Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Sunday

TNA has talked about bringing in Giant Bernard (ex-Albert, A-Train in WWE). Bernard and Tomko are IWGP Tag Team champions in New Japan.

The plan to was bring the Bound for Glory PPV to Chicago, IL on 10/14 since WWE is running the No Mercy PPV in Chicago on 10/7. Cities being considered for Bound for Glory are Charlotte, Norfolk, Greenville, and Atlanta.

Sonjay Dutt required an MRI for a shoulder tear, but Terry Taylor told him that TNA wouldn't pay for it.

Konnan was sent a legal letter by TNA stating that he had been suspended for missing the last two shows without giving word. I guess the company doesn't consider quitting the company as giving word. TNA has also requested that Konnan pay back his loan for hip replacement surgery. The letter also stated that Konnan can't talk negativity about TNA while "suspended."

After the Benoit tragedy, Vince McMahon suggested they bring in a new face, thus the call up of Cody Runnels. The word is that Runnels got the promotion because nobody else in developmental was ready.

The Randy Orton-Dusty Rhodes program is scheduled to be a short program.

The current plan has Triple H facing King Booker at Summerslam.

McMahon has banned any form of a choke or strangulation move for obvious reasons.

Great American Bash preview and my predictions

Sandman V.S. Carlito – Cane on a pole match-winner-Carlito

Matt Hardy V.S. MVP (c) – US Title-winner-MVP
Cruiserweight Open-Chavo Guerrero defends against Jamie Noble, Funaki, Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang-winner-either Chavo or Jimmy Wang Yang

Dusty Rhodes V.S. Randy Orton – Texas Bull Rope Match-winner-Randy Orton

Melina V.S. Candice Michelle (c) – Women’s Title Match-winner-Melina

Jeff Hardy V.S. Umaga – Intercontinental Title Match-winner-Umaga

CM Punk V.S. John Morrison (c) – ECW World Title-winner-unfortunately, probably John Morrison

Kane V.S. Batista V.S. Kahli (c) – World Heavyweight Championship-winner-also unfortunately, probably Khali

Bobby Lashley V.S. John Cena (c) – WWE Championship-winner-while I would love to see Lashley win this, I just don't see it in the cards, so it'll probably yet again be John Cena. I'd love to be proven wrong on some of these outcomes!