoyt fought a power match in the early moments until Kip sent Hoyt to the floor where he followed and laid in some punches. Hoyt tried to avoid the punches and Laveaux as best he could and the tide turned when Kip focused on Hemme instead of Hoyt. Hoyt attacked and took the match back to the ring. Kip fought back with a Thesz press and avoided a Hoyt boot to hit “the One and Only” to win. After the match Hemme tried to crotch shot Kip but got stopped and Laveaux came in to hit a Styles Clash-like move sending Hemme to the locker room in Hoyt’s arms.

Kurt Angle met with the TNA production crew trying to find his lost items. He told everyone he would count to ten and they could return his stuff. Poor David Sahadi had to endure Angle’s package being near his face as the countdown occurred. A cameraman decided to leave but Angle attacked him thinking he was the thief.

(3) “Instant Classic” Christian Cage & “Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm (w/Jacqueline Moore, a six pack of longnecks & Tomko) defeated “War Machine” Rhino & “Wildcat” Chris Harris.

These four men met in singles matches on Sunday night so Jim Cornette decided to let them settle their differences. Harris jumped Cage at the opening bell and went to work with the punches before tagging in Rhino. However Rhino took his focus off Cage for too long and looking for Storm cost him. Cage hit Rhino with a clothesline off the ring apron. Cage & Storm kept Rhino isolated from his corner for several minutes. Harris tried to aid Rhino but it only did harm as Cage kept the referee busy, Storm hit a running boot to the face. Somehow Cage ended up on Storm’s shoulders as Rhino was on the top buckle and Rhino raked Storm’s eyes. Rhino hit Cage with a clothesline and tagged into a fired up Harris. Rhino had Storm set for the GORE but Cage pulled him to the floor. Storm went for the Superkick but Harris blocked it and hit the Catatonic but Tomko pulled referee Rudy Charles to the floor. Harris looked for the referee and Dustin Rhodes hit him in the back with a chair. Storm crawled over and covered Harris to win. After the match the real fun began as Rhino attacked anyone that moved including Moore but Rhino picked her up for a powerslam. He made the mistake of losing sight of Tomko, who kicked Rhino in the face making Moore fall onto Rhino. When you thought things were done Abyss came looking for revenge on Cage. Cage hightailed it but backed into Sting and the baseball bat. Sting tossed Cage into Abyss for some retribution.

A nicely robed Kurt Angle came into the Impact Zone. Angle said he had a sense of humor and enjoyed being ribbed but the joking was over. He even accused the fans of stealing his stuff and putting it on E-Bay. That brought out Samoa Joe who came with his three title belts and Angle’s wardrobe plus the World title belt. Joe decided to make his announcement. He wanted to bury the hatchet with Angle so he gave Angle back his two title belts and clothing. Joe said like Angle he wants to find out who is the best in the world. Joe said at Hard Justice he wanted Angle one more time where the winner takes all the gold. Angle accepted and Joe headbutted him right in the forehead. Joe laid out Angle and then went for a table. But Angle escaped Joe’s clutches and drove Joe into the table, locking the Ankle Lock on Joe. Afterwards Jeremy Borash filmed some stuff for TNA Today.

Hour two notes:

(1) NO DQ match, Sting defeated Robert Roode (w/Ms. Brooks).

Not too sure what happened between these two to make it a no DQ match. Roode jumped Sting at the bell and the violence began. Sting fought back introducing Roode’s head to the top turnbuckles and followed him to the floor. Ting tossed Roode into the guardrails and the stairs as Brooks objected. Roode fought back but his piledriver but Sting backdropped Roode on the rampway. Brooks kept Sting busy as Roode got a chair and hit Sting in the back. Roode came back into the ring with a top rope clothesline for two as Eric Young came out painted like Sting. Roode ignored Young and hit Sting with a top rope knee for two before locking in a bear hug. Sting tried to escape so Roode backed him to a corner but his chest chops had zero effect. Sting was 100% fired up and took it out on Roode & Brooks. Roode avoided the Stinger Splash and fought off the Scorpion Deathlock, hitting Sting with a spinebuster for two. Brooks gave Roode a chair but Young took it and Sting won via the Scorpion Death Drop.

(2) Latin American Xchange (“Notorious 187” Homicide & Hotstuff Hernandez) defeated Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & “the Future” Chris Sabin).

At the bell the Gun dropkicked Hernandez to the floor so they could double team Homicide for several minutes. The Notorious One fought back and tagged in Hernandez who tossed around the Guns. But the Guns fought back with a series of kicks to the head of Hernandez. LAX double teamed Shelley and sent him to the floor with a hurt back. Sabin escaped the Cop Killer but couldn’t avoid a LAX double team from the top rope.

The LAX celebration was interrupted by Team 3D who told them to hit the bricks; they only wanted the Steiner Brothers in the ring. LAX reluctantly stepped out of the ring as the show went to commercial. 3D egged on the fans waiting for the Steiner’s. The fans made fun of 3D member Devon who owns a smoothie shop in Florida. 3D got their wish and the Steiner Brothers hit the ring. Scott said no one calls out the Steiner’s they do the calling out. Scott said the Latin Nation were his favorite people after his injury during a TNA Event in Puerto Rico. Scott said he was upset he missed Slammiversary due to a trachea injury that nearly killed him. To the shock of everyone in the thank you to the PR medical team that saved him, Scott also thanked the fans for the well wishes he received. Ray said that Scott got injured by a second rate PR wrestler and Team 3D could take him out, even going as far as doubting the actuality of any injury. Scott showed off his scar on the right side of his chest. Ray said that injury was nothing compared to the ones in the ECW locker room. The arguing was not over as the Voodoo Kin Mafia came out to join the former World Tag Team reunion saying they were the best team in wrestling history. Scott said yeah the VKM was on top, on top of a heap of crap a everyone was watching WCW for 84 weeks in a row. Scott said he wasn’t medically cleared for a match but he could kick their asses with no permission needed. During the fighting Devon spit on a LAX flag and that brought out LAX to defend their flags and it looked liked the Steiner’s.

(3) No DQ match, “the Phenomenal” AJ Styles defeated Abyss.

This rivalry goes back to the weekly PPV days in Nashville where they tore down the Asylum even as they held the NWA World Tag Team championships. This was probably the bloodiest match in their rivalry. Styles hit a slingshot shoulder tackle and we were off and brawling. Abyss fought back with a running butt to the face in the corner. Abyss went to press slam Styles too the fans but Styles slid off only to be see Styles go over the ropes to the floor. Styles hit Abyss in the head wit ha chair and climbed into the fans, hitting a sort of springboard forearm from the seats. Abyss went back to the ring as Abyss tossed a chair in for some fun as he put the chair in between the buckles. Styles countered out of Shock Treatment but even after moves couldn’t avoid the chair in the corner. Abyss hit Shock Treatment for two and signaled for Doomsday. But Styles countered out of the Black Hole Slam and hit the Pele’. Styles went for a springboard move but Abyss caught him and hit the chokeslam for two as Tomko came out to ringside. Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam but Tomko broke up the pin. But the lights went down and up with Sting in the ring attacking Tomko. Abyss went under the ring and when he went for the bag of goodies he was dragged under ring. This left Sting alone to be attacked by Styles, Tomko and Robert Roode who joined the festivities. Abyss finally came out from under the ring a bloody mess. Christian Cage and his black shirt security appeared on the rampway and Cage grabbed the bag of broken glass, spreading it in the ring. But instead of Abyss, Tomko chokeslammed Sting into the glass. Styles got another bag from under the ring and it was thumb tacks spread on top of the glass. Tomko hit Abyss with the double chokeslam and Styles won via pinfall. Jeremy Borash came out to film more TNA Today stuff talking to Styles, Cage, Tomko and Roode. The TNA medical trainer had to come out and check on Sting & Abyss before he would let them go to the locker room for treatment.

Matches filmed for TNA Xplosion and TNA Today on the internet:

(1) Jerry Lynn defeated Basham via countout.

(2) Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & “the Future” Chris Sabin) defeated “the Guru” Sonjay Dutt & Petey Williams when Sabin countered out of the Canadian Destroyer, allowing Shelley to hit a top rope boot to Williams’ head setting up the Cradle Shock.

(3) “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal & “Showtime” Eric Young defeated Serotonin members Havok & Martyr when Young hit both men with a DVD and Lethal hit his Macho Man elbow drop.

Guesses and Official Matches for Hard Justice 2007:

(official) In a “winner takes all” match, TNA World/IWGP Heavyweight champion vs. World X Division/World Tag Team champion Samoa Joe

(Guess) Team 3D (Ray & Devon) vs Rick & Scott Steiner vs. Voodoo Kin Mafia (Kip & BG James w/Roxxie Laveaux) vs. Latin American Xchange (“Notorious 187” Homicide & Hotstuff Hernandez) or an 8 man match of some kind

(Guess) “Wildcat” Chris Harris vs. Dustin Rhodes

(Guess) Abyss vs. “Instant Classic” Christian Cage

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Monday, July 16, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Monday

TNA Victory Road Results:

Christopher Daniels won the 10 Man Ultimate X Match to become the NEW #1 contender for the TNA X Division Title-those involved were Daniels, Jay Lethal, Puma, Homicide, Petey Williams, Elix Skipper, Shark Boy, Sonjay Dutt, Senshi and Kaz.

Voodoo Kin Mafia w/ Roxxi Laveaux (Nikki Rox from Shimmer) defeated Basham & Damaja w/ Lance Hoyt & Christy Hemme.

James Storm defeated Rhino.

Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley w/ Kevin Nash defeated Bob Backlund & Jerry Lynn.

Eric Young & Gail Kim defeated Robert Roode & Ms. Brooks.

Christian Cage defeated Chris Harris.

Sting & Abyss defeated AJ Styles & Tomko.

TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe won the "Match of Champions" pinning Brother Ray to become the holder of the TNA World Tag Team Championships.

It's being reported that former Tough Enough contestant Jess Ward, who has worked for TNA as a producer for the past few years, has been let go by the company.

Funding for the toxicology department has been trimmed in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Apparently DUI cases have been thrown out due to the delay in getting toxicology reports back, reported Dave Meltzer on his radio show Monday night. Thus, this is likely the reason we may not get the results of Sherri Martel’s toxicology report for a year.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Sunday

Vince McMahon told the wrestlers at the San Antonio, TX television tapings that the Chris Benoit thing was behind them, and it was time to go back to doing what they do.

ART, the television station that airs Raw in the Arab countries, did air the Chris Benoit Raw Tribute episode on 6/29.

Dan Rodman (Daniel Rodimer) has been moved from Ohio Valley Wrestling to the new Florida Championship Wrestling territory in Tampa.

Former CEO of HealthSouth (who provided initial funding to start TNA) Richard Scrushy, 54, was sentenced to six years and ten months in prison in a bribery and corruption case. Scrushy was fired by HealthSouth after a $1.7 billion accounting scandal was uncovered.

Jeff Jarrett talked to Ron Killings to see if he was coming back to the company. Killings said no, and cited the way he was used as the reason. "The Truth" also asked for a raise, but was told "they" weren't giving out any raises.

Gail Kim is said to be meticulous when it comes to her in-ring performance and puts pressure on herself to perform like the best male wrestles do.

With all the talk of the WWE wellness policy, it should be noted that Kurt Angle never failed a test for pain pills. He failed a steroid test (decadurabolism) only because his prescription had expired.

TNA is currently in talks with Andrew McManus about promoting TNA branded events in Australia. For those who don't remember, McManus ran a promotion for a short time called World Wrestling All-stars, which featured talent like Buff Bagwell, Jeff Jarrett, Eddy Guerrero, etc.

TNA Victory Road preview:
* Match of champions-Angle & Joe v. Team 3D
* Ultimate X
* Rhino v. James Storm
* Christian Cage v. Chris Harris
* Sting & Abyss v. AJ Styles & Tomko
* Eric Young & Gail Kim v. Robert Roode & Traci Brooks
* Jerry Lynn & Bob Backlund v. Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Poll Results & Examinations:

Does WWE need to fire John Laurinitis?

First off, a lot of you didn't know who he was, which I kind of expected. Laurinitis is a former wrestler, and brother to Road Warrior Animal, but is now head of talent relations in WWE. There have been a lot of wrestlers let go from the company, or, in some peoples' eyes, treated unfairly by Mr. Laurinitis, and that has somewhat become his reputation. The people have spoken and the consensus is....

YES-with a strong 58%-most of you believe that WWE should fire Johnny "Ace" Laurinitis; 10% of you believe he's an okay guy, and the other 32% of you didn't have a clue who he was.

Next up, who would you want to win-Stone Cold Steve Austin, or Hulk Hogan?

This matchup has been talked about for years, but due to inflated egos, will probably never happen. There was serious talk over the past year, at least on Hogan's part, of trying to put this matchup together for Wrestlemania, but from the sounds of it, Austin wanted nothing to do with it. Most people know that if there's going to be an anybody v. Hogan matchup, Hogan is probably not going to lay down-the problem is, neither is Stone Cold Steve Austin-unless he thinks it makes sense and would serve a purpose. These are the two biggest names in the history of sports entertainment, and while they may never face off in a squared circle, they have on here, and here's who won....

STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN-with a resounding 68%-while the Hulkster got only 32% support-and that's the bottom line!

This next one is kind of a touchy subject for a lot of wrestling fans, because just like anything else, there are many different viewpoints and ideas of how something that is so loved should be. In this case, it's do you view pro wrestling as more sport or entertainment?

When promoters began putting on pro wrestling shows, it was huge-just as big as boxing or any other spectator sport. Pro wrestling was covered in news papers' sports sections, and there were debates and serious conversations about contenders. As the years went on though, the question that was raised more and more was is pro wrestling real..or fake? If you would've asked any of the wrestlers from 30 years ago that question, they would've answered you by putting you in a wrestling hold and asking you if that was real or fake pain shooting through your body. As the years have gone on though, and Vince McMahon has transformed the industry into being more accepting of the "entertainment" part of pro wrestling, there has been a new audience tuning in, and more of a new outlook on the industry. So, with all that being said...how do most of you view pro wrestling today? Do you view it as more of a form of entertainment...or as a sport?

ENTERTAINMENT-66% of you view pro wrestling as more of a form of entertainment than sport, while 34% still view this industry as a sport.

Last but not least, the first round of the Best Intercontinental Champion results!

I'm not sure that some of you understood that this was just the first round, and may have gotten discouraged in thinking that I was only including the wrestlers named this time as part of the poll. At any rate, here are the results!

Between Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Pat Patterson, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake and Razor Ramon/Scott Hall...





Between RVD, Jeff Jarrett, Chris Jericho or Chris Benoit....

CHRIS BENOIT wins, with 44%




Between Macho Man, Bret Hart, Ultimate Warrior and Roddy Piper....

MACHO MAN wins, with 43%, although Bret Hart was a CLOSE second, with 41%



Now to analyze the results. First off, Steamboat. I don't really understand why he won as the better IC Champ in his category, as he really didn't have much spotlight AS IC Champ. Now, yes, the Dragon is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but these polls were asking you who was the better IC CHAMP. This means defending the title, how long they held the title, etc. Steamboat didn't hold the title very long, and honestly I don't think he was that good of an IC Champ. I personally would've picked either Pat Patterson or Razor Ramon. Pat Patterson was the FIRST IC Champ for those who didn't know, and has to be given his credit and respect for being the first name on that title's lineage. Razor Ramon/Scott Hall was undoubtedly one of the best IC Champs of all time, and helped bring color and character to the WWF at a time when times were kinda down for the Fed. His feuds with HBK, among others, including their ladder match at WM 10 has to go down as one of the best of all time, and honestly, I'm kinda disappointed in these results-but nonetheless, the fans have spoken on what they think.

Now onto Chris Benoit's win. I'm not going to go into the whole Benoit tragedy, because everybody has heard this topic discussed from every angle humanly possible. The point is, regardless of the kind of man he may have been, JUST in the wrestling ring, he was a great talent and won this poll either way. I believe this was probably one of the hardest polls for you fans to choose between, because RVD, Benoit, Y2J and JJ are four of the greatest IC Champs of our generation. Anytime you think of the times any of these men held the IC title, great matches and feuds were tied in with them, and we can all be thankful for those memories.

Macho Man Randy Savage! Yes, this is the one I am happiest with! Oooooooh yeaaaaaahhh! I am one of the biggest Bret Hart fans, but you have to remember, this poll was about who was the better IC CHAMP. I don't think Randy Savage gets enough credit for the impact he's left on the pro wrestling industry. In my mind, him and Hogan were the equivalent to Austin and The Rock, but it seems like people nowadays don't give Savage his due credit. He is one of the best personalities in the history of the sport, and while he's not the best technical wrestler, he is a great, unique personality, and for that matter was one helluva IC Champ! Kudos to you, the fans for voting him the winner in this poll-and for that matter, thank God you didn't vote Ultimate Warrior the winner!

Again, this was just the beginning of the Best IC Champ series, and I'll have more polls posted on here soon. Thanks for voting and supporting TheMidwestInsider.com!

The Wrestleline Report-Saturday

Caller Jim Kirchner asked why it is so many people are coming forward to comment on the Benoit tragedy, but nobody said or tried to do anything before? Like I've said before, and I could be completely wrong, but it seems like some people are just taking advantage of the situation to get themselves back into the spotlight for 15 seconds of fame. It could be, too, that a lot of people didn't want to overstep their bounds and say something that they thought could've been out of line, or thought wasn't in their place to say, and now are wishing they had.

The funeral for Nancy and Daniel Benoit will be held today at 1pm in Daytona Beach, Fl. at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church. I sincerely hope she and little Daniel can rest in peace.

For those who haven't heard, midwest standout Billy Roc won a first round matchup in the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup last night, so congratulations to him!

Spike TV has reached a deal with UFC to keep airing The Ultimate Fighter, and will air more live UFC events than were allotted in the previous deal. The deal is expected to cost Spike in excess of $100 million.

AM Raw last weekend pulled a 0.8 rating with a 3.4 share.

It's being reported that Mike Knox is being repackaged and will return to ECW soon.

The trailer for The Rock's new film "Get Smart" is airing before the new Harry Potter movie.

Wrestlingfigs.com is reporting that The Berzerker has signed on with Jakks for a Classic Superstars action figure.

It's being reported that DDP and Jay-Z are close to a lawsuit settlement over Jay-Z's use of DDP's "Diamond Cutter" hand gesture.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Friday

Ric Flair is currently out of action due to an inner ear problem that dates back to the injury he suffered against The Ultimate Warrior back in 1992.

Friday night's 'Nancy Grace' on CNN Headline News will feature a Marc Mero vs. Fit Finlay debate. Should be interesting.

Hulk Hogan, wrestler and star of TV's "Hogan Knows Best," and his family: wife Linda Hogan, daughter Brooke Hogan and son Nick Hogan will be on Larry King Live on Wednesday, July 18th @ 9PM ET.

Samoa Joe was at the ESPY's, but was listed as "Samon Joe".

Former WWE diva Terri Runnels stated in an interview with TMZ.com that "the boys eat Somas like candy", stating that this has been going on for years. WWE basically made a response defending their wellness program and saying they cannot account for poor personal decisions and what a small minority does outside the workplace.

Smackdown Spoilers:

Dark Match:

Funaki & Shannon Moore def. Paul Birchall & Dave Taylor


Edge comes on-screen to open SD!

The SmackDown! intro w/ pyro airs.

Matt Hardy def. Chris Masters (MVP was at ringside)

Finlay def. Jimmy Wang Yang

The Major Brothers def. Chavo Guerrero & Jamie Noble

The Great Khali def. unknown

*Contract signing took place*

Chuck Palumbo def. unknown

Torrie Wilson def. Victoria via Count Out

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Thursday

WWE has fired referee Chris Kay. He'd previously been suspended for sixty days for failing numerous drug tests.

Get this, the word "Smackdown" has been added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

ECW on Tuesday night scored a 1.37 household rating

Just in case you missed it on ECW the other night, Viscera has been given the new ring name "Big Daddy V"-add that to some of his other previous names such as King Mabel, Vis and of course just Viscera.

The NWA has announced a tv deal with Dish Network to air National Wrestling Alliance programming. I'll have more details on this as it comes along.

Scott Steiner has been booked for All Japan's 8/26 Sumo Hall show-in the past, Steiner has wrestled for New Japan.

"Road Dogg", aka BG James, will be wrestling for Booker T's PWA in TX on their July 21 show to continue their "TNA Invasion" angle.

Investigators have seized the medical records of Larry Pfolhl (Lex Luger), Marcus Bagwell, Mark Jindrak, Bob Howard (Hardcore Holly), Chris Benoit, Nancy Benoit, Mike Durham (Johnny Grunge) and Oscar Gutierrez (Rey Mysterio Jr.), in the ongoing probe of Dr. Phil Astin.

TNA Impact Spoilers:

(1) Abyss defeated Lance Hoyt (w/Christy Hemme), followed by promos from Sting, and to the shock of everyone in attendance, Abyss.

(2) Serotonin members Martyr and Havok d. Kaz, with the help of Raven in an Ultimate X qualifier.

(3) TNA/IWGP Heavyweight champion Kurt Angle, World X Division champion Samoa Joe and World Tag Team champions Team 3D (Ray and Devon) defeated “Instant Classic” Christian Cage, “Phenomenal” AJ Styles, Tomko and Robert Roode (w/Ms. Brooks)

Current TNA Victory Road lineup for this Sunday:

* Match of champions-Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe v. Team 3D
* Ultimate X
* Rhino v. Storm
* Cage v. Harris
* Sting & Abyss v. Styles & Tomko
* Young & Kim v. Roode & Brooks

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Wednesday

RAW, Smackdown and ECW were the most watched programs on their respective networks for the seventh week in a row.

Dave Batista will be featured in the Fall 2007 issue of Maximum Fitness Magazine, which will include 2 exclusive workouts.

Petey Williams v. Senshi v. Jerry Lynn will take place on the Road to Victory Road special at midnight on Saturday in an Ultimate X qualifier.

TNAwrestling.com should be getting a new layout and design this August/Sept.

Sacrifice 2007 should be available on ShopTNA.com within the next few weeks.

Game Informer lists TNA video game for 2008 release on PS2, PS3, XBox360 & Wii.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Smackdown Spoilers

Dark Match:

Funaki & Shannon Moore def. Paul Birchall & Dave Taylor


Edge comes on-screen to open SD!

The SmackDown! intro w/ pyro airs.

Matt Hardy def. Chris Masters (MVP was at ringside)

Finlay def. Jimmy Wang Yang

The Major Brothers def. Chavo Guerrero & Jamie Noble

The Great Khali def. unknown

*Contract signing*

Chuck Palumbo def. unknown

Torrie Wilson def. Victoria via Count Out

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Monday, July 09, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Monday

EWF has announced that Rikishi and TNA knockout Traci Brooks will be a part of their August 18 show in Marion, IN! Tickets are $15 VIP Ringside, $12 General Admission, Kids 5 & Under are free. For more info, go to EWFArena.com!

IPW announced at their Saturday event that "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson and "The Kings of Wrestling"-Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnolli-will be at their 6 year anniversary show on August 4th in Indianapolis. For more info on IPW, visit InsanityProWrestling.com!

NWA Indiana will be holding a training seminar with wrestling legend Terry Taylor in Lafayette, Indiana on Saturday September 15th from 1-4 at Riehle Brothers Sports Complex. The cost of the camp is $50 and this will be reserved to the first 25 people to pay in advance. To reserve your spot and find out where to send your money email NWA Indiana at nwaindiana@insightbb.com.

Former ECWA wrestler Boogie Woogie Brown has passed away from complications stemming from a battle of Lupus. Tona Ford, 72, a female wrestler from the 60's (Princess Tona Tomah), died in her sleep on 6/15.

Tonight at 9pm on CNN, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho and WWE Champ John Cena will all be guests on Larry King Live to discuss the Benoit tragedy. This will definitely be interesting, but Larry is pretty good about letting people say what they need to say, so it should also be pretty fair.

Smackdown on Friday night scored a 2.6 rating.

Bobby Heenan, 64, underwent surgery for cataracts around both eyes after he did his appearance for the Vince McMahon Appreciation Night.

Harley Race's WLW promotion is doing its annual show the night before the Lou Thesz/George Tragos Hall of Fame banquest on 7/13 in Waterloo, IA. WWE superstar Trevor Murdoch is booking for the show. The show will also mark the debut of Joe Hennig, the son of the late "Mr. Perfect" Curt Henning.

Speaking of Race, the WWE hall of famer will be doing a training camp from 9/17 to 9/22 for wrestlers to be scouted by WWE (with Mike Bucci present) and Pro Wrestling Noah. Keith Walker and Robert Anthony were signed by WWE from last year's camp and Pro Wrestling Noah selected Mike and Ted DiBiase Jr. and Daniel Cross to train at the Noah dojo.

Joey Ryan and Machine Gun have been crowned the NEW NWA World Tag Team Champions.

The next Ring of Honor pay-per-view taping will be 9/15 in Chicago. Other ppv's taking place in Chicago soon, WWE No Mercy on 10/7 in Rosemont, and TNA's Bound for Glory on 10/14.

All the Juggalos out there will be interested to know The Insane Clown Posse is working on their second feature film.

Tonight on RAW-Lashley v. King Booker, possible matchup between Randy Orton & Dusty Rhodes, and a possible confrontation between former WWE Women's Champ Melina and current champ, Candice Michelle!

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Saturday

Insanity Pro Wrestling presents "Heatstroke" tonight at the Fountain Square Salvation Army gynasium, 1337 S. Shelby St. in Indianapolis. Doors open at 6 PM and belltime is at 7 PM. On the card:

Carlton Kaz vs. Indiana Kidd for the IPW Grand Championship

Dave Crist vs. Vortekz for the IPW Junior-Heavyweight Championship

Billy Roc vs. Jon Moxley for the IPW Mid-American Championship

Botch vs. PT Hustla

Hillbilly Jedd vs. Osyrus

Faith in Nothing vs. Hex Gage and "Simply Spectacular" Dave Davidson of The C.O.C.

The Thunderdragons vs. The Mavericks

Louis Linaris vs. Jake Crist vs. Diehard vs. Dustin Rayz

also OMG and Ryan Rich will be in action!

check out www.insanityprowrestling.com for more details!

The recently released ECW diva Trinity is involved with the new Indiana Jones movie. She is doing stunt work for the film.

Former ECW diva Ariel (Shelly Martinez) is taking independent bookings under the name "Koffin Kitten."

Jerry Lawler stated in a recent tv interview in Memphis that steroid use in wrestling is actually rare.

Along with Bret Hart, John Cena will also be a guest on Larry King Live on Monday night

The family of Nancy Benoit has started a foundation for battered women and children in memory of Nancy and Daniel Benoit. Any gifts or donations can be sent to the following:

The Nancy and Daniel Benoit Foundation for Battered Women and Abused Children
c/o Decker, Hallman, Barber and Briggs
260 Peachtree St. Suite 1700
Atlanta, GA 30303

Kevin Nash's recently limited released movie "DOA: Dead or Alive" opened on 6/15 and took in $260,713, and appears in the movie as the main character. The movie cost $21 million to make.

There is a lot of heat on both Ron Killings and Konnan for their recent departures from TNA. Both men still owe the company money for surgeries, and Konnan had a valid contract and just walked out right before an already written tv taping. There were threats of legal action being taken.

Frank Wycheck received a lot of praise for how he handled himself in and out of the ring at the Slammiversary ppv.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Mike Tenay and his family, as his 43 year old brother in law recently passed away.

Recent TNA attendance figures:

6/21 in Hyannic, MA drew 650.

6/22 in Cohasset, MA drew 500.

6/23 in Lincoln, RI drew 1,000.

6/24 in Hampton Beach, NH did 713.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Thursday

Insanity Pro Wrestling returns to Indianapolis this Saturday night at the Salvation Army Gym, located at 1337 S. Shelby St. in Indianapolis. It's going to be a packed card, with all of your favorite IPW stars, as well as a huge announcement from IPW management! For more info, check out www.insanityprowrestling.com!

With the USA Network wanting to expand Raw to three hours this fall, USA has suggested using Steve Austin and Undertaker as regulars on the show, even if they can't wrestle.

Bret Hart is scheduled to be on CNN's Larry King Live on Monday night.

Vince McMahon had huge expectations for the dropped "Mr. McMahon" death angle.

WWE conducted a meeting with talent before the super show tapings Monday night. WWE provided counselors for anyone that needed to speak to one.

The advance for the current Mexican tour hasn’t been particularly strong, especially for the Mexicali and Tijuana house shows. At last word, WWE had sold less than 1,000 tickets for the Mexicali show.

Rey Mysterio Jr. returns to action during the current Mexican tour. He returns to help sell tickets, and to do a dry run to see if he is ready for a full-time return.

WWE has explored the possibility of purchasing the AAA promotion.

Mistico’s CMLL contract expired on 6/30. He is currently working on a night to night agreement, but it is believed Mistico is negotiating a new deal with Paco Alonso. Mistico had a WWE try out earlier this year.

Former TNA wrestler and current Puerto Rico star Apollo was recently arrested on domestic charges, after his wife went to the police about a dispute the two had. He was released on $8000 bail, and will go before a judge on July 11.

TNA Impact Spoilers:

(1) World Tag Team champions Team 3D (Ray & Devon) defeated Latin American Xchange (“Notorious 187” Homicide & Hotstuff Hernandez) and “Phenomenal” AJ Styles/ “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels.

Promo between Jim Cornette, Christian Cage and Tomko

(2) In a TNA Knockouts match, Gail Kim defeated Ms. Brooks and “the Pride of Tennessee” Jacqueline Moore.

Promo between Kurt Angle, Team 3D and Samoa Joe.

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The Wrestleline Report-Wednesday

Happy Fourth of July to everyone!! I hope everybody has a safe and happy holiday!

During ECW last night, if you noticed, during the Vengance match between Punk and Nitro, there was a point where there were some ECW, ECW chants...those were originally "we want Benoit" chants that were edited.

Already confirmed for the Great American Bash ppv is Johnny Nitro v. CM Punk for the ECW Title, and John Cena v. Bobby Lashley for the WWE Title.

Last Friday's Smackdown scored a 2.4 rating with a 4.9 share.

John Laurinaitis doesn't want any non-contracted wrestlers training or working for WWE's new developmental group, Florida Championship Wrestling.

John Cena has passed JBL in having the longest title reign this decade. JBL held the world title for 280 days.

Apparently Triple H is pushing for Randy Orton to win the WWE Title from John Cena. The internal feeling is that Cena doesn't need the strap to be over, and that there may be more money in Cena chasing Orton for the title. There may be a Triple H v. Orton match at either Survivor Series or Wrestlemania.

For those wanting more Benoit tragedy news, I'm sorry, I know it's biased of me, but I am just so damn tired of hearing and reading about it. It was sickening what happened, in more ways than one, and it's really hard to move on and stop thinking about it when it's all that you see. It still makes me sick to my stomach to think about what happened.

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Rob Van Dam Interview Recap

Rob Van Dam was interviewed Tuesday night on AM 570 KLAC in Los Angeles. Here are the highlights:

- Host Joe McDonnell said RVD is on a hiatus from wrestling.

- RVD said it’s nice to take a break and heal up. RVD said he is looking forward to the time when he says that its been awhile since he has been on an airplane.

- RVD said no one seen this coming in the Benoit case, and said he looked up to Benoit in the WWE locker room. “He really was a role model’s role model,” said RVD.

- RVD said Benoit had a lot of love for his family, and still can’t believe it. “We still don’t know what happened,” RVD said.

- McDonnell said he hopes they find a brain tumor in Benoit’s brain to help ease people’s hatred for Benoit.

- RVD said he had Benoit in his comic book store.

- RVD said he is still in shock that someone he knows committed these horrific acts.

- He said people have to realize the difference between using steroids and abusing steroids. RVD said abuse of any drug is bad.

- RVD said ‘roid rage’ takes over your mind for a moment.

- RVD said it’s scary to think about the turn Benoit made in real life.

- “They are of course,” said RVD of WWE getting unfair treatment from the media. RVD said, yes, the road schedule is demanding, but not all of us kill our families.

- RVD said he always speaks him mind, because he has no reason not too.

- RVD said he has seen the wellness policy help to straighten out a few younger wrestlers. He said he has seen guys go to rehab. RVD said the wellness policy is there for those that need help.

- He said his understanding of Eddy Guerrero’s death was caused by a variety of things including his former addiction to alcohol. “I don’t believe it was just steroids that killed Eddy,” said RVD.

- He said wrestlers have a choice to stay in the business and not to become an addict. RVD said CM Punk is an example of someone that doesn’t do drugs or even drinks.

- RVD said he would tell kids that are wrestling fans that wrestling didn’t kill Chris Benoit and his family, it was just the occupation he had.

- RVD said wrestling isn’t doing so bad.

- He said he has been in the business 18 years.

- He said he needed a break from the business, and was getting tired of the routine.

- RVD said he is enjoying spending time with his wife. He said he is lying low, and isn’t excited about leaving Los Angeles right now. He said he’ll post some news on his web site in July about what’s coming up for RVD.

- “I’m extremely happy and doing very, very well,” said RVD for his fans.

- McDonnell said RVD is probably the most honest guy he talks to in the business.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Tuesday

Insanity Pro Wrestling presents "HEAT STROKE" on THIS Saturday, July 7, 2007 in Indianapolis

The Salvation Army Community Center
1337 S Shelby Street
Indianapolis, IN

Doors Open 6:00 PM, Bell Time 7:00 PM

Admission $12 for adults, Kids 10 and under only $7
Purchase advance adult tickets online for only $10.

Matches already signed:










** Our Webstore is now open with a large collection of DVDs! **
GRAND OPENING SALE - Buy 2, Get 1 Free!!
IPW management will have a HUGE announcement this weekend, so be sure to be in attendance to find out WHAT exactly it is!

Visit www.insanityprowrestling.com for more information!

There's a few WWE & TNA wrestlers heading to Puerto Rico as part of WWC's Anniversario-Abyss, Sabu, Big Vito, Scott Hall, Carlito, Joey Mercury, and Christian Cage.

Bam Margera may be out of the Summerslam angle, as he was recently injured in a skateboarding accident.

There's rumors of Wrestlemania 25 taking place in either Mexico City, Houston, TX., or Toronto.

I heard from caller Bald Rob that Ultimate Warrior wasn't on Hannity & Colmes due to "technical difficulties"-I can only imagine what those difficulties were.

Matt Morgan was backstage at the TNA Impact tapings last night in Orlando. This was his third visit at the request of TNA, and it's being rumored that Jeff Jarrett and Jim Cornette have plans of giving him a Seven-like gimmick, like he had in OVW. Cornette is a big fan of Morgan, and basically took him under his wing in OVW.

RVD's WWE contract has officially expired.

Lance Storm was recently added to the WWE.com alumni section

Rey Mysterio will be on the cover of WWE Magazine, which will be released later this month.

The upcoming season of Hogan Knows Best will return to VH-1 on July 22. The season will be built around the potential Hulk-Linda divorce.

Happy b-day to Bret Hart, who turned 50 yesterday.

ECW Spoilers:

ECW champion Johnny Nitro vs. Tommy Dreamer was the first match taped. Nitro won the match.

CM Punk defeated Kevin Thorn with the Oklahoma roll. Afterwards, Nitro came out and gave the impression he was coming into the ring, but never did.

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Smackdown Spoilers

- Matt Hardy defeated United States champion MVP in a non-title match with a twist of fate.

- Ric Flair vs. Finlay was plugged for later on the show.

- Edge informs general manager Teddy Long that he is doing the Cutting Edge segment tonight with the biggest guest in the history of the show tonight.

- Chris Masters defeated Jimmy Yang with the master lock. Afterwards, Great Khali comes out and chokeslams Yang and issues an open challenge for the Great American Bash PPV.

- The Major Brothers defeatd Mike Fox and Jeremy in a squash match.

- Finlay defeated Ric Flair with assistance from the Hornswoggle.

- Torrie Wilson was doing a photo shot, but was attacked by Victoria.

- Great Khali attacked a stage hand after asking him if he wanted to accept his challenge at the Great American Bash.

- Chuck Palumbo defeated Kenny Dykstra.

- Deuce vs. Eugene ended when Great Khali came out and attacked both wrestlers. Khali asked if anyone was brave enought to answer his challenge, and Batista came out which led to a stare down.

- "Cutting Edge" with Edge interviewing Kane. Edge put ove Kane, but then started talking about his accomplishments. Edge tried to end the interivew, but Kane attacked the champion. Long came out and announced Kane vs. Edge at the Great American Bash.

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TNA Impact Spoilers-Two Weeks Worth!

These are the LIVE SPOILERS leading into the TNA Wrestling Victory Road PPV. With the summer brings tourists who want to experience the live show and it was legit overflow today. So far locked into the main event of the PPV are World X Division champion Samoa Joe and TNA/IWGP Heavyweight champion Kurt Angle. Tonight we see if Team 3D can retain their World Tag Team titles to make the main event. No backstage promos or segments were shown to the live audience. We didn’t see Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Rhino, Basham, Damaja or “Wildcat” Chris Harris in action.

Hour one notes:

Mike Tenay and Don West spoke to the home fans probably about the three team match with the winner advancing to the PPV.

(1) World Tag Team champions Team 3D (Ray & Devon) defeated Latin American Xchange (“Notorious 187” Homicide & Hotstuff Hernandez) and “Phenomenal” AJ Styles/ “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels.

Yes it looks like Styles/Daniels reunited for this match, even though I seem to remember them saying they would never do it again. This was traditional tag as opposed to three men in the same time. The challengers attacked the champions at the bell but things went the other way as it became every team for themselves as 3D were sent to the floor and LAX got control of the match. Styles saved Daniels from the Border Toss but Homicide was not able to save Hernandez from a double team move. Ray missed a fat boy senton to Homicide but Homicide’s top rope move backfired as Ray got to his feet. Homicide recovered and took Ray to the mat with a chinlock. Some point during this match it looked like some ring boards broke from the impact of several 300 pounders. Hernandez tagged in to deliver more punishment as Styles/Daniels broke up any pin attempt. This went on for several minutes and probably through a commercial break. Daniels made a blind tag into the match and went to work on Ray. Somehow Ray got his ring awareness, hit Daniels with the Bubba Bomb and tagged out to Devon who took on 4 men at one time. All kinds of craziness ensued as 3D hit Homicide with the Wassup. Daniels went to the corner but got picked up by Ray as 3D hit the Road Warrior clothesline for two. Styles countered out of the Cop Killa and hit the Pele kick, followed by a frog splash/moonsault but got two. Hernandez hit Styles with the Border Toss but Devon pulled the referee to the floor. Hernandez and Ray hit top rope planchas onto the wrestlers below. Daniels fought off Devon’s power bomb and hit an STO but his attempted Angel’s Wings was blocked and he fell to the 3D.

Before the second match TNA Management’s Jim Cornette joined Tenay and West for commentary. Before anything else happened “Instant Classic” Christian Cage, Tomko and a old school megaphone interrupted the proceedings. Cage told Cornette a laundry list of things about his career before running down “Wildcat” Chris Harris’ track record. Cornette got a real microphone and told him who exactly Chris Harris is, the guy who is using Cage’s head to shatter the glass ceiling in TNA. Cornette also mentioned Abyss was still hunting for Cage and Tomko. Cage said he wasn’t afraid of Abyss, so of course Abyss’ ring music played which made Cage/Tomko run for the nearest exit sign.

(2) In a TNA Knockouts match, Gail Kim defeated Ms. Brooks and “the Pride of Tennessee” Jacqueline Moore.

There was enough hatred between these ladies to fill Madison Square Garden. Moore and Brooks fought over who was going to beat up Kim, so they beat each other up as Kim recovered. Brooks kneed Kim in the back and sent her to the floor but Kim grabbed Brooks’ legs and she came outside. Moore went to baseball slide both ladies but only got Brooks. Kim used this opening to hit both ladies with a top rope plancha. The action came back to the ring but Kim got hit with a double team move. Both ladies laid in the kicks to the head and chest as Kim tired to fight them off when they both grabbed a leg for a half Boston Crab. But Moore and Brooks began trading slaps to the face. Both let go of the hold and went up top but Kim stopped Brooks and hit a huricurana. Moore went to pin Kim but Brooks hit a clothesline. Kim recovered and hit both ladies with headlock/head scissor takeover. Brooks went to pin Kim but Kim countered and Brooks ended up on the floor. Moore snuck up from behind to roll up Kim but Kim used her momentum to roll through and get the pin. This immediately led to Brook and Moore jumping Kim. Eric Young came out to save his new friend but Robert Roode came out to jump Young.

TNA/IWGP Heavyweight champion Kurt Angle made his way into the Impact Zone dressed like a millionaire. Angle told the fans the Victory Road main event would be partnered up in an eight man match next week. He pronounced tonight “Kurt Angle Night” and called the promotion “Total Nonstop Angle.” Next he verbally ripped his Victory Road partner, his opponents and proclaimed he brought SexyBack when Team 3D interrupted his soliloquy. Ray said if Angle brought SexyBack then he was the next centerfold for Playgirl magazine. 3D tried to convince everyone was working to make TNA the best promotion in the world. Insults were traded and Devon leveled Angle as Ray called for some lumber. To the shock of all Samoa Joe came out and attacked Team 3D but when Team 3D were gone, Angle hit Joe with the Olympic Slam into the folding table 3D set up.

Hour two notes:

(1) Abyss defeated Lance Hoyt (w/Christy Hemme)

These two are not strangers and Hemme could be the deciding element since Father James Mitchell was not with Abyss. Hoyt went for a move but ran right into Abyss’ boot and the action went to the floor where Abyss tossed Hoyt into the guard rails. Abyss tossed Hoyt back to the ring and got a folding chair, but Hoyt attacked when Abyss came back in. Abyss fought back and hit the corner butt splash. However Abyss’ second rope splash only hit the canvas. Hoyt took over with right hand punches to the face and hit a second rope legdrop for two. Hoyt went for but missed a moonsault as Abyss got to his feet and hit several clotheslines followed by a choke slam for two. Hemme got the referee’s attention as Abyss went to hit Hoyt with the chair. Hoyt blocked it and went up top but Abyss got the chair and threw it right into Hoyt’s face. Hoyt recovered and went for the boot to the face but when he began to run at Abyss, Abyss saw it and hit the Black Hole Slam. Abyss wasn’t done as he found a bag of broken pieces of glass and dumped them in the ring as VKM came out to fight Hoyt to the locker room. Hemme was all alone with Abyss when Tomko and AJ Styles hit the ring. The lights went down and up with Sting coming out to aid Abyss. Sting handed Abyss the baseball bat. Sting said he and Abyss would face Tomko and Styles on Sunday. To the shock of everyone Abyss spoke on the mic. He said Sunday would be Doomsday!!

As the broken glass was cleaned up Tenay and West spoke to the home viewers about the main event of the show.

(2) Serotonin members Kaz vs. Martyr and Havok.

According to Penzer, the winner is the final qualifier to an Ultimate X match at Victory Road. Early on this was a handicap match with Kaz fighting for his life for several minutes. But nothing Martyr and Havok did led to a pin or submission. Kaz dumped Havok to the floor as Martyr went for the superkick but Kaz saw it and heel tripped Martyr and rolled over into a pin. Kaz may have won the match but Raven came out and with the help of Havok & Martyr, used their kendo sticks to beat Kaz into submission.

Before the main event Tenay and West talked to the home viewers again, possibly running down the PPV lineup.

(3) TNA/IWGP Heavyweight champion Kurt Angle, World X Division champion Samoa Joe and World Tag Team champions Team 3D (Ray and Devon) defeated “Instant Classic” Christian Cage, “Phenomenal” AJ Styles, Tomko and Robert Roode (w/Ms. Brooks)

According to announcer Dave Penzer this is the first time in TNA history the three championships were on the same side in a match. The title holders came out separate and argued the whole match while their opponents came out as a group. Roode and Devon started out with some brawling but worked their way into wrestling as Devon took over. Roode tagged out to Cage who was reluctant to enter so Devon pulled him in the ring before tagging out to Ray who held Cage for eternity before hitting a suplex. Joe tagged in and unleashed several moves on Cage but got two for his effort. Cage finally tagged out to Tomko who traded forearm shots with Joe but couldn’t avoid an enziguri. Roode tagged back in and Joe went back to work before slapping Devon into the match. While Ray, Joe and Angle argued, Roode hit Devon with a spinebuster and the tide went to the other side of the ring. Roode, Styles, Cage and Tomko took turns beating down Devon but didn’t get the pin. He survived long enough to tag out to Joe as Tomko tagged out. Joe hit Styles with a powerslam and locked in an STF but Styles friends jumped in. Angle remained on the floor as the fighting went all over. Ray countered out of the Unprettier and Cage got hit with the Road Warrior clothesline and then 3D hit Roode with the 3D. Joe grabbed Styles and sent him into Cage who was climbing the top rope. Joe went for the Muscle buster but Angle came in, tripped up Joe and pinned Styles. As Angle split, Team 3D faced off with Samoa Joe in the ring.

Matches taped for TNA Xplosion/TNA Today:

(1) “Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm (w/“the Pride of Tennessee” Jacqueline Moore) defeated Senshi. Moore slid the beer bottle in and the referee picked it up. Senshi saw this and when he turned around he got hit with a Superkick.

(2) “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal defeated Petey Williams with the top rope elbow drop. Before the match “the Guru” Sonjay Dutt came out and blessed the ring, the fans, Williams and the announce booth.

Announced Victory Road matches:

TNA/IWGP Heavyweight champion Kurt Angle & World X Division champion Samoa Joe vs. World Tag Team champions Team 3D (Ray and Devon)

“The Instant Classic” Christian Cage vs. “Wildcat” Chris Harris

“Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm vs. “War Machine” Rhino

Sting & Abyss vs. “Phenomenal” AJ Styles and Tomko

In an Ultimate X match to name a new #1 contender Kaz vs. I have no idea because TNA’s site has no information.

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Monday, July 02, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Monday

Chris Benoit's personal doctor, Dr. Phil Astin, surrendered today to federal agents in Atlanta, GA to undergo questioning. Astin's offices were raided twice last week, and investigators also raided Astin's mother's mom.

There is a group of researchers seeking out Chris Benoit's body to see if a long history of head trauma played a role in the double murder-suicide.

Hannity & Colmes will feature special guest Ultimate Warrior on tonight's program. His bias against Vince McMahon and the wrestling business should fit right into FOX News Networks' theory of continual bias. It should be noted that FOX News Network is the ONLY news network going after McMahon and the WWE right now. Hannity & Colmes airs at 9pm tonight on FOX News Network, and is replayed several times throughout the night.

USA Network is strongly considering expanding RAW to three hours this fall. This would almost guarantee another hour of high ratings, and would help the network maintain their status as the most watched cable network. WWE isn't thrilled about the idea, but they would receive a rate increase from the network if their timeslot is expanded.

Already scheduled for tonight on RAW-IC Champion Santino Marella v. Umaga in a Vengeance rematch.

About 3,500 fans attended the 6/17 Slammiversary PPV in Nashville, TN.

There are plans for Jeff Jarrett to win the TNA World Heavyweight title in the near future.

Jarrett was originally scheduled to be the mystery opponent in the King of the Mountain match.

The reason Rick Steiner was pinned in the Slammiversary match against Team 3D was due to Road Warrior Animal refusing to do the job.

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