Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Sunday

R.I.P. Karl Gotch-one of the original greats of professional wrestling. He was just days shy of turning 83 years old.

Hopefully everyone will keep local wrestler Botch in their thoughts and prayers, as he's just found out that he has colon cancer.

To Sean in Austin, TX, I apologize, but I couldn't hear the phone numbers you gave me, if you'd like to leave those again I can mention them on the reports-as far as not mentioning more national stuff...not sure what you mean? I do try to mention all national callers that leave questions and answer their questions; I also try to include as much mainstream news as possible in the reports. If you're asking why we don't cover more national independents, I like to focus on feds locally that maybe wouldn't get as much coverage elsewhere to help them out, as well as the top locals.

Recent WWE signings-WWE has signed OVW referee Goose Mahoney to a developmental deal, Colossus, a wrestler from IWA in Puerto Rico, signed a WWE developmental deal, and has been assigned to Florida Championship Wrestling in Tampa.

Homicide suffered a stinger in his neck at Hermie Sadler's Columbia, SC show on 7/21 in a match against Petey Williams.

Terry Taylor, 51, Director of Talent Relations, needs a third neck fusion. He also needs his knees replaced.

Dustin Rhodes is scheduled to do a gimmick called Platinum-yes, much like Goldust.

Damaja (Danny Basham) missed the 7/2 Impact taping as he never got a plane ticket to fly to Orlando, but TNA apparently still had an angle for him. He never called anyone including Doug Basham, and at this point, may already been done with the company.

Konnan and his kidney transplant donor were a perfect match. The day after the transplant, Konnan was up taking phone calls and conducting business.

Apparently John Kronus had underwent knee replacement surgeries over the past year in the hopes of returning to the ring.

WWE hall of famer Jesse "The Body" Ventura and Marcia Clark (the prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson trial) taped a pilot for CBS called "Live Justice." The show is likely to debut this winter.

The idea to put the cruiserweight title on Hornswoggle has been talked about since the Judgment Day PPV. At one time, Hornswoggle winning the title would have signified the end of the title (with the idea of the title being brought back with a new name next year).

WWE hall of famer Dusty Rhodes-61-asked for his Texas bull rope match at the Great American Bash against Randy Orton to be short because of his limitations.

Steve Austin has put his 3,800-square foot Malibu home up for sale for $3.9 million. Austin has purchased a smaller house in Los Angeles.

After the Great American Bash, WWE champion John Cena got to Sacremento early to study his match with Bobby Lashley. He also watched the match again in catering.

Mark Henry told his hometown newspaper, The Austin American-Statesman, that he is planning on wrestling two more years and then will retire.