Monday, July 02, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Monday

Chris Benoit's personal doctor, Dr. Phil Astin, surrendered today to federal agents in Atlanta, GA to undergo questioning. Astin's offices were raided twice last week, and investigators also raided Astin's mother's mom.

There is a group of researchers seeking out Chris Benoit's body to see if a long history of head trauma played a role in the double murder-suicide.

Hannity & Colmes will feature special guest Ultimate Warrior on tonight's program. His bias against Vince McMahon and the wrestling business should fit right into FOX News Networks' theory of continual bias. It should be noted that FOX News Network is the ONLY news network going after McMahon and the WWE right now. Hannity & Colmes airs at 9pm tonight on FOX News Network, and is replayed several times throughout the night.

USA Network is strongly considering expanding RAW to three hours this fall. This would almost guarantee another hour of high ratings, and would help the network maintain their status as the most watched cable network. WWE isn't thrilled about the idea, but they would receive a rate increase from the network if their timeslot is expanded.

Already scheduled for tonight on RAW-IC Champion Santino Marella v. Umaga in a Vengeance rematch.

About 3,500 fans attended the 6/17 Slammiversary PPV in Nashville, TN.

There are plans for Jeff Jarrett to win the TNA World Heavyweight title in the near future.

Jarrett was originally scheduled to be the mystery opponent in the King of the Mountain match.

The reason Rick Steiner was pinned in the Slammiversary match against Team 3D was due to Road Warrior Animal refusing to do the job.