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The Wrestleline report-Saturday

Don't forget that this coming Monday on The Hotseat, the ICW owner will be revealed, and will be taking time to answer questions about the new ICW. Thanks to those who have already left their questions, and to anybody who does have questions for the owner, please either leave them on option 1 of the hotline, email them to me at, or post them on message forum.

Currently in The Hotseat, over on option 3, is HPW star Diceman ronnie vegas, who will be taking on Pastor Pain tonight in Columbus, IN. For more info on this show, check out option 2 with randy klemme, who has a rundown of all of tonight's events, including IPW in Indianapolis!

To Chris Methods, I apologize, I did not catch that no., but if anyone knows whose number it was that showed up on Impact, please leave that info after the report and I'll pass that along!

One caller wants to know what happened to The Alpha Male-he's currently on leave from WWE, dealing with a family situation.

TNA Champion Kurt Angle is now being linked to the signature online pharmacy scandal-great news for TNA, who also just received a letter from Congress not to long ago!

WWE has fired developmental director Mike Bucci, aka Simon Dean/Nova. Bucci's name has come out as being a part of the signature online pharmacy scandal as well.

Bad news for "Hardcore" Bob Holly, who has been sent to OVW as part of a rehab stint following his elbow surgery. Apparently Holly has told WWE management that he doesn't have feeling from his elbow to his hand, which signs that this could be a career threatening injury.

Balls Mahoney will be on "Who Wants to Be a Super Hero?" on Sci Fi on 9/6, the show will air at 9 PM.

WWE hall of famer The Fabulous Moolah missed last Tuesday's SmackDown taping because her brother passed away that Monday.

Kind of a slow news day, but be sure to check out an indie show tonight if you can, as there's going to be some good ones going on-HPW in Columbus, IPW in Indianapolis, EWF in Marion, and the list goes on and on-be sure to check out option 2 with randy klemme to get a full rundown, or check out The Independents' Day page of!


Adam Simmons
The Indy Wrestleline: 317-592-9401

The Wrestleline report-Friday

Just wanted to let you guys know that the owner of ICW will be revealed in The Hotseat on Monday-if you have any questions for the owner, either email me at, post them on The Midwest Insider message forum, or leave them after the tone. I can't guarantee that I'll be able to address all questions, although I'll try. You do not have to leave your name if you wish to remain anonymous.

I will also be doing an interview with an HPW star within the next day or so, so be sure to stay tuned to option 3!

To Jim in Western MD-JBL may come back to the ring at some point, but it's not probable that he'll be coming back full time soon.

The big story of the day is that WWE has suspended 10 wrestlers for violation of it's Wellness Policy. Many news outlets have released names involved in the signature steroids scandal-some of those being randy orton, Booker T, John Morrison, Batista, Ken Kennedy, Charlie Haas, Santino Marella, Chavo Guerrero, as well as others. No doubt Nancy Grace will be all over this.

Johnny Stambolli has NOT re-signed with WWE, despite internet reports. He will be on the road with them for two weeks in September, but has yet to negotiate a contract.

ECW on Sci Fi got a 1.3-down from last week's 1.7 cable rating

Monday night raw on Sci Fi got a 3.0 I believe, with the replay on USA getting a 1.0

Billboard's Top Ten recreational sports dvd's

1 UFC 68: The Uprising
2 WWE: The Ladder Match
3 2001 FedEx Orange Bowl National Championship
4 WWE: Wrestlemania 23
5 WWE: Vengeance 2007
6 WWE: One Night Stand 2007
7 NBA Champions 2006-2007: San Antonio Spurs
8 NFL: Chicago Bears 2006 NFC Champions
9 Dogtown And Z-Boys
10 UFC 67: All Or Nothing



- Johnny Jeter d. Kenny Dykstra

- The Daltons d. Dave Taylor & Paul Burchall


* Smackdown opens with WWE World champion The Great Khali and Singh in the ring. Teddy Long tells them that the new number one contender will be determined in a tournament tonight. The tournament will be Finlay vs. Kane and Batista vs. Rey Mysterio with the two winners facing each other.

- Finlay defeated Kane

- Matt Hardy and MVP defeated Deuce and Domino to capture the WWE Tag Team champions.

- Rey Mysterio defeated Batista by DQ in a Tournament Match.

Vince promo-the illegitimate son search continues

- Chuck Palumbo takes the Masterlock Challenge. Masters went for it but pulled Palumbo back instead and tried beating him up. Palumbo got the upper hand. Masters rolled out and went to the back.

* Rey Mysterio pinned Finlay with the 619 and a springboard into rollup to earn a title shot against WWE World champion The Great Khali. This is followed by a confrontation between Khali and Mysterio.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

WWE Suspends 10

from and

"Based on independent information received from investigators from the Albany County, NY D.A.’s office, WWE has today, under the penalty provisions of its wellness policy, issued suspension notices to 10 of its performers for violations. It has been WWE’s practice not to release the names of those who have been suspended, but notice has been sent to all WWE performers that names of anyone who is suspended under the Wellness Policy as of November 1 will be made public."

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Wrestleline report-Thursday

Police have interviewed someone who was driving a silver Dodge Viper in connection with the Nick Hogan car wreck, as witnesses state that Nick was racing someone in a silver Viper. Hulk Hogan actually owns one, although he's not a suspect.

Johnny Ace wanted a meeting with ROH World Champion Takeshi Morishima last weekend when he was in NYC but NOAH put a stop to the meeting. WWE has wanted Morishima for the past year or so for the ECW brand and actually approached him when he was training at Harley Race's school but nothing came of it.

RAW writer Brian Gerwitz was backstage at the ROH show in Manhattan speaking with Delirious. Brian is a huge fan of the Delirious gimmick and pushing hard for the WWE to sign him.

WWE has announced the winner of it's Biggest Fan contest, that being Mike Timpson of LA, California. As part of celebrating their contest, WWE will be giving away a free month of it's 24/7 subscription service in September.

Scott Baio is 45... And Single, created by Eric Bischoff and Jason Hervey of Bischoff Hervey Entertainment, has been renewed for a second season by VH1. Overall, the series averaged 1.3 million total viewers in its first season.

Speaking of Eric Bischoff, he will be appearing at a wrestling convention called "Wrestle Fan Fest". For more info, check out

Justin Roberts Profile has been added to the ECW Page.

The Rock is set to play in Disney's remake of Witch Mountain.

TNA Impact Spoilers:

- Scott Steiner cuts a promo in the ring and gets jumped by Team 3D. They smash a chair into his throat and put him threw a table. Steiner is taken out on a stretcher.

(1) The VKM d. The Motor City Machine Guns.

- VKM challenged any other teams who want take face them to come to the ring right now. This brought out LAX, XXX and Eric Young & Shark Boy. All four teams brawled.

(2) Sting d. AJ Styles, Christian Cage and Samoa Joe to become the new TNA Tag Team Champion along with Kurt Angle.

- Team Pacman attack Sting and spray paint him. Kurt Angle makes the save.


The Wrestleline Report-Wednesday

The passenger that was with Nick Hogan in the car accident a few days ago just returned home from Iraq last year, and it's being reported that he may have suffered brain damage.

There are witnesses claiming that there was a cat and mouse racing game going on between Nick Hogan and another car shortly before his crash. It should be noted that Nick Hogan is a huge racing enthusiast, and I wouldn't doubt that this was the case.

TNA has signed former ROH standout Jimmy Rave. A Tag Team Gauntlet Match is scheduled for the 9/9 No Surrender PPV. As things stand, the newly signed Jimmy Rave will team with Lance Hoyt.

At the TNA Impact tapings on Monday night, TNA informed talent that they will be moving to two hours in October, although they didn't specify on which network it would be on, and stated that when that happens that "things would change", probably stating this to boost the very low locker room morale.

As a result of needing surgery for a detatched retina, Bryan Danielson has been replaced in the finals of the NWA World Heavyweight Title tourney. The match will now feature former WWE developmental talent Brent Albright v. Adam Pearce. The match will take place in Bayamon, Puerto Rico on Saturday.

Since I know most of you guys are just DYING to know who designed Beth Phoenix's outfit from the ppv on Sunday, it was none other than OVW diva Melody. Melody has already received much praise for her design of the outfit, and there's rumors that Nancy Grace may have her on CNN before too long. did a article called The 8 Most Embarrassing Musical Performances by Non-Musicians, John Cena is number #6.


Smackdown Spoilers


- Johnny Jeter d. Kenny Dykstra

- The Daltons d. Dave Taylor & Paul Burchall


* Video feature on Rey Mysterio's return to Smackdown aires

* Smackdown opens with WWE World champion The Great Khali and Singh in the ring. Teddy Long tells them that the new number one contender will be determined in a tournament tonight. The tournament will be Finlay vs. Kane and Batista vs. Rey Mysterio with the two winners facing each other.

- Finlay defeated Kane

* They air a MVP-Matt Hardy video feature, spotlighting the basketball challenge.

- Matt Hardy and MVP defeated Deuce and Domino to capture the WWE Tag Team champions.

* Backstage, Vince McMahon tells Batista that he used to spend a lot of time in Washington, DX, so Batista could be his son. Batista says that since he was broke and Vince has a ton of money that if Batista is indeed hi son, he would beat him for not helping he and hos mother when they were dirt poor. Vince then says he doesn't see any family resemblance.

* Eugene is in the ring shooting t-shirts out of an air gun when Mark Henry comes out. Henry takes him out with the bear hug and takes the ring mic. He says that he's not scared of the Undertaker coming back at Unforgiven. An Undertaker video begins to play. They show the roads leading to a desert then they show the floor of the desert with Undertaker's hand comes up from the under the ground. Really well produced.

- Rey Mysterio defeated Batista by DQ in a Tournament Match.

* Video recap of the Vince McMahon-HHH confrontation on Raw aires

* Video promoting season debut of Survivor featuring Ashley Massaro aires

* Vince McMahon and Jonathan Coachman make their way to the ring. Coach brings out a bunch of hot women, claiming McMahon has been with them. The first is named Cheryl with the idea Vince was with her in 1983. They then bring out three women Vince allegedly had at the same time one New Year's. They then bring out a Nun named Sister Mary Katherine. Vince says he wants one more night with all five. He says his family is coming to confront him on Raw this Monday.

- Chuck Palumbo takes the Masterlock Challenge. Masters went for it but pulled Palumbo back instead and tried beating him up. Palumbo got the upper hand. Masters rolled out and went to the back.

* They air a graphic video invitation for the Teddy Long/Kristal Marshall wedding in two weeks.

* The Daltons do a video feature on "Going back to school."

* Backstage, Jamie Noble is telling Shannon Moore that next week, he'll get his Cruiserweight championship match against Hornswoggle and after he wins, no one will ever laugh at him again. He tells Moore to get lost and walks away, but someone had stuck a "I Love Leprechauns" sign on Noble's back.

* Rey Mysterio pinned Finlay with the 619 and a springboard into rollup to earn a title shot against WWE World champion The Great Khali. Mysterio is favoring his back from the match earlier tonight. Finley works over Rey's leg, but Mysterio uses his quickness to come back. Khali comes out. Rey is barely in the camera shot as they go face to face. Khali shoves Rey down.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

AS I SEE IT by Bob Magee

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

Another independent promotion
has taken it upon itself to echo the step that CZW employee Sabine Kernaghan
and New England's Eastern Pro Wrestling took after the Benoit family tragedy
in providing resources to their workers and their fans....Vancouver's
NWA/ECCW and promoter Dave Republic.

Republic distributed the following information to his workers and staff
before last week's show in xxxxxxxxx, BC:

"Saturday, August 18, 2007


At ECCW we often talk about the health of wrestlers in terms of having a
safe match or training to ensure the performers in the ring have the correct
set of skills. Rarely do we discuss your health outside of the ring.

Over the past two months a heightened interest has been found in the health
of professional wrestlers from the media, politicians, fans and non-fans.
This attention has forced me to think more about your well-being than ever
before... which is the reason for this letter.

I want to be clear...ECCW does not encourage nor want you to partake in the
use of controlled or illegal performance enhancing drugs (steroids); street
drugs (e.g., crystal meth); nor the abuse or overindulgence of nutritional
supplements, alcohol or prescription medicine. Ever. If you believe you
are being pressured by anyone in ECCW to do so, I ask that you let me know
so that this negative influence can be removed from the company.

Furthermore should a wrestler be in our dressing room and/or sponsor
location in the possession or under the influence of controlled or illegal
substances he/she will be removed from ECCW and possibly turned over to law
enforcement. This protects everyone involved with ECCW and hopefully fast
tracks those who need help to kick habits.

We have all made bad choices in our lives and/or find ourselves in
situations where we become overwhelmed. I encourage you to let me know when
such matters are having a negative impact on you so that perhaps I may
assist. At the very least, I will be able to book your differently in ECCW
and give you information for professionals who can help you. In that
spirit, below is a brief listing of support services which you or your
family can access should you need to.

Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention -- (604) 872-3311
Alcoholics Anonymous -- (604) 434-3933
PLEA Family Counseling -- (604) 527-1275
Battered Women's Support -- (604) 687-1867 or (604) 687-1868
Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse -- 1-866-667-5465
Hope for Freedom Society -- (604) 464-0475
STD / HIV Information Line -- (604) 872-6652
Narcotics Anonymous -- (604) 873-1018
Law Students Legal Advice -- (604) 822-5791 or or
Eating Disorder Resource Centre -- (604) 875-2084

It is through prevention and correction that we can honour the memories of
the wrestlers who have passed away far too young. No number of ten-bell
salutes will solve the problem... but you can.

If you would like to discuss this letter, please do not hesitate to contact

Thank-you for all that you do here in ECCW. Be well.

If any other promotions are attemnpting similar efforts, please contact me
by e-mail at

Anyone who's not a NASCAR fan, should skip ahead a paragraph or two.

In other non-wrestling news, Teresa Earnhardt is still a idiot. For those
who don't know, Tereesa Earnhardt is the widow of NASCAR legend Dale
Earnhardt, Sr. and step-mother of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Because of a
contractual disagreement between the two that saw Dale Earnhardt, Jr. sign
with another team at the end of his contract, Teresa Earnhardt is refusing
to allow Earnhardt, Jr. to continue to drive the number 8 on his new ride in

NASCAR should refer to the company that currently employs Dale Earnhardt,
Jr. as TEI. This company now has little or nothing to do with Dale Earnhardt
or his memory. Teresa Earnhardt has seen to that with holding hostage the
car number that her step-son made famous.

Second, any Dale Earnhardt, Jr. fan ought to contact each and every
corporate sponsor of TEI and let them know that until they allow Dale
Earnhardt, Jr. to use the number he's made famous to modern audiences, that
they won't buy those products. Let TEI know you won't purchase any current
or future merchandise from their company.

You can do so at this link.
Anyone care to see how fast TEI reconsiders if they get some pressure from
corporate sponsors?

Earnhardt, Jr is being far more of a gentleman that Teresa Earnhardt
deserves when he suggests that people need to stop picking on his
step-mother. I've a better idea, turn up the volume, but direct it to the
place it'll hurt her the worst...her wallet.

For those who are wrestling fans and not NASCAR fans who don't get the whole
issue here, imagine (and I'm not comparing the legend of these people with
Earnhardt, Jr. justmaking a comparison of numbers identified with people),
imagine someone else coming out in a New York Yankee uniform wearing a 3 or
4. Imagine a Los Angeles King or Edmonton Oiler coming out as a 99.

No rookie would ever be thought of as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, or Wayne
Gretsky.. and would get hatred for even doing so. But baseball and hockey
respect their tradition and (some would argue, just as importantly) its
money machine and honor specific numbers on teams and forever associate them
with those players.

I suppose that the closest thing wrestling might have for something so
irritating is promoters holding on to the gimmick names of workers, such as
McMahon holding the Dudleys name hostage or AAA holding hostage the gimmicks
of such wrestlers as Psicosis, and LaParka and putting someone else under
the hood.

NASCAR has a merchandise machine that would even make Vince McMahon
envious...with the most popular driver and largest merchandise seller (not
counting his late father) being Dale Earnhardt, Jr. But they're making a BIG
mistake by allowing TEI to keep the number that Dale Earnhardt, Jr. made
famous in the modern era of NASCAR. Let NASCAR do nothing and we'll see if
that comes back to bite in NASCAR's collective corporate wallet.

Until next time...

If you have comments or questions, or if you'd like to add the AS I SEE IT
column to your website, I can be reached by e-mail at

If you'd like to add advertising on (the flagship website of this
column), banner ads are available for $400 for one year. These ads would
appear on each newspage appearing on the newsboard. Cube ads are available
for $200 for one year, which would be placed on the main newsboard page. For
advertising requests, I can also be reached by e-mail at

The Wrestleline Report-Tuesday

RAW dark match results:

- The Highlanders defeated Johnny Jeter and Ryan O'Reilly.

- Mickie James defeated Jillian Hall.

- Hacksaw Duggan defeated Jimmy Jack Cash.

- The Sandman defeated Mike Edwards.

- Snitsky defeated Super Crazy.

The Continental Airlines Arena has placed a permanent WWE banner in the arena for having provided a million fans to the arena since 1984. The lucky one millionth fan was given a signed WWE Championship belt by John Cena and Randy Orton.

Gail Kim will be at Friday's Mets vs Braves game in Atlanta, GA. She will call out the ceremonial “Play Ball!” before the first pitch.

James Storm will be signing autographs in the Time Warner Cable display at the New York state fair on 9/2 from 3-5 PM.

Jay Lethal is booked for the 9/1 AWA New Jersey show. For more info visit

Updated Best of Christian Cage DVD art is now available on

Hard Justice 07 and the Christian Cage dvd will both be released on 10/9. has just put up a Ms. Brooks Autograph special. You get the 2007 Knockouts calender signed by Brooks and a copy of the Knockouts DVD for only $8.99.

As announced on Raw, CM Punk will face The Miz, Boogeyman, and Big Daddy V in a fatal four way match with the winner earning an ECW title shot on ECW on Sci Fi tonight.


Two Weeks Worth of TNA Impact Spoilers!

iMPACT! 8/30:

- Scott Steiner cuts a promo in the ring and gets jumped by Team 3D. They smash a chair into his throat and put him threw a table. Steiner is taken out on a stretcher.

(1) The VKM d. The Motor City Machine Guns.

- VKM challenged any other teams who want take face them to come to the ring right now. This brought out LAX, XXX and Eric Young & Shark Boy. All four teams brawled.

(2) Sting d. AJ Styles, Christian Cage and Samoa Joe to become the new TNA Tag Team Champion along with Kurt Angle.

- Team Pacman attack Sting and spray paint him. Kurt Angle makes the save.

iMPACT! 9/6:

(1) Tomko d. Kaz.

- Ms. Brooks checks on Kaz and Roode yells at her. Tomko get in Roode's face and they brawl.

(2) Samoa Joe d. Raven. AJ Styles tried to help Raven but it back fired.

- Tomko, Styles and Christian attack Joe. They handcuff Joe to the ropes and beat him down.

(3) Abyss & Jay Lethal d. TNA Tag Team Champions Kurt Angle & Sting in a non-title match.

- Jim Mitchell comes out and Abyss chases him to the back. Team Pacman attack both Sting and Angle and spray pain them.

Taped for the Road to No Surrender:

(1) Eric Young & Shark Boy d. Sonjay Dutt & Petey Williams.

Taped for Xplosion:

(1) Robert Roode d. Homicide.

(2) Gail Kim & Chris Harris d. BG James & Roxxi Levoux.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Wrestleline report-Sunday

Just to let you guys know, randy couture retained his UFC Heavyweight Title against the monster that is Gabriel Gonzaga last night. I sincerely felt Gonzaga may have had Couture's number, but am glad that Couture is still champ!

Summerslam rundown & predictions:

Now, I USUALLY do pretty good on my ppv predictions, let's see how I fare tonight!

Diva Battle royal:

You can't have a summer party without a bunch of scantily clad WWE divas! Some who will be in the battle royal include Beth Phoenix, the Extreme Expose girls, Jillian Hall, Michelle McCool, Victoria, Mickie James, Melina, and I'm sure others will be in the mix as well. The winner gets a shot at Women's Championship match againts Candice Michelle. Doesn't matter, we all win with all these divas, but if I had to pick one, I'd say either Mickie James, Melina or Beth Phoenix, as they've been making Phoenix come off as looking very strong.

Kane v. Finlay:

This is basically a filler match, and has been added since MVP is not in shape to wrestle Matt Hardy, although I'm not sure why they didn't at least put Matt Hardy on, since they'd already been promoting him for the ppv. I choose Kane.

Mysterio v. Guerrero:

This is going to be a great comeback match for Mysterio, not only because it's supposed to be somewhat of a "revenge" match, but also because of the ring chemistry between these two that goes back years ago to WCW in the cruiserweight division. This could be a great matchup. Mysterio wins.

King Bookah v. Triple H:

This is basically going to be all about HHH, and I wouldn't be surprised if HHH just totally rolls over the King. HHH wins.

Umaga v. Carlito v. Kennedy

Now, there's been A LOT of speculation that Kennedy will emerge as Vince's illegitimate son, and I believe he probably will-what better way to make Kennedy stand out in people's minds than to put a strap on him before he's unveiled as the son? Kennedy wins.

Morrison v. Punk

Hopefully Punk wins, that's all I can say.

Khali v. Batista

This is going to be awful. It has catastrophe written all over it. For everybody's sake, I hope they keep this match short and to the point. Out of the two, I'd rather see Batista win, but I have a feeling Khali may pull out a win here.

WWE Championship: Cena v. Orton

Orton has slowly, but surely been looking stronger and stronger a heel, and I believe it culminates tonight between he and Cena, with Orton taking the title. I've heard WWE has a big program planned between Cena & Orton, and they believe there's more money to be made in Cena chasing the title. Orton wins.

I apologize, not much news today, but hopefully will have a bigger report for you guys tomorrow!

Adam Simmons
The Indy Wrestleline 317-592-9401

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Wrestleline report-Saturday

While TNA has secured a two hour timeslot with Spike TV, one condition that is holding back negotiations is that Spike is wanting TNA to purchase HD equipment, as Spike is planning on moving to HD broadcasting in 2009. The network has previously helped in funding diff. things for the company, such as Sting coming in, but they have not offered to help with the HD equipment.

The current plan in TNA has Kurt Angle defending all titles at both the No Surrender ppv, then again against Jeff Jarrett at the Bound for Glory ppv.

The original booking plan for Hard Justice was for Ron "The Truth" Killings to return to TNA upset about the hiring of Adam "Pacman" Jones, which would have resulted in a brawl between the two.

Some of TNA's wrestlers complained about "Pacman" Jones getting his own Winnebago for a dressing room at the PPV.

The PPV promo "Pacman" Jones cut was scripted by Jeff Jarrett.

TNA is offering its first ever three DVDs for sale through its merchandise store at
ShopTNA.COM. The DVDs 'Best of the X Division', 'Best of the Title
Matches' and 'Best of the Bloodiest Brawls' were released by the company in 2003 but never sold through major stores. These videos contain matches from the company's first year which are very rare to find since they never made it on any other DVD. They carry a price of $19.99.

Former X-Division champion Samoa Joe has been telling people that he would rather accept an entry level WWE contract (believed to be $50,000 per year), rather than resigning with TNA. Joe is not happy in TNA, and doesn’t want to stay with the company when his current contract expires.

Konnan's doctors believe the wrestler has a 90% of chance his anti-rejection medicine will be successful, following his recent kidney transplant surgery. However, the drugs given to Konnan carry a risk of side effects such as birth defects if he were to father a child (he and his wife have been talking about starting a family). There is also an increasing risk of cancer by undergoing the treatment.

Marcus Cor Von is officially on a leave of absense from WWE. He was forced to take time off to take care of his nieces and nephews due to problems within the family.
There is talk of moving the Highlanders to the Smackdown roster.

WWE hall of famer Dusty Rhodes is feeling the affects of being on the road five days per week, and has requested a lighter work schedule.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Wrestleline report-Friday

A wrestler from the mid-80's through the 90's has passed away. Scott Dumas, 44, passed away last week. Dumas was a WWF jobber in the early 90's, and previously wrestled in Florida for Championship Wrestling. Dumas also worked for the UWF in Japan for a time. He was found dead in his bed in the usual pro wrestling pattern. Dumas was originally trained by Larry Simon (Boris Malenko) in Tampa, FL. Dumas (no relation to Amy Dumas) had a full-time job with the government and owned a lawn service after leaving the wrestling business.

"Cowboy" Bill Watts of Mid South wrestling fame just started doing sports radio in Tulsa, OK on 97.1 FM and 1550 AM on the Sports Animal show, which can be heard daily from 11AM to 1PM.

It was previously reported that former Four Horsemen member Ole Anderson is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. To update his situation, Anderson is having memory problems and isn't getting around very well these days.

Jeff Jarrett celebrated Hulk Hogan's 54th b-day with the Bollea Family the night before the Hard Justice ppv. He left the party early and apparently appeared to have a lot on his mind.

TNA edited out the "fire russo" chants from the Lockdown 07 dvd.

WWE is once again discussing opening a European territory, with promoter Len Davis heading up the project. Davis has been in contact with MTV, BBC and the Wrestling Channel about a live tv show. WWE has also been contacting U.K. talent giving them the impression that a European territory could be started in early 2008.

The idea to have Mr. Kennedy as Mr. McMahon's illegitimate child dates back to a couple years ago when Dave Lagana was trying to get McMahon on Smackdown more often, and give Kennedy a big push. McMahon had originally nixed the idea. It's also being rumored that in the death of Mr. McMahon storyline, McMahon's estate was to be left to his "secret son"-Kennedy.

Rey Mysterio Jr. was interviewed on the Fox News channel and denied ever using steroids. Mysterio was asked about his connection to Dr. Phil Astin. Mysterio said he had been prescribed pain medication due to undergoing six knee operations.

Joanie "Chyna" Laurer was finally interviewed by Nancy Grace on CNN Headline, and again denied she used steroids to bulk up her body.

Video Sales - Recreational Sports DVD
Billboard, Issue Date: 2007-09-01

1. UFC 68: The Uprising
2. WWE: The Ladder Match
3. WWE: Vengeance 2007
4. WWE: Wrestlemania 23
5. WWE: One Night Stand 2007
6. 2001 FedEx Orange Bowl National Championship
7. NFL: Chicago Bears 2006 NFC Champions
8. NFL: New York Jets: The Complete History
9. NBA Champions 2006-2007: San Antonio Spurs
10. UFC 67: All Or Nothing

Fox has cancelled former WWE diva-Lauren Jones' show "Anchorwoman" after a poor 1.0 rating. Fox will be re-airing "Til Death" in it's place.

Smackdown Spoilers:

*Johnny Jeter def. Rosey in a dark match

* The Daltons def. Dave Taylor & Paul Birchall in a dark match

* Chuck Palumbo def. Chris Masters

*Funaki def. Chavo Guerrero via DQ

*Jamie Noble def. Jimmy Wang Yang

* Deuce & Domino w/ Cherry def. Shannon Moore & Eugene to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles

*Matt Hardy and MVP had a Basketball Challenge

*Mark Henry def. Brad Allen

*Mae Young def. Michelle McCool, Victoria, Kristal Marshall & Torrie Wilson in a Bikini Contest

*Batista vs Finlay ended in a No Contest after The Great Khali interfered


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Smackdown Spoilers

*Johnny Jeter def. Rosey in a dark match

* The Daltons def. Dave Taylor & Paul Birchall in a dark match

* Chuck Palumbo def. Chris Masters

*Funaki def. Chavo Guerrero via DQ

*Jamie Noble def. Jimmy Wang Yang

* Deuce & Domino w/ Cherry def. Shannon Moore & Eugene to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles

*Matt Hardy and MVP had a Basketball Challenge

*Mark Henry def. Brad Allen

*Mae Young def. Michelle McCool, Victoria, Kristal Marshall & Torrie Wilson in a Bikini Contest

*Batista vs Finlay ended in a No Contest after The Great Khali interfered


The Wrestleline report-Thursday

ECW on Tuesday got a 1.7 cable rating.

WWE has signed 22 y/ old Matt Sydal. It is not known what type of contract, but believed to be a developmental deal, and it's believed he'll be sent to either OVW or FCW in Tampa. Sydal has wrestled quite a bit for roh, and has also wrestled locally for IPW.

WWE has released developmental talent Dan rodman.

OVW talent Chett the Jet was told recently by John Laurinitis that he was going to be called up to the main roster soon, and would be doing a Polish gimmick.

It's being reported that one of the Unforgiven main events will feature Undertaker v. Mark Henry.

There's rumors that Extreme Expose members Kelly Kelly, Brooke and Layla may pose for Playboy as a trio sometime down the line.

Jake "The Snake" has been trying to get a job with WWE, but it's doubtful that he'll be brought back.

Apparently if you order the webcast of the Summerslam ppv, you get a free HHH pendant.

In an interesting note, in a 2001 interview with Playboy, Vince McMahon was asked about the possibility of doing a death scene, and he said something along the lines of "no, that wouldn't be reality".

It's being rumored that TNA is paying Pacman Jones about $25,000 per appearance. I'd bet money that after his stint with TNA they try and conveniently "bring back" those they let go. I hope those they let go don't-if and when that happens.

(1) Frankie “the Future” Kazarian & Gail Kim defeated Robert Roode & Ms. Brooks. After the match Kazarian and Brooks “shared a moment.”

(2) Ron “the Truth” Killings defeated Eric Young.

Backstage AJ Styles and Tomko tried to beat down Samoa Joe. The fight came out to the arena and Christian Cage scored the final blow with a conchairto.

(3) Kurt Angle defeated Rick & Scott Steiner with help from Team 3D.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

AS I SEE IT by Bob Magee

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets
So TNA's at it again.

First, by hiring everyone's favorite football felon (not named Michael Vick)
Adam "Pacman" Jones and paying him a ton of money...then finding out he
can't do anything physical due to the Tennessee Titans filing a lawsuit.
They had to do the single most awkward looking set of skits with Jones in
the history of wrestling.

Meanwhile, to pay for the salary of America's second favorite football
felon, TNA released Jerry Lynn, Danny Basham, Damaja, Matt "Brother Runt"
Hyson (aka Spike Dudley) and Matt Bentley. Lance Hoyt and Christy Hemme were
"not brought in" for the last PPV and TV taping.

Yup. Even the most hardcore WWE mark could tell you that Jerry Lynn for
Pacman is one helluva crappy trade-off.

Then, TNA managed to screw up something they had absolutely free...Alan

Alan Wojcik gave TNA free publicity for 5 years on dozens of websites
ranging in size from to Dave Meltzer's Wrestling, and
got treated like crap as a result.

Wojcik had an agreement with TNA's media relations department where he would
cover the product like I was a sportswriter or beat writer for a sports

Then issues started coming up this past February phone call Media Department
head Steven Godfrey, first in telling Wojcik not to post an interviews that
wase so fluffy, I felt like I was inside a bottle of Downy. Then, eventually
Godfrey got to the real issue, telling Wojcik he was "too good at your
review work.”

After that fact was made public by this column, Wojcik got him the go-ahead
to continue doing what he had been doing...ALLOWING him to give them free
publicity far in excess of what they had been generating themselves to that

So fast forward to two weeks ago, where Ross Forman called and let Wojcik
know his laptop was not going to be allowed in due to a "new policy". Wojcik
went to the show, figuring that he could straighten out things as he had
before. Meanwhile, the websites that use Wojcik's reports reported this all
over the place. Wojick went to the show, only to see three mainstream
reporters who were there to cover Pacman's debut, using laptops with
wireless cards....using the same arrangement he had with TNA. Later that
same evening, Wojcik got the same statement from Forman, although Forman
wouldn't tell Wojcik who was responsible.

I'll say now what I said back in February: if I were an independent
wrestling company that has illusions of being number two to WWE.... if I
were a company that has pissed away millions upon millions of dollars...and
who brought in football's second most favorite felon, yet still drew some of
their lowest ratings ever for the Pacman "debut" on IMPACT; along with
continuing PPV buyrates that are two-tenths of WWE's; I would get on my
knees in the middle of Times Square, and kiss the ass of everyone that
wanted to help me get out the word about my company wearing mint-flavored
Chapstick if they wanted me to.

I damned sure would be pissing off someone like Alan, to the point that he's
pulled his reports from all his sites. Way to go,'ve just lost
coverage for your TV tapings on every website except Richard Trionfo's reports...even on Dave Meltzer's Wrestling

It gets better...there's a former bigtime TNA fan...a fan on the level of an
apologist, who is now organizing an "Ignore TNA Impact Initative". No,
folks, it isn't me under a pseudonym, nor is it the above Wojcik.

Read this for yourself:

"...As you may or may not already be aware, there is a rapidly growing
grass roots movement afoot among the internet wrestling fan community to
boycott this Thursday's Impact program, airing on 8/16.

Dubbed the 'Ignore Impact Initiative', the approach and desired outcome is a
positive one. The pro-active “voice of the people” is designed to send a
clear, strong message to TNA management regarding widespread dissatisfaction
over the recent booking trends and sharp swing back towards intelligence
insulting, cheesy gimmickry and outright illogical marketing tactics. This,
following an earlier summer series of shows where compelling wrestling based
episodes were aired and tested - and without question proven beyond a shadow
of doubt to garner consistently higher ratings for the promotion while
offering itself as a true alternative for eager viewers.

This viral word-of-mouth boycott has quickly generated an amazingly strong
reaction among thousands of frustrated wrestling fans and is spreading as we
speak to thousands more. Starting within the community on the
evening of 8/15, the movement has within literally less than a 24 hour
period spiked significant net traffic and publicity for the cause. This
morning found multiple sports and wrestling hotlines, fan blogs and forums
around the world discussing the crusade for change within TNA Wrestling.

We have received word that several people involved with the Nashville based
promotion are on board 'off the record' and strongly supportive of this
initiative for positive change within TNA creative."

Yup, sure looks like TNA has the pulse of its fanbase.

So, as a public service, here's the TNA Master of Media directions manual:

1) Piss off fans who spend THEIR time and THEIR money to post items on
dozens of websites to get over TNA.

2) Get other fans mad enough that they start online mvements to boycott your
flagship TV show.

3) Dismiss all online reports that don't genuflect at the altar of TNA as
writers "being on the WWE payroll". Apparently my mail carrier in suburban
South Jersey is still pocketing my checks. US Post Office security still
hasn't gotten me my checks yet. Guess Alan Wojcik should start looking for
his as well.

4) Dismiss critical fans at the live shows in Orlando by getting into
"seeing the black helicopters coming paranoia" mode, and claiming critical
fans are no more than "smart marks trying to take over the show".

5) Fire workers who are critical of your company to the online media.

Matt Bentley's contract recently expired, with the cause for his release
termed to be to criticism of TNA on a recent episode of an online wrestling
show. Seems Bentley acknowledged the poor morale PWBTS talked about months
ago, owing to original TNA talent being upset that former WWE guys were
getting bigger pushes. The most important comments may well have been the
Bentley statement that "he has never been tested for drugs by TNA, nor does
he know of anyone who has".

So much for Dixie Carter's comments about their wonderful drug testing
program. I wonder how she plans to deal with a recent demand by a
Congressional Committee that TNA provide information on their plan? Perhaps
she'll try the "it's confidential" routine again.

By the way, in the future, if I get any snotty e-mails from TNA of the type
I mentioned some months ago (the e-mail from one of their public
personalities)... from here on they get printed in full with e-mail
addresses and headers shown; just as I warn anyone sending e-mails can be
done right on the main page of my website. If someone chooses to
embarass themselves in private, they have fair warning that they'll be
embarassing themselves in public, too.

Until next time...

If you have comments or questions, or if you'd like to add the AS I SEE IT
column to your website, I can be reached by e-mail at href="">

If you'd like to add advertising on (the flagship website of this
column), banner ads are available for $400 for one year. These ads would
appear on each newspage appearing on the newsboard. Cube ads are available
for $200 for one year, which would be placed on the main newsboard page. For
advertising requests, I can also be reached by e-mail at href="">

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Wrestleline report-Tuesday

TNA will most likely hold one of their 2008 PPV events in New York City.

'Dead or Alive' starring Kevin Nash will be released 9/11 on DVD. is selling the 2006 Against All Odds DVD for $5.99.

The Slammiversary 2007 DVD goes on sale tomorrow nationwide. has many TNA items included in their Summerslam 2007 sale.

Adam "Pacman" Jones is under contract to TNA for three months.

TNA believes Jones will wrestle twice - at No Surrender on 9/9 and at Bound for Glory on 10/14.

The idea to sign Jones came from Jeff Jarrett, but PR guy Ross Foreman suggested it a few months back.

Due to his NFL suspension, Pacman is missing out on about $3 million for the upcoming football season.

Stone Cold's ex-wife, Debra Marshall, recently appeared on Inside Edition talking about steroids in wrestling and other backstage matters.

One of the WWE Diva Finalists-22 year old, Louisiana native Taryn Terrell-has apparently appeared in Playboy numerous times.

WWE diva Ashley Massaro will be appearing on CBS' Survivor, beginning on Sept. 20

The fake Triple H on Raw was played by former ECW Original Chris Hammrick.

Linda McMahon recently traveled to China in hopes of expanding their programming in the country.

A private memorial service for former Demolition member Brian 'Crush' Adams will be held this week in Tampa, FL., where the 44 year old Hawaiian native lived before he passed away last week. A memorial fund has also been set up in his memory and contributions can be sent to: Brian Adams Memorial and Family Fund, Bank of America, 4918 Anniston Circle, Tampa, FL 33647.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Wrestleline report-Monday

It's being reported that Konnan's donor kidney has been saved. Hopefully everyone will continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers!

Morale in TNA is said to be at an all time low, especially with the signing of Pacman Jones.

The plans are to keep HHH & rey mysterio off tv this week and save their returns for the Summerslam ppv. has released a new HHH t-shirt

Balls Mahoney's involvement in the Vince McMahon illegitimate child storyline was edited off due to time constraints.

Lilian Garcia will be releasing a Spanish album this fall.

WWE held a free event this weekend in Venice Beach, CA. Results from the show saw Eugene d. Kenny Dykstra, Chuck Palumbo d. Chris Masters and Jimmy Yang d. Chavo Guerrero. The event which drew over 15,000 people also featured triva contests, video games, impressions and more.

The Great Amercian Bash 2007 DVD will feature the following extras:

Smackdown 7/13: Edge's Mardi Gras Celebration.
Raw 7/2 Bobby Lashley and John Cena contract signing.

Former WCW wrestler Glacier has a small role in the season finale of USA Network series "Burn Notice", which will air on 9/20.

Linda McMahon commented recently in an interview with the NY Times, among other things, that the company was stunned by the lackluster performance of Stone Cold's movie "The Condemned", and as far as UFC being competition, she says that they view anyone in the entertainment business as competition, but that they have longevity and are a part of American culture.


The Wrestleline report-Sunday

Sat. Night's Main Event results:

Match #1: Batista and Kane d Finlay and The Great Khali

The "who's Vince's child" segment with Vince & Coach out in the ring-Eugene comes out-Vince says it couldn't be him because he didn't sleep with his cousin, Melina comes out-she and Vince act real sheepish and Vince whispers in Coach's ear why it couldn't be her, and Coach acts a little grossed out. Finally Stone Cold comes out and there's beers and stunners galore.

Match #2: John Cena d Carlito. Orton comes out and does an rko to Cena on a steel chair.

Match #3: Matt Hardy vs Evander "The Real Deal" Holyfield ends in a no contest, as Holyfield knocks out MVP and hugs Hardy. Michael Buffer was ring announcer.

Match #4: Boogeyman/CM Punk d John Morrison/Big Daddy V

Due to the U.S. Tennis Open, Raw will air on the Sci Fi Channel on 8/27. The show will still air live at 9PM ET.

Former WWE diva Stacy Keibler will be making a few appearances on "October Road" on ABC this fall.

Joanie "Chyna Doll" Laurer and Figure Four Weekly's Bryan Alvarez are penciled in to appear on the Nancy Grace show on CNN this coming Thursday.

Beth Phoenix's appearance at the Aug. 15th OVW TV Tapings Was Her Final Appearance For The Developmental Territory. She has been called up to the WWE Schedule Full-Time Now.

Friday Night Smackdown scored a 2.4 broadcast rating


Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Wrestleline report-Saturday

Highspots New Videos/DVDs

EWF Wrestling returns to action this Saturday, August 18th
at the EWF Arena on 3400 S. Adams St in Marion, IN.

Former WWE star RIKISHI and TNA Knockout MISS TRACY BROOKS!!

Bell Time is 7:30 PM, doors open at 6 PM. Tickets are $15 VIP Ringside (LIMITED), $12 General Admission. Kids 5 & under are free with paid adult.
Matches signed:

EWF Championship
Osyris (c) vs. Big Ric Cannon

RIKISHI vs. Mr. Main Event

More matches to be announced!

Also, scheduled to appear:

New Era Champion Just Justin, Midwestern Champion Wildman Rogers w/ General Lee, Sami Callihan, Bob, Nate Phoenix, Destinee Blade, Louis Linaris, Dark Lion, and many more!

Visit us online at

Apparently TNA interviewer Leticia Cline is involved in a story FOX News was covering...sort of. FOX News was doing a story on a club out of NC called "The Beautiful People's Club", and the types of people who are, or rather, aren't allowed admission into this club, and Leticia's photo was used during the story. She's claiming that she is not a member of this club and is fighting the affiliation.

Those close to Matt Sydal say he is close to signing a WWE developmental deal. TNA and various Japanese promotions were interested in him, but in the end he decided to chase the life long dream of being in the WWE.

Rene Dupree is wrestling as Rene Bonaparte in Japan for the Hustle promotion.

People magazine's newest edition has a one page story on the untimely death of Brian "Crush" Adams. The story has quotes from Marc Mero and Sergeat Slaughter.

Hulk Hogan's Miami Beach home was recently robbed of $100,000 worth of jewelry while in the process of moving.

The chances of Monday Night Raw going to three hours permanently this fall are said to very slim at this point.

8/17 WWE Raw brand house show results from Evansville, IN
Results from Roberts Stadium:

- Cody Rhodes d. Jay Bradley

- World's Greatest Tag Team d. The Highlanders

- William Regal d. Johnny Jeter

- Snitsky d. Super Crazy

- Candace Michelle d. Beth Phoenix to retain the Women's title

- Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch d. Paul London & Brian Kendrick to remain tag team champions.

- IC champion Umaga d. Carlito

- John Cena d. Randy Orton to remain WWE champion


Friday, August 17, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Friday

R.I.P. former World Class and WWF star The Missing Link

Apparently Booker T had threatened to quit WWE had he been drafted to ECW

There are rumors that Booker is close to signing a three year deal with WWE.

Joanie "Chyna Doll" is now scheduled to be on Nancy Grace on 8/27. According to Dave Meltzer, the former WWE diva recently checked into rehab.

Adam "Pacman" Jones has signed with National Street League Records to do a hip hop album to be released in 2008.
Former WWE developmental talent Angel Williams will be filming for a new show on Comedy Central called "Keys to the VIP".

Video Sales - Recreational Sports DVD
Issue Date: 2007-08-25

1 UFC 68: The Uprising (DEBUT)
2 WWE: Vengeance 2007
3 WWE: The Ladder Match
4 WWE: Wrestlemania 23
5 2001 FedEx Orange Bowl National Championship
6 WWE: One Night Stand 2007
7 NBA Champions 2006-2007: San Antonio Spurs
8 UFC 66: Liddell Vs. Ortiz
9 Dogtown And Z-Boys
10 TNA: Doomsday: The Best Of Abyss

Smackdown Spoilers:

Dark match:

D-Lo Brown beat Jay Bradley with the Sky High. Apparently people in the crowd seemed to remember D-Lo


Show opens with MVP hosting the 'VIP Lounge.' Involves MVP & Matt Hardy and MVP announces Evander Holyfield as his sparring partner.

Duece and Domino beat the Major Bros. with the kick. Not horrible.

Palumbo 'debuts' next week

Finlay vs Jamie Noble. Goes about 5 mins before Kane shows up and goes after Finlay. Hornswoggle pushes Noble into Kane. Noble gets the chokeslam.

Chavo beat Shannon Moore with a brainbuster

Batista promo

Mark Henry d. Unknown

Victoria v. Michelle McCool

Great Khali d. Kane ends with the claw


Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Wrestleline report-Thursday

ECW on Tuesday got a 1.5 cable rating

ECW Press will be releasing "Benoit: Wrestling with the Horror that Destroyed a Family and Crippled a Sport." The book will be a collection of four essays written by Steven Johnson, Greg Oliver, Irv Muchnick and Heath McCoy.

Rooftop Publishing has announced the future release of "Chris Benoit: The Definitive Story of Murder, Drugs and Wrestling's Darkest Hour" by Scott Williams. The book is slated for a January 2008 release.

Bret Hart's autobiograpy will be released in Canada on 10/16. Hart is negotiating with Simon and Schuster for a U.S. release. The autobiography will contain 533 pages.

The Great American Bash PPV in San Jose on 7/22 finished up with 13,034 in attendance, with 11,398 paid and a $761,410 live gate. The next night in Sacramento, Raw drew 8,317 paid for a $332,000 gate.

Updated PPV buy numbers: Judgment Day did 242,000 buys, One Night Stand did 186,000 buys, Vengeance did 243,000 buys, and the early projects have the Great American Bash, featuring Bobby Lashley vs. John Cena, doing 230,000 PPV buys.

Donald Trump's deal with WWE ended the day of Wrestlemania 23. He didn't want to do anything with the promotion after the event.

Ted DiBiase's son Mike has been training in Tampa, FL in th hopes of landing a WWE developmental deal. WWE signed his brother, Ted DiBiase Jr., a few weeks ago, and is assigned to Florida Championship Wrestling.

TNA is currently in negotiations with Brock Lesnar, with Kurt Angle working as somewhat of a middle man. Apparently there has already been one meeting between Dixie Carter & Lesnar.

Jerry Lynn, Brother Runt, Basham, Damaja, & Martyr have been removed.

Black Reign, Andrew Martin, Rick Steiner, Matt Morgan, & Pacman Jones have been added.

The wrestlers that were "released" yesterday were let go from their contracts but were notified by Terry Taylor that they would be booked by a per show basis. Taylor had also told the released talent that if things work out well then they will bring them back under a regular contract. At present, none of the released wrestlers will be heading to WWE. All the released wrestlers are however accepting independent bookings.

Konnan's body continues to reject his donor kidney even after a week of heavy anti-rejection medication. Konnan has moved from a hospital in Tijuana, Mexico to one in San Diego, CA, as doctors continue to work to save the kidney.

TNA Impact Spoilers

Mike Tenay interviewed Pacman Jones-Killings & Eric Young come out.

(1) “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal defeated “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels to become the #1 contender to the X Division championship.

Kurt Angle Awards-Cornette comes out and says Angle will defend all three titles at the next ppv-World Title against Abyss, X Title agains Jay Lethal, and Tag Titles against The Steiners.

(2) In a “First Blood Match”, Abyss retained his #1 contendership when he defeated “Instant Classic” Christian Cage. Samoa Joe helped Abyss win and he would pay for it later in the evening.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Wrestleline report-Wednesday

WWE DVD Category Link

According to Multichannel news, TNA and Spike TV are close to reaching a new tv deal. The deal would most likely involve the expansion of TNA Impact to a two hour format, as well as the possibility of airing more live events on the network.

Well, we knew it was probably only a matter of time. Congress has now contacted TNA via Dixie Carter, asking that they release info on their drug testing program-which I didn't think they had yet actually. I believe Congress has also contacted the NWA.

TNA has signed Karen Angle under a "knockout" contract. I can't blame them-she's smokin' hott!

Many talents backstage in TNA are a little frustrated, feeling as though TNA has basically handed the company over to Angle-giving him all the titles and so much air time and that he doesn't have to actually wrestle that much at the tv tapings.

Former WWE and WCW star Vito was backstage at the TNA Hard Justice ppv visiting with old friends.

It's being reported that Atlas Security, who worked for ECW, will begin working for TNA at the Bound for Glory ppv.

TNA has signed "Bro-Kin"-who did the original DX theme music-to record new themes for TNA wrestlers.

The Best of Jeff Jarrett dvd has been delayed until 2008.

The Sacrifice 07 DVD features 3 extras. The Road to Sacrifice pre-show, a photo gallery and a hidden music video easter egg.

TNA Impact last week got a 1.0 cable rating.

Smackdown scored a final 2.4 broadcast rating, with a 4.6 share.

Raw averaged a 3.80 cable rating off hours of a 3.7 and a 3.9

There's rumors that Triple H may get the movie role of Marvel Comics' character Thor. The other person being considered for the role is Rome star Kevin McKidd.

Lacey Von Erich is scheduled to report to Tampa on Tuesday. She is scheduled to stay a week before being assigned to either Florida Championship Wrestling or Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, KY.

Dan Rodman is currently out of action with a back injury. From what I understand, he has been out of action for the past month.

Speaking of injuries, Eric Perez has also been out of action for the past several weeks due to an injury.

Mike Knox and Derrick Neikirk were in Tampa training on Monday.

The new Hart Foundation is still in Tampa, but are expected to be moving to Louisville in the next few weeks.

Steve Keirn and Dr. Tom Prichard are the head trainers in Tampa, and the assistant trainers are Steve Madison and Buck Quartermain. Apparently Madison and Quartermain are assistants due to their friendship with Keirn. Madison and Quartermain both have heat with the developmental talent. Madison is 23 years old, and has only been a wrestler for four or five years. Quartermain brags often about being in the business for seventeen years, but in all those years has never been under contract to a major promotion.

There are rumblings of more releases coming.


ECW on Sci Fi results

Tonight on the show, it's the Punk vs. Morrison contract signing.

They opened the show with a recap of the McMahon family soap opera from Raw the last two weeks. Live in the arena standing behind a contract table, The Coach broke down the McMahon storyline. He said he would quiz each ECW superstar on his relationship to McMahon to possibly determine the unknown son or daughter. Coach then announced Armando Estrada as the new GM of ECW, per Vince McMahon's orders. Armando came out and said he hopes Mr. McMahon made frequent trips to Cuba in the '70s, implying that he hopes McMahon is his dad. Armando introduced himself, then said he is proud to conduct his first-ever ECW Title contract signing. Crowd wasn't into the promo. Armando then introduced ECW champion John Morrison, who came out with his fluffy hair. C.M. Punk was announced next to a strong reaction.

Armando had them sit down at the table to read over the contract and sign it to make the Summerslam match official. Morrison took the clipboard and the mic before cutting a promo on Punk. He said where Punk is sitting across the table is the closest he will come to earthly paradise. Morrison slapped on his signature, then handed it over to Punk, who flipped pages before readying the pin. Morrison then cut off Punk, per the formula, and told him to think about it before he signs. Punk then said he didn't last the full 15 minutes, but that's only because he beat Morrison before the time limit expired. Morrison listed more phrases before telling Punk that he can't handle being ECW champion. Punk had enough and spoke for everyone that Morrison talks way too much. Punk went for the every-man promo about how he doesn't wear fancy clothes or feather his hair or wear fur coats. What he will be wearing, though, is the ECW Title at Summerslam. Punk affixed his signature to the document, then they jawed at each other. Armando stepped in and booked singles matches for each man. He booked Morrison vs. Boogeyman, then Punk vs. Big Daddy V. Oh, you could see that one coming. Armando said that match is up next.

Punk was in the ring as Styles stretched out his introductions to the match between Punk and Viscera.

1 -- C.M. PUNK vs. BIG DADDY V (w/Matt Striker)

Punk and Viscera had a stare down as they slowly circled the ring. Punk made the first move to lock up, but Viscera shoved him aside. Punk tried to follow with a waistlock, but Viscera rammed him into the corner with his backside. Viscera then stomped on Punk, but missed with a clothesline and accepted successive knee strikes to the face. Punk tried for a bulldog, but Viscera lifted him in the air for a throw down slam. He then knocked Punk to the floor with a rolling spin kick. Punk slowly reached the apron, then Viscera charged the ropes and knocked him off the apron into the announce table. The referee then applied a ten count and Punk could not reach his feet, earning a count out loss. Anti-climatic ending. Afterward, Punk held his ribs in pain. Viscera continued to stare into the crowd after winning the match.

WINNER: Punk in 4:00 via count out. Great, now I'm really excited to see Punk at Summerslam! Punk is nowhere near the level of John Cena or Jeff Hardy in terms of being Teflon to where he can take a huge beating and quickly recover in the eyes of fans. This didn't make sense 12 days before Summerslam unless Viscera is being plugged into a main event match I'm not aware of. (1/2*)

They aired a video package on Evander Hollyfield appearing on SNME this Saturday.

Armando was talking to a stagehand when Tommy Dreamer interrupted and shouted at the top of his lungs about wanting the first ECW Title shot after Summerslam. Armando called him lazy, then he told Dreamer he had 60 seconds to get to the ring for a match or he would forfeit. Little Guido and Stevie Richards cut him off on the way to the ring, but he shoved them away. He then ran through Extreme Expose and Miz (with ridiculous hat). He stumbled into a rolling cart, then Coach tried to talk to him, but Dreamer blew him off. Dreamer limped to the ring with about 15 seconds left, then turned around to find Viscera still standing in the ring.

2 -- BIG DADDY V (w/Matt Striker) vs. TOMMY DREAMER

Viscera landed a Samoan Drop on Dreamer in the opening minute. He then crunched Dreamer in the corner before landing a huge elbow smash for the win.

WINNER: Viscera in 1:00. Again, no reason to spend the first 30 minutes of the show building up Viscera unless he's in a PPV match. (n/a)

They came back and replayed footage from last week of Kelly Kelly showing concern for Balls Mahoney in his match with Miz. They cut backstage where Kelly was checking herself out in the mirror. Balls Mahoney then interrupted and talked to Kelly about some nice restaurants in the casino. Miz interrupted with Leyla and Brooke to inform Balls that Kelly is a 10 and he's a 0, so they don't mix. Leyla and Brooke suddenly had somewhere to go. Kelly slowly followed behind, but turned to look back at Balls, who didn't see her look back at him. Ah, it's Beauty and the Balls.

Kevin Thorn came to the ring for a match. They showed footage of Thorn taking out Stevie Richards backstage last week. Richards then came out for a match.


Richards went for an early attack, but Thorn nailed him with a clothesline to go on the attack. With the crowd settling into a library-like quiet, Thorn went for the next logical move: a reverse chinlock. Richards tried to fight out, but Thorn ran him over with a clothesline. And another clothesline. He then made a cover for a nearfall. Richards made his comeback with rapid-fire punches before hitting a double-knee jaw breaker for a nearfall. Thorn came back with a spinebuster at 5:00 for the win. After the match, Thorn wasn't done, so he went for the Outsider's Edge despite the referee screaming at him not to hit the move. The referee then reversed his decision, giving Richards the win.

WINNER: Thorn in 5:00; Richards via reverse decision. Same match we've seen the previous two times in the feud, this time with Thorn winning, only to lose the match by reverse decision. And Thorn's frustration continues. (3/4*)

They came back and Coach interviewed Elijah Burke about his upbringing. He said his family traveled a lot to WWE shows back in the day.

Styles and Tazz broke down the Summerslam PPV line-up. They aired a video package on the 15 minutes of fame match between Punk and Morrison on ECW last week.

John Morrison came out for the main event against Boogeyman.

4 -- ECW champion JOHN MORRISON vs. BOOGEYMAN -- non-title match

Boogeyman took the offense to Morrison in the early going. He hit consecutive corner splashes before running over Morrison with a hard clothesline. Morrison then grabbed the ropes to lure Boogeyman over for a double dropkick that Boogeyman shook off. He then went up top, but Morrison crotched him on the top rope with a leaping kick.

Morrison went on the attack before sitting down on a chinlock. Boogeyman shook his way out of the hold before landing a knock down clothesline. Morrison came back with stomps and kicks before going for a corkscrew moonsault that he completely missed without Boogeyman even bothering to move out of the way of. Boogeyman went on the attack, but missed with a clothesline. Morrison slipped on a springboard dropkick for a nearfall. He then became frustrated with the referee and put his hands on the ref's shirt. The ref DQ'ed him, giving Boogeyman the anticlimactic win. Afterward, Boogeyman gave Morrison a two-hand slam. He teased dumping worms down Morrison's throat, but Morrison easily bailed to avoid the worms. They closed with Morrison staring down Boogeyman from outside the ring.

WINNER: Boogeyman via DQ in 6:00. Not as bad as expected, but there were plenty of missed spots to fill an entire show. Just a throwaway match. Morrison doesn't exactly exude overwhelming charisma in the ring with the new gimmick. (3/4*)


Smackdown Spoilers

Dark match:

D-Lo Brown beat Jay Bradley with the Sky High. People seemed to remember D-Lo.

They brought couches and a carpet to the ring while Cole and JBL went to ringside.


main event is Kane vs Kali in what is called a Wrestlemania 23 rematch.

Show opens with MVP hosting the 'VIP Lounge.' MVP calls Holyfield his sparing partner. Guest is Matt Hardy. MVP says his next challenge for Hardy is the Masterlock challenge. MVP gets in a couple shots while Masters has the full nelson on, Matt gets back up as they are leaving so MVP goes back in and hits the playmaker.

Vince and Coach are here. They make a joke about Big Daddy V being Vince's kid.

They are going to check out the SD roster.

Duece and Domino beat the Major Bros. with the kick. Not horrible.

Khali and Singh interrupt Teddy and Vince talking, he's mad. Khali shakes Vince's hand. They make a joke.

Palumbo 'debuts' I guess next week.

Finlay vs Jamie Noble. Goes about 5 mins before Kane shows up and goes after Finlay. Hornswoggle pushes Noble into Kane. Noble gets the chokeslam.

Chavo beat Shannon Moore with a brainbuster. After its over Chavo puts the Rey mask on Moore and hits a frogsplash onto his leg.

Batista promo. Boring. Khali interrupts on the screen. They put over the claw by having him squish a basketball.

Did you know Big Dick Johnson could be Vince's kid? I must have missed him at ringside on Raw too.

Mark Henry beat the jobber (anounced from Hartford but couldn't hear the name) with the bearhug. Undertaker video and some more sand.

Funaki's mom loves Vince long time. Urgh.

Michelle McCool vs Victoria. Victoria wins after Kenny grabs McCool off the top and hot shots her. Pretty bad. *They re-did the finish after the main*

Great Khali vs Kane ends with the claw. Too long. Finlay attacks Kane, Batista with the save. Khali puts Batista out with the double claw head squish. Place wents nuts for Big Dave.

McCool, Victoria and Kenny run back out. They work a couple mins, do the same spots and then McCool gets the win with a clothesline off the middle rope. Dark match.


The Wrestleline Report-Tuesday

R.I.P. Brian Adams-who was found dead yesterday in his Tampa home by his wife. Adams was 44.

RAW Match Results:

(1) Mr. Kennedy d. The Sandman

(2) Cryme Tyme vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch goes to a DQ

(3) Snitsky d. Robbie McAllister in a squash match

(4) Cody Rhodes d. Charlie Haas w/ Shelton Benjamin

(5) WWE Champion John Cena & Intercontinental Champion Umaga d. Randy Orton & Carlito

Of course they kept the illegitimate child storyline up all night, with Linda telling Vince at the end of the show he had no home. We were also fortunate enough to bear witness to WWE Idol.

WWE developmental talent Shantelle Taylor has been released by WWE. She's a beautiful and gifted young lady and I'm sure she'll do fine!

Over at (Women's Extreme Wrestling) official website, they have their weekly TV airing and right now Francine is the special guest commentator for the matches taking place and she made this comment "I am the first female to graduate from the original ECW not the garbage that's on TV right now."

Apparently the reason NFL pro bowler Ray Lewis didn't work for TNA because the Baltimore Ravens wouldn't sign off on it.

Product of the day: WWE Vengeance 2007 DVD


The Hardy Bozy vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch - World Tag Titles
Chavo Guerrero vs. Jimmy Wang Yang
Jonny Nitro vs. CM Punk - ECW Title
Santino Marreli vs. Umaga - Intercontinental Title
MVP vs. Ric Flair - US Title
Duece & Domino vs. Sgt. Slaughter & Jimmy Snuka - WWE Tag Titles
Edge vs. Batista - World Hwt. Title
Melina vs. Candice Michelle - Women's Title
John Cena vs. Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton vs. King Booker vs. Bobby Lashley - WWE Title

Highspots Price: only $18.69!


ECW on Sci Fi Preview

ECW Champion John Morrison finally met his match in the 15 Minutes of Fame challenge... and now it will cost him his most important autograph. After CM Punk pinned Morrison on the last ECW on Sci Fi, a match for the ECW Championship was set for SummerSlam. The two contenders will ink a contract this week to make their contest at the Biggest Party of the Summer official.

Stevie Richards made a laughing stock out of Kevin Thorn for two straight weeks, but the fanged freak was the only one smiling on the last ECW on Sci Fi. Will Thorn continue to seek methods of revenge on Richards? Can Richards truly find a way to stake the vampire Superstar once and for all?

Big Daddy V has been checking under his bed and in his closets even since Boogeyman started stalking him. Matt Striker’s giant student slept like a big baby after last week when he flattened the worm eater in Youngstown, Ohio. Has Big Daddy V chased away his demons, or does he still have reason to watch over his shoulder?

Find out the answers to all of these questions and more on the next ECW on Sci Fi on Tuesday at 10/9 CT.

ECW Extreme Rules DVD

Miss the REAL ECW? This will help quench your hardcore blood-thirst!

ECW: Extreme Rules will deliver some of the best matches of today, mixed with incredible early ECW matches that set the standard. This two-disc collection is hosted by Tazz and Joey Styles, and included is their alternate commentary of the legendary Extreme Death Match between Tazz and Sabu from Living Dangerously 1999 to unify the FTW and ECW championships. Also, Tommy Dreamer and Jonathan Coachmen provide alternative commentary of the jaw-dropping Scaffold Match between Dreamer and Brian Lee from High Incident 1996.

Disc 1:

1. Tarrot Card Reading

2. Joey Styles/Tazz Introduction

3. Sandman vs. Cactus Jack - ECW Heavyweight Title Bout, 7/1/95

4. Extreme Memories: The Early Years

5. The Gangstas vs. The Eliminators - ECW Tag Team Titles Bout, 8/24/96

6. Extreme Vignette: Sabu

7. Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Lee - Scaffold Match, 10/26/96 (Alternate Commentary by Tommy Dreamer & Johnathon Coachman)

8. Extreme Memories: The Middle Years

9. Sabu vs. Sandman - Stairway To Hell, 1/10/98

10. Extreme Vignette: Sandman

11. Tommy Dreamer/Sandman/Spike Dudley vs. Big Dick Dudley/Bubba Ray Dudley/D-Von Dudley - Street Fight, 8/2/98

12. Sabu vs. Tazz - Extreme Death Match, 3/21/99 (Alternate Commentary with Joey Styles & Tazz)

13. Extreme Memories: The Later Years

14. Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome - ECW Title Bout, 12/31/99

15. Extreme Vignette: Balls Mahoney

16. Sandman vs. Steve Corino vs. Justin Credible - TLC Match, 1/7/01

Disc 2:

1. Introduction by Joey Styles & Tazz

2. Tommy Dreamer & Sandman vs. Dudley Boyz - 6/12/05

3. Extreme Memories: ECW One Night Stand

4. Rey Misterio vs. Rob Van Dam - 6/7/06

5. Extreme Memories: WWE vs. ECW Head to Head

6. Rey Misterio vs. Sabu - ECW Title Bout, 6/11/06

7. Edge & Mick Foley vs. Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk - Street Fight, 6/11/06

8. Edge/Mick Foley/Lita vs. Tommy Dreamer/Terry Funk/Beulah - Street Fight, 7/4/06

9. Extreme Vignette: C.M. Punk

10. Big Show vs. Ric Flair - ECW Title Bout, 7/11/06

11. Extreme Vignette: Kevin Thorn

12. Sabu vs. Rob Van Dam - Ladder Match, 8/16/06

13. Extreme Vignette: Kevin Kelly

14. Rob Van Dam & Sabu vs. Test & Mike Knox - 9/5/06

15. Extreme Vignette: Big Show

16. Rob Van Dam vs. Hardcore Holly - 9/26/06

Price: $21.99


Two Weeks Worth of TNA Impact Spoilers!

TNA Lockdown 2007 DVD

Hour one taping results:

Mike Tenay interviewed Adam Jones. Pacman was talking to Tenay when Ron Killings came out. After some jawboxing the two men seem to form an alliance. On the way out Eric Young wanted “Pitfall’s” siggie on his shirt. Killings decked him.

Jim Cornette announced the following two matches in his office.

(1) “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal defeated “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels to become the #1 contender to the X Division championship.

(2) In a “First Blood Match”, Abyss retained his #1 contendership when he defeated “Instant Classic” Christian Cage. Samoa Joe helped Abyss win and he would pay for it later in the evening.

In between those matches we were witness to the Kurt Angle Awards. Kurt awarded Dr. Kevin Nash and friend I think name Dwayne White (the guy who raps over Angle’s new song) and his wife Karen awards. The party was stopped by Jim Cornette who asked Angle which two titles was he going to surrender. Angle said none so Cornette made three matches for No Surrender. Angle will defend the World title against Abyss, the X Division title against Jay Lethal and the World Tag Team titles against Team Dig Dug…sorry Pac Man. Cornette also booked Angle vs. the Steiner’s and Karen Angle in the ring for 5 minutes if Kurt loses.

Hour two taping results:

(1) Frankie “the Future” Kazarian & Gail Kim defeated Robert Roode & Ms. Brooks. After the match Kazarian and Brooks “shared a moment.”

(2) Ron “the Truth” Killings defeated Eric Young.

Backstage AJ Styles and Tomko tried to beat down Samoa Joe. The fight came out to the arena and Christian Cage scored the final blow with a conchairto.

(3) Kurt Angle defeated Rick & Scott Steiner with help from Team 3D.

For Xplosion: Homicide defeated Senshi while Petey Williams & Shark Boy defeated Motor City Machine Guns.


Saturday Night's Main Event Spoilers

Jim Ross/JBL/Michael Cole as announcers

Teased throughout the show they would reveal Vince's child

Batista & Kane b Great Khali & Fit Finlay when Batista pinned Finlay after a Batista bomb. Match wasn't bad since Khali was almost never in.

MVP and Evander Holyfield were backstage acting like they were posse members

John Cena b Carlito with the STFU in a quick match, almost a squash. Crowd was more into Cena here than on Raw. Post-match saw Orton, getting a total babyface response, doing a run-in. He gave Cena an RKO on a chair outside the ring

Matt Hardy vs. Holyfield in a boxing match. Michael Buffer was ring announcer. They plugged Holyfield's next match and put him over, so there must be a business deal here with Vince in some form.

Holyfield destroyed Hardy. In round two, Holyfield turned babyface because he refused to continue to pummel Hardy. MVP got mad at him for not hurting Hardy, so he KO'd MVP

C.M. Punk & Boogeyman b Big Daddy V & John Morrison when Punk pinned Morrison with a small package. Crowd was leaving in droves during this match

Vince & Coachman were out last to find the illegitimate child. First Coachman said Vince had an affair in Kentucky and brought out Eugene. Vince said that was impossible. Then they talked about an affair in New York and brought out Balls Mahoney. They concluded that wasn't possible because Vince had no balls. Next there was an affair after Wrestlemania II in Los Angeles and brought out Melina. They insinuated that wasn't possible as Vince has slept with Melina and Melina claimed if she was Vince's daughter she'd take him for everything. The segment ended with a surprise Steve Austin appearance to a gigantic pop. Austin gave Vince a low blow and Coachman a stunner. He stayed out a long time, they were all singing together and Austin gave both stunners again.

WWE SummerSlam 2006 DVD

WWE Championship
John Cena vs. Edge

World Hwt. Championship
Booker T vs. Batista

D-Generation X vs. The McMahons

Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Orton

I Quit Match
Ric Flair vs. Mick Foley

Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero


Monday, August 13, 2007


Witness the aftermath of the Hard Justice PPV Event
By Bill Banks

This Thursday night, TNA Wrestling returns with the fallout from Hard Justice beginning at 9pm on SpikeTV!

The big news is that Kurt Angle now holds every TNA Wrestling Championship after he defeated Samoa Joe on Sunday night (thanks to help from his wife, Karen Angle!). Obviously, Kurt Angle will have plenty to say about his big win this Thursday night on SpikeTV as he will arrive with all the gold (and presumably, his backstabbing wife). The big question is, will Samoa Joe unleash hell on the Angles after what they did to him at Hard Justice? Tune in Thursday night to find out!

Also on the program, expect an update on the condition of Adam “Pacman” Jones, who was attacked backstage during the Pay-Per-View and sent to the hospital in an ambulance. After Ron “The Truth” Killings warned Pacman to “Watch His Back”, was Killings the one who knocked out Jones backstage – or was it someone else in the locker room who wanted a piece of the controversial star? We’ll find out more on SpikeTV!

Also this Thursday night, the road to the September “No Surrender” Pay-Per-View begins – and we already know that “The Monster” Abyss will get the TNA World Heavyweight Title shot against Kurt Angle that night.

All this much more this Thursday night on “iMPACT!” on SpikeTV – featuring all of your favorite TNA Wrestling stars including Christian Cage, AJ Styles, Team 3D, The Latin American Xchange, Rhino, the stars of TNA’s X Division and many more! Check back on Monday night for a full preview – including matches – that will take place on “iMPACT!”.

RAW Preview

Any time Raw rolls into the mecca of sports-entertainment – New York City’s Madison Square Garden – the strangest, most outrageous and most shocking things occur. This Monday night will be no exception, as heated rivalries build ever hotter toward SummerSlam, a crowning achievement seems inevitable, and WWE’s Chairman may suffer the consequences of some unexpected paternal affairs.

It was the mother – actually, father – of all bombshells last Monday, when Mr. McMahon was served a summons relating to a paternity suit for an illegitimate child. In the past, the Chairman has considered himself a “genetic jackhammer”; now it seems there may be truth to his statement. Does another McMahon exist out there, and if so, will the man who sired him own up to his parental responsibilities?

WWE Champion John Cena has never been one to back down from his commitments; however, his Garden obligation Monday night must have him considering it on some level. As if facing his SummerSlam opponent, Randy Orton, and Carlito in a Tag Team Match wasn’t going to be bad enough, Cena must do so with a savage partner who tried to destroy him last week: Intercontinental Champion Umaga. How can The Champ possibly co-exist with the Samoan Bulldozer and fend off a calculated attack from two of Raw’s most cunning Superstars?

On top of everything else, Madison Square Garden will also host royalty this Monday night. After a momentary distraction by Queen Sharmell cost him his match last week, Jerry “The King” Lawler must hail King Booker and crown him in a Royal Coronation ceremony. How difficult will it be for Lawler, a wrestling “King” for more than 30 years, to swallow his royal pride and acknowledge Booker as His Majesty in the kingdom of sports-entertainment?

For the answers to these questions and more, be sure to watch Raw in Madison Square Garden, live at 9/8 CT, only on USA Network.


Bryan Adams Passes Away

Bryan Adams-known to WWE fans as Crush, and to WCW fans as not only part of the nWo, but also 1/2 of the popular tag team Kronic-has passed away. No details are available at this time, but I'll keep you updated as they come along.

The Wrestleline Report-Monday

Former World Class Championship Wrestling referee Bronko Lubich passed away on Sunday. Hopefully everyone will keep his friends and family in your thoughts and prayers!

First, the news that everyone is waiting to hear...the TNA Hard Justice ppv results-did Pacman wrestle? Did Samoa Joe walk out TNA Champ? Let's find out!

Jay "Black Machsimo" Lethal & Sonjay Dutt defeated Triple X & Motorcity Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match.

Kazarian defeated Raven (w/ Martyr & Havok).

James Storm defeated Rhino in a Barroom Brawl.

LAX defeated Voodoo Kin Mafia (w/Roxy Laveaux).

Robert Roode defeated Eric Young in a Humilation Match.

Chris Harris defeated "Black Reign" Dustin Rhodes via DQ. Apparently Dustin Rhodes' new gimmick is like Goldust, but with white and black paint...hmmm...kinda like, oh, I dunno, Sting?

The Steiner Brothers defeated Team 3D.

Mike Tenay introduced Adam "Pacman" Jones into the Impact Zone live on Pay Per View. Tenay asked him why TNA and Jones said he came here because he is a trend setter. Jones said his goal in TNA is to show he is the best team player. Ron Killings' music hits and he comes out. Killings welcomed Jones to the "Snake Pit" in Orlando. He told Jones that pro wrestling was about individuals, not team players. Killings said no one has his back in TNA and mentions that Jones' contract with TNA doesn't allow him to be touched. He tells Jones to watch his back and Jones responds saying he doesn't talk, he walks the walk. Killings starts to appoach Pacman when the police inside the Impact Zone hold him back.

Backstage, we see a shot of Adam "Pacman" Jones knocked out on the ground with a cut over his eye. TNA security is shown attending to him.

Sting, Abyss & "The Punisher" Andrew Martin defeated Christian Cage, AJ Styles & Tomko in a Doomsday Chamber of Blood match with Abyss getting the winning pinfall to become the #1 contender for the TNA World Title.

Kurt Angle d. Samoa Joe and is now the holder of the TNA Championship & IWGP Title, X Championship, and both TNA Tag Titles. Sorry folks, but I warned ya!

TNA Hard Justice 2006 DVD

Apparently TNA management had told wrestling reporter Alan Wojcik that he could no longer bring his laptop to TNA events to do coverage. This comes on the heels of TNA banning photography of the events. Great PR there folks.

In what was VERY tasteless to say the least, there was a mention of Chris Benoit on the Comedy Central Roast of Flava Flav last night, where Jimmy Kimmel said something to the effect of Flav being a worse father than Chris Benoit. Utterly tasteless, and not funny in the least bit. I was watching that show, and was speechless after hearing those words come out of his mouth.



Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

It was nearly two years ago, on
August 18, 2005, that CZW wrestler Christopher "Chri$ Ca$h" Bauman Jr. was
killed as the result of a motorcycle accident near his home. Bauman had been
riding a motorcycle on Ellis Street in Glassboro, NJ when a Ford Taurus
turned in front of it from Higgins Drive, striking the car on the driver's
side of a vehicle driven by Daisy Gwin of Glassboro, NJ.

Christopher J. Bauman Jr., 23, died at the scene, as did his cousin 27 year
old Jeremy Bauman, 27, of Franklinville, NJ the driver of the motorcycle.
Gwin, 68, of Glassboro, died en route to Kennedy Memorial Hospital in
Washington Township, NJ.

Please keep the Bauman family in your thoughts and prayers as they go
through this painful time in their lives even two years later.

Chris was always genuinely friendly in a way that a lot of wrestlers aren't,
but had the wild side we all had at age 23. He was a nice young man, in
every sense that the phrase used to mean; and always felt obligated to call
me "Mr. Magee" when I came to a show (even when I told him he didn't have
to), would always say hello when I saw him at a CZW show and tell me he'd
seen something or another on my site.

Bauman worked for CZW from 2001 through 2005, with many non-CZW fans even
taking notice of him at Cage of Death 5 in his absolutely psychotic ladder
match with Blackout's Joker (who left the promotion shortly afterwards to
serve in the US military over in Iraq).

The oddest thing is that this match wasn't even supposed to happen in the
way that it did; as it was originally scheduled as a tag team bout,
involving Deranged and Azriael, who were working the Jersey All Pro
Wrestling show in Rahway, NJ, then come down to Philadelphia for CZW.

But in an almost unprecedented moment for those who know CZW... the show was
actually running ahead of schedule. As a result, Deranged and Azriael were
not yet at the building. Another version of the story had the two calling
the building, telling CZW they were just leaving...and were told not to
bother, because they'd never make it in time.

In any event, this forced the promotion to go ahead with a singles ladder
match, which turned out to be the best thing that could have happened, as it
made two stars for CZW in one night with Cash and Joker nearly stealing the
entire show.

Psycho spots in this match included Cash bulldogging Joker while his head
was inside a rung of a ladder off the ropes onto a chair, a top rope
superplex onto a ladder stuck at a 45 degree angle into the rungs of another
ladder; ending with one of the sickest spots I've ever seen in my years of
shows at the ECW Arena, as Joker hit his Joker Driver (tiger driver from an
electric chair position) off the top of a high ladder with Cash through a
table for the pin. There's a three-minute highlight video on You Tube of
this match, including the spot in question at HREF="">this link.

Cash also main evented Cage of Death 6/War Games, as part of the babyface
Team Ca$h (Nate Webb, Sexxy Eddy, Cash, JC Bailey) against heel team (turned
babyface and heel again) Blackout (Ruckus, Sabian, Kingston, and Jack Evans.
As usual, the match featured the daredevil spots for which Cash was known
throughout his all-too-short career; including dumping Jack Evans via
backdrop off the COD to the floor, and giving Sabian a Cashflow off of the
scaffold through four tables, landing in the second row of the ECW Arena.

All I could think when I heard the news was: God...Chris was easily young
enough to be my son. Sons aren't supposed to die before the parents...or
their contemporaries. At the same time, I can't imagine Chris as a 40 or 50
year old. His spirit was too free and wild to have ever been anything but

So now... it's nearly 2 years later. Here's the memorial video done by CZW
for Bauman: HREF="">
Watching it as I did this column this weekend still gets me choked up...even
two years later.

In Chris's memory, Combat Zone Wrestling will present its annual Chris Ca$h
Memorial Show with a scheduled 8:00 pm belltime.

For tickets, go to HREF="">

Whatever you think of CZW...their style...or anything else, take a moment to
come and honor Chris's memory on September 8.

Until next time...

If you have comments or questions, or if you'd like to add the AS I SEE IT
column to your website, I can be reached by e-mail at href="">

If you'd like to add advertising on (the flagship website of this
column), banner ads are available for $400 for one year. These ads would
appear on each newspage appearing on the newsboard. Cube ads are available
for $200 for one year, which would be placed on the main newsboard page. For
advertising requests, I can also be reached by e-mail at href="">

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Sunday

Caller's questions and thoughts:

Not sure where to find Ron Killing's music-but may wanna check myspace music!

To Bald Rob-AAA on Dish Network-sat & sun-afternoon-channel 833-3hr. show-says they also RAW on channel 838 on Wed's at 8pm-and is in English!

To Jay-haven't heard anything specific about TNA coming to Indiana, but they will have about 96 live events out of Orlando this year-for some reason though, I have a weird feeling about next May-maybe just too much coffee, but keep a look out next May!

To Tim from Ohio, it wouldn't be Randy's page, it would be the actual Midwest Insider myspace page that I have set up. You would just get the user name and the task would be adding as many people to the page as possible and adding updates to the page that I send to ya-thanks for the interest, and also thanks for your comments on the TNA-WWE dropout situation!

To Jim from Western MD-MVP has a tattoo of Malcom X on his chest, and that's why WWE likes him to cover it up; nowadays, I believe the current champions get a replica of each title they win, but it's not the actual belt itself. Also, thanks for leaving your thoughts on AAA!

To Jason, I didn't get to catch Smackdown, but if anybody knows who the big guy was that challenged Chris Masters and then Masters turned down, please leave that info!

Terry thinks that the TNA guys who have paid their dues should get priority above the WWE dropouts

To Dirty Squirrel-here's ur cheap plug! Check out EVERYBODY on The ICW Hotline at 317-335-4250-also thanks for your thoughts on the TNA situation!

The unnamed caller agrees with me on the WWE dropouts and TNA-thanks for your comments!

Johnny Jeter (Formerly of the Spirit Squad) is now teaming with Christian York. They debuted at the 8-8 OVW TV Taping, and were in a non-televised match against KC and Kassidy James the following night at the DCW TV Taping.

Former WWF superstar "Dewey" Robertson, aka The Missing Link, is gravely ill with cancer right now in Canada, so hopefully everyone will keep him in their thoughts and prayers. He had also helped train Val Venis.

Smackdown scored a 2.4 rating.

Spike TV was recently contacted to see if they'd reached an agreement with TNA to keep it on the network, and they had no comment. They basically said they would be focusing most of their energy on UFC and other shows such as Kill Point and Murder. From what it sounds, TNA may be finding a home somewhere else-cough-FOX-cough-MY Network TV-cough.

TNA has really been watching their budget lately-gee can't tell. Apparently they only fly in people who take part in major storylines, the rest of the talent is mostly located in the Florida area.

Speaking of budget cuts, Lance Hoyt and Christy Hemme were told by Terry Taylor that they would not be used for the Hard Justice PPV tonight for budget reasons. There is no heat on the two, it is simply a financial situation. They were told they would be used on the next set of tv tapings, and were told that there would also be budget cuts in other areas soon.

While many believe that the big names that come into TNA start out with ballooned salaries would be shocked to find out that it is not so in many cases. Many of the "big name" talent start off at the minimum wage pay of the standard contracted TNA wrestler which is $500 an appearance. After they "earn their stripes" it is at that time they start to make the money they come to expect being a "big name" for the company. The known pay grades among the TNA talent ranges from $200 for local talent that were used for squash matches, $500 per appearance for the new TNA Contracted wrestlers and then the next tier of pay is $750 an appearance. This is what most of the wrestlers that have been with the company for over a year are bumped up to. It should be noted as well that the standard TNA contracted wrestler is only guaranteed 26 appearances. So for those doing the math, the first year you are guaranteed $13,000/year and in your second year you can almost expect to be making $19,500/year not including outside bookings or "house show" contracts.

TNA Hard Justice PPV preview and predictions:

Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe (Winner Takes All TNA championships & the IWGP
Heavyweight Title)-I'd like to say Samoa Joe, but probably Kurt Angle

- Sting/Abyss/”The Punisher” Andrew Martin vs. Christian Cage/AJ Styles/Tomko
(Doomsday Chamber of Blood)-Sting/Abyss/Martin

- The Steiner Brothers vs. Team 3D-Team 3D

- Rhino vs. James Storm (Barroom Brawl)-James Storm

- Robert Roode vs. Eric Young (Humiliation Match)-Eric Young


- Chris Harris vs. Dustin Rhodes-Chris Harris

- Motorcity Machine Guns vs. Triple X vs. Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal-winner-XXX

- Kaz vs. Raven-winner, Raven