Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Wednesday

ECW on Sci Fi Results:

CM Punk d. Elijah Burke

Big Daddy V d. Tim Storm

The Miz promo

Kevin Thorn d. Tommy Dreamer

Johnny Nitro holds his press conference, basically making fun of CM Punk's name, which leads to a CM Punk-Nitro confrontation to close out the show.

TNA has talked with Rikishi about coming in to form a tag team with Brian Lawler.

Frankie "Kaz" Kazarian is in for something of a babyface push.

There is no time table set for Scott Steiner's return to the ring, but at this point, he isn't able to do much physically.

Spike TV has cancelled Bill Goldberg's "Bullrun," which apparently decreases the chances of TNA signing him since he is no longer affiliated with Spike.

Well, just in case you haven't heard by now, Chris, Nancy and Daniel Benoit all had Zanex in their systems-Chris had increased levels of testosterone, and Nancy had alcohol in her system as well. The speculations are just going to get worse from here on out.

Smackdown last Friday scored a 2.5 with a 4.9 share.

Raw on Monday scored a 3.4 cable rating.

It's official-the bigger, the better in Vince's eyes. The new WWE World Heavyweight Champion-that's the Smackdown champion-is the terrible, the awful, the down right bad, The Great Khali. Khali won a 20 man battle royal on the Smackdown tapings to become the new champ after Edge was stripped of the title for needing surgery. A new match has been added to The Great American Bash ppv, that being new champ Khali v. Kane v. Batista.