Tuesday, October 30, 2007

TNA Impact Tapings for this Thursday on Spike TV

- Kurt Angle cut a promo in the ring. He said Sting's partner at Genesis is a former WCW and WWE Champion. Kevin Nash came to the ring and beat up Angle.

(1) Kaz d. James Storm in the Fight for the Right tournement.

- Team 3D cut a promo on the X Division. XXX, Shark Boy, Havoc and Sonjay Dutt jump them and put both members through tables.

(2) Awesome Kong d. Christy Hemme.

(3) Samoa Joe & Gail Kim d. Robert Roode & Ms. Brooks. Rain from the SHIMMER promotion got invloved in the match.

- They announced that Junior Fatu is not at the tapings.

(4) Christian Cage d. Chris Harris in the Fight for the Right tournement.

- Kevin Nash tells Kurt Angle backstage that Scott Hall will be there next week.

(5) AJ Styles & Tomko d. LAX to retain the TNA Tag Team titles in what was described as a very good match.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Wrestleline report-Sunday

Everyone please keep Lex Luger in your thoughts and prayers, as it's being reported now that he's paralyzed from the neck down, and is being fed through a feeding tube. I hate to hear this.

Smackdown scored a fast national rating of 2.6

JBL announced on Fox News recently that WWE would be returning to Iraq in about 4 weeks for their annual tribute to the troops.

Former WSX talent Lizzy Valentine announced on her myspace that she's now running a dog treat company called "Kaylee Kakes", named after her dog, you guessed it, Kaylee. How cute.

The recently released Kristal Marshall has been refuting internet statements made about her WWE release, and says that she'll make an official statement "when the time is right".

There's a fan stating that when they checked their cable guide for the raw preview on Monday, it says something along the lines of "Cyber Sunday results, and a look at the new WWE Champion". Hmm...

WWE Cyber Sunday Preview & Predictions:

Orton v. (Hardy, Kennedy or HBK)-HBK v. Orton-I think Orton will win, but somehow Y2J will be involved somewhere in this match. You never know, as WWE's been wanting to be less "predictible" lately.

Punk v. (Daddy V, Morrison, or Miz)-Daddy V v. Punk-Punk wins-hopefully.

Batista v. Undertaker (ref: Foley, Austin or JBL)-ref is Austin-Batista wins.

MVP v. Hardy (Boxing, Wrestling or MMA)-wrestling match-Hardy wins.

Umaga v. HHH (Cage, First Blood, or Streetfight)-Cage-HHH wins.

Finlay v. Mysterio (Stretcher, No-DQ, or Shillaleigh on a Pole)-I personally want to see the Shillaleigh on a Pole match-at any rate, I see Mysterio winning.

Divas Halloween Costume Contest-who knows! We all win in this one!

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

News from Wrestling Online Newsletter

- Our own Ian Hamilton sent in word that Sky in the United Kingdom will be
changing Sky Sports 3 to a premium subscription channel as of November 1st.
Sky Sports 3 is the channel that airs all of the WWE television shows except
for the live pay-per-views which air on Sky Sports 1. Those fans who have
the 'Sky Sports Mix' subscription will not be effected as SS3 is part of
that package however those who subscribe to either Sky Sports 1 or 2 on
their own they will no longer get SS3 as extra free of charge.
Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5444]

- Matt Hardy was busted open the hard way during the Smackdown! tapings on
Tuesday in a match where he teamed up with MVP to take on Rey Mysterio and
Fit Finlay. Mysterio's knee brace caught Hardy's head during one of their
spots and Hardy required a whooping 35 stitches to close the wound. Hardy's
match against MVP for this Sunday on pay-per-view is still scheduled to take
place and fans can vote for the match to be either a wrestling, mixed
martial arts or boxing.
Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5443]

- ECW on Sci Fi did a 1.4 rating on Tuesday which is up from the 1.1 it did
the previous week. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put
online by PWInsider.com)
Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/]

- The following matches have been taped for tonight's Smackdown! on the CW
Network. Kane vs Mark Henry; The Miz vs Big Daddy V vs John Morrison; Fit
Finlay & Rey Mysterio vs MVP & Matt Hardy; Jamie Noble vs Batista.
Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/]

- Coincidence? Maybe not. Several W-O Newsletter readers sent in word that
Chris Jericho has added book signings in Philadelphia, PA., for Monday at
5:30PM at the Barnes & Noble University Bookstore and on Tuesday at the
Barnes & Noble in Carle Place in Long Island, NY. It happens to be that RAW
is taping from Philly this Monday and Smackdown! is taping from Long Island
on Tuesday! There are no other Monday signings scheduled for his book tour
other than the October 29th date. It's becoming quite clear where Jericho
will land once he's back with the company.
Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5445]

- TNA will be giving fans access and input to the new TNA DVD board game
that is being developed by Game Development Company Ltd., by opening a blog
at TNADVDGame.com. Fans can immediately start posting game play ideas on the
blog while also being encouraged to submit a name for the game, from which
TNA and GDC will choose three finalists for a final vote by fans. The winner
will receive an exclusive prize pack. "Partnering with GDC to create a DVD
board game is an unprecedented opportunity for us to interact with the best
fans in professional wrestling in developing a unique product while
leveraging our significant online presence," said Dixie Carter, TNA
President. The game will be available for Spring 2008 with an MSRP of
Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5442]

The Wrestleline Report-Saturday

Mike Johnson is reporting that the plan as of right now is for Booker T to be Sting's partner at Genesis against Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash.

Jim Cornette will marry his long-time girlfriend Stacy Goff on Halloween.

TNA will be releasing a dvd board game in 2008 and you can give TNA your input as to what you'd like to see, etc. as far as the game goes, at TNAdvdgame.com.

TNA averaged about a 1.0 for Thursday's Impact. Here's a question for you guys-what's it going to take for TNA to break out and start getting higher ratings?

Matt Hardy was busted open the hard way during the Smackdown! tapings on Tuesday in a match where he teamed up with MVP to take on Rey Mysterio and Fit Finlay. Mysterio's kneebrace caught Hardy's head during one of their spots and Hardy required a whooping 35 stitches to close the wound. Hardy's match against MVP for this Sunday on pay-per-view is still scheduled to take place and fans can vote for the match to be either a wrestling, mixed martial arts or boxing.

WWE Cyber Sunday PPV Preview:

Orton v. (Hardy, Kennedy or HBK)

Punk v. (Daddy V, Morrison, or Miz)

Batista v. Undertaker (ref: Foley, Austin or JBL)

MVP v. Hardy (Boxing, Wrestling or MMA)

Umaga v. HHH (Cage, First Blood, or Streetfight)

Finlay v. Mysterio (Stretcher, No-DQ, or Shillaleigh on a Pole)

Divas Halloween Costume Contest

Do you think Chris Jericho will re-debut at tomorrow's Cyber Sunday ppv?

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Wednesday

Former WWE Superstar D'Lo Brown has signed with TNA.

ShopTNA.com will have new merchandise for Kurt Angle, The Motorcity Machine Guns and Sting available soon.

A best of iMPACT! DVD is in the early planning stages.

Independent wrestler Talia Madison has officially signed with TNA.

GameTap posted an interview with Samoa Joe where he talks about the new TNA videogame and makes the confession that the TNA wrestlers are really a bunch of "nerds".

The Saturday replay of TNA Impact scored a 0.5 cable rating.

Raw posted a 3.32 cable rating. The first hour did a 3.31, and the second hour did a 3.33.

The final rating for the 10/19 Smackdown was a 2.7 broadcast rating.

Sci Fi Network announced yesterday that they will continue to air ECW through 2008.

WWE is offering a free HBK cross pendant to fans who order the Cyber Sunday ppv.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

News from Wrestling Online Newsletter

- Former WWE Women's champion Candice Michelle suffered a cracked clavicle -
the long bone that connects the arm to the body - during yesterday's Monday
Night RAW match against Beth Phoenix and was knocked out cold. Michelle was
on the top rope but Phoenix ran the ropes before she was standing still and
she landed flat on her face after her feet hit the top rope thus giving her
no option how to land. Referee Mike Chioda immediately noticed that
something was wrong as she didn't even move and was calling her and touching
her hand but the former champ was out unconscious. The fans went "Oooooh" as
soon as she hit the ground knowing it wasn't the way she was supposed to
land. Chioda instructed Phoenix to end the match and was clearly heard
saying "Pull her out and cover her." Phoenix grabbed her by one hand and
from her hair as Chioda told her "Cover her, easy" and then said "This is
it, this is it" during his three count. A bunch of referees and WWE's Dr
Rios stormed the ring and after a few minutes Candice was sitting up however
she told them she needed to lay back down. EMTs were called in and she was
stretcher out to the backstage area. WWE.COM reports that she will be out
for six to eight weeks.
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5432]

- WWE has filed court papers on Monday saying that they will not be
co-operating with requests made by the families of Chris Benoit and his wife
after they requested documents that contain drug testing results and other
information regarding Benoit. WWE called the motion "a wholesale fishing
expedition" intended to sue the company at a later time even though WWE said
that they had nothing to do with the double murder-suicide from June. The
information is being sought for an upcoming court hearing that will
determine who stands to inherit millions of dollars from the Chris Benoit
estate. Neither Chris nor Nancy Benoit left a will and the order of death
will be the deciding factor on who will get the money. WWE attorney Jerry
McDevitt said that the documents requested are not remotely relevant to the
determination of order of death. "We're going to resist," McDevitt said. "If
somebody wants to take a shot at us, then go ahead, and we'll see you in
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5433]

- Lena Yada was voted off the Diva Search competition yesterday live on RAW
as the final three participants made their first appearance on the show.
This year's contest took a different direction from the previous years as it
was more or less a WWE.COM-based contest rather than a weekly segment on WWE
television. Brooke Gilbertsen and Eve Torres are the two remaining finalists
and the winner will be announced next Monday on RAW. In the meantime, voting
is open at WWE.COM to elect the winner.
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5072]

- It looks like the situation between WWE and Ric Flair has been worked out
as the Nature Boy is featured in a Superstar2Superstar segment on WWE.COM
interviewing Murder, Inc., Records founder Irv Gotti. Flair was also part of
an appearance recently along with Maria which was booked by WWE. Flair
reportedly quit the company in August even though he denied it when doing
interviews and WWE has been trying to get him back onboard ever since. Flair
has not been on WWE television for around to months.
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5180]

- Former NWA champ Christian Cage will be the guest for this month's
TNA/Spike TV conference call. The event will be held on Thursday October
25th at 2:00PM EST and Cage will be taking questions from members of the
media. To RSVP, please email Salil Gulati at salil.gulati@mtvstaff.com for
the dial-in information.
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/]

The Wrestleline Report-Tuesday

There are on going negotiations with Sting to sign for another year.

Fatu is already asking for more money.

Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett apparently hashed things out.

Speaking of Angle, the talks between himself and the IFL are considered more serious than ever. The idea is for Angle to coach one of the teams for IFL's 2008 season.
TNA is under the impression that if they allow Angle to coach, that the IFL would push Angle's involvement in TNA on it television shows.

Christian Cage will be taking part in this month's TNA conference call on Thursday.

FYI-"Dr. Death" Steve Williams lives in Colorado, and is flown in to help train the developmental talent.

Bret Hart notes-his book is already available in Canada; he apparently divorced his second wife Cinzia a few weeks back, as she didn't want to leave Italy, and he didn't want to live the rest of his life there.

Believe it or not, the idea for Lilian Garcia to record a Spanish CD came from Vince McMahon. Garcia grew up in Spain. She was pushing to do an angle with Jillian Hall, figuring the attention would help CD sales.

Royal Rumble promotional material suggests they will do the 'Jackass' inclusion at the PPV.

credit: gerweck.net

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ECW on Sci Fi Preview

WWE.com has learned that the Big Red Machine will make his way back to the Land of the Extreme to collide with Big Daddy V on the next ECW on Sci Fi. These two large individuals shared a substantial showdown last week on ECW that ultimately led Big Daddy V to SmackDown where he physically assaulted Kane in the middle of the ring.

The 500-pounder, The Miz and John Morrison couldn't overcome the team of Kane and ECW Champion CM Punk on Tuesday. Which monster will prevail in one-on-one action this week?

You, the fans, were given a small taste of Cyber Sunday on the last ECW on Sci Fi as your choices for CM Punk’s opponent in the ECW Title Match each tried to make his case for deserving the nod. The three together couldn’t overpower CM Punk and Kane in a 3-on-2 Handicap Match that allowed Punk to choose his partner. Later on, though, Big Daddy V made the biggest statement of the three challengers, attacking both The Miz and John Morrison in their main event contest. Still, it is up to you to decide which one will be in action for the pay-per-view. Will Daddy have earned the votes? Will The Miz and Morrison retaliate?

Also on Tuesday night, SmackDown Acting General Manager Vickie Guerrero appeared to make a deal with ECW General Manager Armando Estrada. In exchange for Kane and Jesse & Festus to appear on ECW on Sci Fi, she expects some ECW Superstars on SmackDown in return. How will this further develop in the coming weeks?

Kelly Kelly made Balls Mahoney’s dream come true when she asked him out. Will she suffer at the hands of The Miz, who holds her contract? Will it be worth the price of what she has to go through?

Find out the answers to these questions and see how Cyber Sunday is shaping up on the next ECW on Sci Fi on Tuesday at 10/9 CT. Also, be sure to catch ECW in its entirety every week on WWE.com, available from Wednesday to the following Monday afternoon.

Monday, October 22, 2007

News from Wrestling Online Newsletter

- 'The Masterpiece' Chris Masters suffered a dislocated elbow during one of
the European shows last week and was out for the rest of the stops. In the
same match that Masters got injured, he was being verbally bashed by the
Undertaker because during their tag team match Masters wasn't selling an arm
'injury' that 'Taker was working on and according to several eye witness
reports 'Taker was yelling at him from across the ring to sell it.
Eventually Masters suffered a real elbow injury afterwards and was helped to
the back by WWE trainers. Oops!
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5427]

- The final three Diva Search contestants Brooke Gilbertsen, Eve Torres and
Lena Yada will be on tonight's Monday Night RAW as the competition enters
its final week. The blond and two brunettes were the most voted-for during
the past six weeks which saw five other hopefuls being eliminated by WWE
fans. Only two will remain after tonight as one of them will be sent
packing. Voting ends at 10PM EST and anyone can cast their vote at WWE.COM.
The Diva Search winner will be announced live on Monday Night RAW next week.
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5072]

- Four TNA Superstars will be traveling to Japan on November 11th as they
face off wrestlers from the New Japan Pro Wrestling company in
interpromotional matches. The event will be held at the Ryogoku Arena. The
matches will see Rhino taking on NJPW's Yano; Christopher Daniels & Senshi
taking on NJPW's Minoru & Davitt; and Ron Killings taking on NJPW's Tiger
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5426]

- The Rock is holding on strong in the box office charts as his movie 'The
Game Plan' was number four this week after being released 24 days ago in
3,301 theaters. It received another $8.12 million for the weekend sending
its total box office revenue to $69,150,000. The movie recently opened in
Mexico and received a total of $1,915,281. It will open in Australia and
Taiwan next month while other countries will follow in early 2008.
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5312]

As I See It

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

Even with temperatures in the 70s on October 20, and green leaves still on the trees here in southern New Jersey, Christmas and New Year will soon be here. Ads for holiday movies are already running on TV and in print. Your friendly not-so-local retail mega-store will soon be killing lots of trees to print advertisements to sell you and I all sorts of goodies. Ads will be running on TV non-stop. People will maul each other to get this year's "must have" toy or game system for their kids or themselves.

Meanwhile, in the Philadelphia/South Jersey region, there's a wrestling tradition around those holidays...one somewhat more in keeping with the true spirit of the Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year's season.

For the twelfth straight year, independent wrestling promotion United Wrestling Coalition will hold its annual Toys For Tots show at Burlington County College in Pemberton, NJ. All UWC wrestlers donate their time for the evening as well, with this year's main event a match between UWC Champion Reckless Youth vs. Steve Corino vs. Raven.

As with other Toys for Tots events, no admission is charged. Fans are asked to bring an unwrapped toy with a value of at least $10 as "admission". UWC fans, along with local donations, and scout drives, usually lead to 1,000 toys being collected yearly, with over 11,000 toys collected since the event's inception

UWC needs assistance with wrestling (or other) door prizes to have available as a raffle which traditionally takes place throughout the show we have during the show. UWC typically has about 50 door prizes during the show, with each fan receiving 3 raffle tickets upon entering the gym, with additional tickets available for purchase as well.

What I'd like to see happen is for wrestling promotions and individuals with items that can be donated toward UWC's work. If there are any wrestling promotions or interested others on the East Coast who'd like to help UWC put together their items for raffle; please e-mail me at the e-mail address, or e-mail Jeff Bradley at njjeff73@cox.net;.

If any other wrestling organizations have holiday charity events between now and the New Year, please feel free to write me at the address below.

I couldn't let this column get away without saying something about this weekend's debacle of a convention in San Francisco, CA. The details of the incompetence exhibited by the event's promoters this weekend was so bad, it was described by SLAMwrestling.com as "In terms of man-made disasters, [it] can be compared to the Hindenberg crash-landing onto the Titanic."

If you're a fan or worker, here's some helpful hints for how to deal with these situations:

1) If you're a worker, unless you know of the promoter or sponsoring organization, and can check them out in advance, get plane tickets (if applicable) and your pay in advance. Steve Austin did.

2) If you're a fan, no matter how tempting, don't buy one of the all-encompassing passes that cost a lot of money in one shot. For that matter, don't buy ANYTHING until you actually get there and/or can verify that the people promised are actually there.

3) If you own a website like me, be hesitant to promote such events until you get more definitive proof that the event won't be a mismanaged disaster like this one was.

Until next time...

If you have comments or questions, or if you'd like to add the AS I SEE IT column to your website, I can be reached by e-mail at bobmagee1@hotmail.com;.

If you'd like to add advertising on PWBTS.com (the flagship website of this column), banner ads are available for $400 for one year. These ads would appear on each newspage appearing on the newsboard. Cube ads are available for $200 for one year, which would be placed on the main newsboard page.

For advertising requests, I can also be reached by e-mail at bobmagee1@hotmail.com;.

Raw Preview

Less than a week before Cyber Sunday, all four Superstars involved in the WWE Championship Match in sports-entertainment's most interactive event will be in the same ring at the same time. WWE Champion Randy Orton will team with one potential challenger, Mr. Kennedy, against two other prospective Cyber Sunday opponents, Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy & Shawn Michaels.

With Hardy, Kennedy and Michaels in full campaign mode and appealing for your vote, how will that impact the tag team encounter? Who will best make their case to be Orton’s opponent for the WWE Championship six days later in the nation’s capital? Find out when the Superstars of Raw come the Qwest Arena in Omaha, Neb.

Candice Michelle is invoking her No Mercy rematch clause to try and regain her Women’s Championship from the beautiful, but deadly, Glamazon, Beth Phoenix. Will Candice be able to pull the upset and earn a second title reign as the top WWE Diva? Or, as promised, will the Glamazon make the former champ bow down to her sheer strength and might?

After Umaga’s powerful demonstration of brutality in the United Kingdom, will Triple H show up in Omaha to face the McMahon-backed monster that brutally attacked him two weeks ago? What will the conniving Chairman of WWE, Mr. McMahon, have in store for The Game?

And what will the stipulation be in the Cyber Sunday matchup between the Samoan Bulldozer and the Cerebral Assassin: a Street Fight, a Steel Cage Match or a First Blood Match? Our fans will ultimately decide with their mouse clicks at WWE.com.

Find out the answers to these questions and more on Monday Night Raw, live at 9 ET/8 CT on USA Network.

credit: WWE.com

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Sunday

Smackdown scored a 2.7 fast national broadcast rating.

Dave Meltzer earlier reported that the belief now is that Lex Luger suffered a nerve impingement in the neck that led to temporary paralysis. He is still at Stanford Hospital in stable condition.

Many of the wrestlers that appeared at the San Francisco Fan Fest at the Cow Palace over the weekend received checks that bounced, including Steve Austin. We heard a report that Roddy Piper actually rode with someone affiliated with the event to a nearby bank to cash his check.

It was announced by Dana White recently that Brock Lesnar has signed a promotional contract with the UFC-whatever that means? Not sure if he'll be fighting or not, but from the sounds of it, he will!

WCWO Greensburg Results:

I made my debut as ring announcer for WCWO last night, and just first want to thank WCWO for the opportunity, as well as the hospitality they've shown me. It's an honor and a pleasure to be working with them, and I'd also like to thank the Greensburg fans for a great experience last night! Now, here's the results!

Kenneth James, Tiny Timmy Turner & Devan Monroe d. Justin Andrews, Jammer & Niko

Dustin Frost d. Dropkick Jay

Pogo d. Gay Guy Lombardo

Apocalypz d. Baron Von Kane in a very bloody steel chain match to become the NEW WCWO Midwest Champion

WCWO Heavyweight Champion "Dangerous Bull" Don Basher & Twisted defeated "Bad Boy" Billy Bart & Kenneth James-this was a little confusing, as the ref. called for a disqualification, but the two teams just kept fighting.

After the match, Don Basher set up matches for Cage Fest on Dec. 1 in Greensburg-which also happens to be my birthday-and Zombie Rob Ramer and Billy Bart had an impromptu match that basically turned into a schmoz when the entire WCWO roster came out and started a melee.

WCWO returns to Greensburg on Dec. 1 for their huge event "Cage Fest", in which ALL matches will take place in a steel cage!

WCWO returns to action on Nov. 17 at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Crawfordsville!

For more info on WCWO, be sure to check out WCWO.com, or call the WCWO In Touch Line at 317-308-6556!

credit: gerweck.net

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Saturday

For those who haven't already heard, Lex Luger has had a heart attack and is currently hospitalized. This was on the heels of him going to California for the huge Wrestle Fest. From what I've heard he's currently stabilized-hopefully everyone will keep him in your thoughts and prayers!

John Cena to be on The Apprentice? That's right! NBC will air a special "Celebrity Apprentice", which will feature John Cena, Omarosa, Lennox Lewis, Gene Simmons, Stephen Baldwin, Carol Alt, Vinny Pastore, Tito Ortiz and more. The show should air mid-season on NBC.

WWE has signed wrestler Michael Jarvi

It's being reported that WWE has released Kristall Marshall. For those who don't know, she and Bobby Lashley are dating.

Kurt Angle, AJ Styles and Senshi will be competing on the 12/20 IGF show in Japan.

According to Kaz's Myspace TNA will be touring Canada on 12/28 in Hull, 12/29 in Montreal and 12/30 in Quebec City.

SuperLuchas is reporting that Dr. Wagner Jr. will be working the 12/14 TNA event at Arena Monterrey in Mexico.

To access the Hard Justice 2007 DVD easter egg go to chapters, highlight the Doomsday Chamber of Blood match and click up, down, right and ok.

The latest edition of TNA Today features Senshi & Christopher Daniels vs Rhino & Chris Harris.

TNA Impact on Thursday got a 1.0 cable rating

Be sure to check out WCWO live in Greensburg tonight at the Parks & Recreation center! Belltime is 7pm, and on the card you'll see WCWO Heavyweight Champion "Dangerous Bull" Don Basher taking on challenger BA Skinner, WCWO Midwest Champion Baron Von Kane taking on Apocolipz in a steel chain match, Gay Guy Lombardo taking on Pogo plus much more! For more info on this event, or WCWO in general, log onto WCWO.com, or call the WCWO In Touch Line at 317-308-6556!

credit: gerweck.net

News & Notes from Wrestling Online Newsletter

- There is one phrase that former WWE champion John Cena might hear soon and
that's "You're fired". And no it won't be Vince McMahon saying that but
Donald Trump! AOL-owned TMZ.COM spilled the beans on some of the
participants who will be on NBC's 'Celebrity Apprentice'. That's right, the
injured John Cena is already filming the show as TMZ.COM cameras spotted
many of the celebs selling hot dogs on the streets of New York as part of a
challenge. Cena joins Omarosa, Lennox Lewis, Gene Simmons, Stephen Baldwin,
Carol Alt, Vinny Pastore, UFC's Tito Ortiz and others in this new season of
The Apprentice. Donald Trump is, as always, running the show. With Cena out
for at least six to eight months, it gives him a great opportunity to get
involved in other projects. And we all know that the Donald is a big WWE fan
so having Cena on his show is certainly a big acquisition so to speak. The
Celebrity Apprentice will air in mid-season on NBC.
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5405]

- While in Manchester, World Heavyweight champ Batista and his opponent at
Cyber Sunday The Undertaker visited British boxer Ricky 'the Hitman' Hatton
at his gym before they laced up their boots for a show at the MEN Arena in
Manchester later in the day. Hatton - a big WWE fan - says he took the
nickname from Bret Hart and expressed his appreciation for the WWE visit.
Talking to British tabloid newspaper The Sun, Hatton said that both WWE
Superstars made him "look small". The Undertaker is set to attend Ricky's
upcoming title bout against Floyd Mayweather Jr in Las Vegas in two months
time. A picture accompanied the article having Batista and Undertaker on
each side and Ricky Hatton separating the two. And indeed, Hatton looked
like a little kid in between! You can check out the picture at
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5404]

- After a couple of weeks off their usual number one position, WWE regained
the top spot on Billboard's Top 10 Recreational Sports DVD chart for the
week ending October 27th. 'SummerSlam 2007' takes the number one position
while only two other WWE DVDs made it on the chart - 'WrestleMania 23' in
the seventh place and 'The Ladder Match' in eighth. UFC has five DVDs on the
list occupying the second, third, fourth, fifth and tenth positions.
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/]

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Wrestleline report-Friday

Rey Urbano, who painted his face and called himself the Great Kabooki in the early 1970s, as well as Tokyo Tom, passed away recently at a nursing home in Las Vegas, NV.

I have a brief interview up on option 3 with WCWO Midwest Heavyweight Champion Baron Von Kane, who will be facing Apocolipz this Saturday in Greensburg-be sure to check it out!

There will be a new reality show called "Hart Nation", basically featuring Bret Hart's ex wife and his children.

TNA is in talks with former WWE talents Scott Taylor and Brian Lawler

Judas Mesias is out indefinitely

Kevin Nash has told TNA management that he and Scott Hall have discussed reforming their tag team in TNA.

The Victory Road 2007 DVD will be released on 11/4 as an FYE exclusive.

Smackdown Spoilers:

Kane def. The Great Khali via DQ

Chris Masters def. Chuck Palumbo

Matt Hardy def. Finlay

Drew McIntyre def. Brian Major

Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang def. Duece and Domino

Undertaker def. Jamie Noble

Rey Mysterio and MVP resulted in a no contest.

credit: gerweck.net

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Wrestling-Online Newsletter News & Notes

- Speaking publicly for the first time since his suspension and the
announcement of his release, Booker T released a statement on his official
website. Calling the suspension "unwarranted", Booker said that he decided
to use the hiatus to rest and reflect on the direction of his career rather
than fight the suspension or voice his discontent. Booker said that he
wasn't taking any illegal substances and any drugs he was taking were under
his physician's care. He also said that he never ordered anything from
Signature Pharmacy and calls the allegation upsetting, careless and
slanderous. Booker said that the situation is currently being looked at by
his attorney. You can read the full statement at BookerTOnline.com
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5383]

- No heart attacks this week. After a scary number last week, Monday Night
RAW from Birmingham, England did a 3.3 rating off hours 3.2 and 3.4 which is
up from last week's 2.8. That number was the worst one since a December 1997
RAW. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put online by
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/]

- The grave for ECW just got deeper as it was announced today that WWE.COM
will be streaming the full shows every week the day after they air on Sci
Fi. With yesterday's announcement that Smackdown! Superstars will be on ECW
and vice-versa it looks like the new ECW might not even last as long as the
old one. With this pattern it looks like that once the contract with Sci Fi
expires, ECW will be off your television screens for good.
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5389]

- Crisp Wireless today announced that it was hired by WWE to power up their
newly launched mobile features including polls, quizzes and image galleries
in an effort to increase interactivity and traffic. Visitors can now browse
and rate Superstar image galleries and participate in the 2007 WWE Diva
Search by viewing and voting for their favorite Divas. Additionally, mobile
consumers can test their WWE knowledge by playing interactive trivia
questions and answering poll questions. Crisp Wireless has years of
experience in building, powering, and monetizing mobile solutions for
clients including Paramount Pictures, Bravo Television and Hearst magazines.
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/]

The Wrestleline Report-Thursday

Video Sales - Recreational Sports DVD
Billboard, Issue Date: 2007-10-27

1. Summerslam 2007
2. UFC 70: Nations Collide
3. 2001 FedEx Orange Bowl National Championship
4. Ultimate Fighter: Season 1
5. UFC Presents: The Ultimate Fighter 2
6. UFC 69: Shootout
7. WWE: Wrestlemania 23
8. WWE: The Ladder Match
9. PRIDE GP: Grand Prix 2003: The Complete 2003 Grand Prix Tournament
10. UFC 68: The Uprising

TNA's new entrance theme CD will be coming out in stores on Nov. 20, and TNAwrestling.com will have more news on this in upcoming weeks.

Former WWE Diva Search contestant, Jessica Hatch, will be beginning to train with Booker T & his PWA wrestling promotion in Houston, TX as of today, Thursday October 18th. Hatch had made a stop here in Indiana at the WCWA Legends Reunion a couple weeks back-I believe she paid her way there, and was not an invited guest, but from what I hear it was a pleasant surprise to see her there!

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that the Learning Channel has commissioned a show called "Roughhouse," which is a reality show about wrestlers being trained in the PCW promotion based in Arlington, TX. They are filming training sessions over the next several weeks.

The 10/13 edition of AM Raw scored a 0.5 cable rating.

Ever wonder why they keep around Hacksaw Duggan? Writers Ed Koskay and Brian Gewirtz happen to find Duggan funny as a comedy figure, thus the reason he is kept on the roster.

Tuesday night's edition of ECW on Sci Fi scored a 1.2 cable rating.

Steve Austin's "The Condemned" slipped from #6 to #10 on the weekly DVD rental chart for the week of 10/8 to 10/14.

WWE diva Maria Kanellis was among the top searches, according to Yahoo, coming in at #18. The much maligned ECW was at #11.

Mike Johnson is reporting that Bobby Heenan recently underwent jaw surgery where surgeons would be replacing his jaw with bone removed from his hip.

TNA Impact Spoilers for tonight at 9pm on Spike TV!

(1) Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley wrestled to a no contest in the Fight for the Right tournement when Team 3D got invloved in the match and beat them both down.

(2) Awesome Kong d. Talia Madison.

- Kurt Angle argued with Kevin Nash backstage. He said Nash cost him the title. Nash grabbed Angle around the throat and pushed him up against the wall.

(3) Kaz d. Lance Hoyt in the Fight for the Right tournement.

(4) Abyss d. Glen Gilberti (Disco Inferno)

- Black Reign attacked Abyss and put Misty the rat on him.

(5) Christian Cage d. Samoa Joe when Tomko and AJ Styles got invloved in the match.

- Robert Roode attacked Samoa Joe with a chair

credit: gerweck.net

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Wednesday

TNA Turning Point will be held on December 2nd & TNA Final Resolution will be held on January 6th. WWE had those dates booked for December To Dismember & New Year's Revolution, but decided to discontinue those events.


On Sunday, November 11, the superstars of Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling will travel to Japan’s Ryogoku Arena to compete in an “Interpromotional War” against New Japan Pro Wrestling. “The War Machine” Rhino, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, Senshi and Ron “The Truth” Killings will represent TNA Wrestling that night in bouts against the stars of New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Joey Matthews (Mercury) has agreed to a contract with TNA.

TNA was leary about allowing Sting to work a long match at Bound for Glory. The internal feeling is that Sting isn't very creative, and gets lost in matches.

Prior to the Bound for Glory PPV in Duluth, GA, Miss Brooks defeated a local DJ in a second dark match.

2 Cold Scorpio was the original choice to team with Ron Killings at Bound for Glory.

Raw scored a final 3.3 cable rating, which is up from last week's disappointing 2.8 rating. The first hour scored a 3.2 rating, while the second hour scored a 3.4 rating.

It's been officially announced that Booker T and Sharmell have been released from WWE. Immediately following the announcement by WWE, Booker and Sharmell posted a bulletin on myspace explaining the situation, and stating that they had both asked for their releases from the company due to being unhappy with creative direction. They have both stated that they will stay in pro wrestling, with the PWA in Texas, and I would imagine that the two will end up in TNA sooner or later.

credit: gerweck.net

Two Weeks Worth of TNA Impact Spoilers!

TNA Impact Spoilers for this Thursday:

Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley wrestled to a no contest in the Fight for the Right tournement when Team 3D got invloved in the match and beat them both down.

(2) Awesome Kong d. Talia Madison.

- Kurt Angle argued with Kevin Nash backstage. He said Nash cost him the title. Nash grabbed Angle around the throat and pushed him up against the wall.

(3) Kaz d. Lance Hoyt in the Fight for the Right tournement.

(4) Abyss d. Glen Gilberti (Disco Inferno)

- Black Reign attacked Abyss and put Misty the rat on him.

(5) Christian Cage d. Samoa Joe when Tomko and AJ Styles got invloved in the match.

- Robert Roode attacked Samoa Joe with a chair

TNA Impact Spoilers for 10/25:

(1) LAX and The Steiners d. AJ Styles & Tomko and VKM.

- Kevin Nash and Kurt Angle argued backstage.

(2) James Storm d. Eric Young in the Fight for thr Right tournement.

(3) Havok vs Petey Williams ended a non contest when Team 3D attacked both wrestlers.

(4) Kurt Angle d. Sting to win the TNA World Title.

(5) Awesome Kong d. Angel Williams.

(6) Junior Fatu d. Robert Roode.

- Samoa Joe attacked Robert Roode.

- Jim Cornette announces the Genesis main event. It will be Sting and a mystery partner of his choosing vs Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash with the winner of the fall will being the TNA World Champion.

credit: gerweck.net

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Sunday

First off, I want to remind you guys about the PWI fundraiser show taking place today for the Timmy Foundation! For all the details on this event, call 317-335-4688, or check out indypwi.com for more info!

Also, be sure to check out WCWO.com and the WCWO In Touch Line at 317-308-6556 for all the latest happenings on one of Indiana's longest running feds-WCWO!

Issue Date: 2007-10-20

1. WWE: SummerSlam 2007
2. UFC 70: Nations Collide
3. Ultimate Fighter: Season 1
4. UFC Presents: The Ultimate Fighter 2 (#1 last week)
5. UFC 69: Shootout
6. Home Run Derby: Volume Three
7. 2001 FedEx Orange Bowl National Championship
8. WWE: The Ladder Match
9. WWE: Wrestlemania 23
10. PRIDE GP: Grand Prix 2003: The Complete 2003 Grand Prix Tournament

Friday Night Smackdown scored a 2.6 broadcast rating.

Impact scored a 1.05 cable rating, with 1.4 million viewers.

Batista will defend the WWE World Title against The Undertaker with fans picking the special guest referee out of Steve Austin, Mick Foley and JBL at the Cyber Sunday PPV.

PWInsider.com is reporting that Robert Gibson was released on Saturday morning by World Wrestling Entertainment. Gibson had been working as a trainer for WWE's Louisville based Ohio Valley Wrestling developmental promotion.

Bound for Glory PPV Lineup & Predictions:

Angle v. Sting-Angle, although Sting won the title at last year's ppv, so we'll see.

Cage v. Joe-Cage

Lethal v. Daniels-Lethal

Team Pacman v. AJ & Tomko-AJ & Tomko

LAX v. XXX (Ultimate X)-LAX

Team 3D v. Steiners (Tables match)-Team 3D

Fight for the Right, 16 man gauntlet to determine no. 1 contender to world title match-no idea-maybe Kevin Nash?

Knockouts gauntlet match for TNA Knockout Title-Traci Brooks or Gail Kim

Abyss v. Rhino v. Black Reign v. Raven (Monsters Ball)-Abyss

credit: gerweck.net

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Thursday

Mike Johnson reports that Krissy Vaine who made her Smackdown debut a couple of weeks back is already gone from the WWE. Vaine not only hated the travel but she is dating former WWE Developmental wrestler Ryan O'Riley so she asked for her release so that she could be closer to him.

Shelly Martinez (ex-Ariel in ECW) will be shooting an adult film in Los Angeles through Platinum Jewel, a porn company owned by Jewel De'Nyle. Martinez is scheduled to work TNA's Bound for Glory PPV this Sunday.

The 10/5 edition of WWE Friday Night Smackdown scored a final 2.5 broadcast rating.

Former Spirit Squad member Johnny Jeter is heading to ECW as a regular.

Speaking of ECW regulars, Elijah Burke missed the Springfield, IL house show because he drove to Springfield, MO. Oops. As a result, Burke was not paid for his no show.

The Great Khali is scheduled to appear in an Indian-based movie called "Rama-The Savior," a children film that will be shot in Thailand.

Prior to his injury, WWE was considering John Cena vs. Batista for Wrestlemania 24.

The original plan for the return of Chris Jericho included subliminal planted signs in the crowd to kick off the campaign.

There will be a future episode of "Family Feud" featuring WWE superstars, which was taped in August. The format of the show is men vs. women, and will include MVP, Booker T, Batista, Cena, Mr. Kennedy against Candice Michelle, Layla, Maria, Michelle McCool and Sharmell.

ECW on Sci Fi scored a 1.2 cable rating.

"The Condemned" slipped from number four to six on the list of most rented DVDs.

TNA Impact Spoilers:

1. Black Machismo d. Havok in a nontitle match.

Kurt Angle/Sting promo

2. Bobby Roode d. Petey Williams.

3. Team Pacman d. XXX (Senshi and Elix Skipper).

4. Amazing Kong d. Gail Kim. All the other women in the PPV match were ringside.

Christian Cage and AJ Styles came out for a "Peep Show" with the ring made up for a Samoan party or something. Cage's guest was Samoa Joe.

5. Raven & Black Reign d. Rhino & Abyss in a No DQ tag match.

6. TV Main Event: Kurt Angle & Team 3D d. LAX & Junior Fatu.

Be sure to check out WCWO.com or the WCWO In Touch Line at 317-308-6556 for all the latest news on one of Indiana's longest running feds-WCWO!

Check out the PWI fundraiser show for the Timmy Foundation this Sunday in Indianapolis! For more info, check out indypwi.com or 317-335-4688, option, no. 1.

credit: gerweck.net

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Wednesday

RAW on Monday went down to a 2.8 cable rating-can't wait to hear their excuse for this one.

Matches announced thus far for Cyber Sunday PPV:

1. WWE Championship Match: Randy Orton vs. fans choice of Jeff Hardy, Mr. Kennedy, or Shawn Michaels
2. ECW Championship Match: CM Punk vs. fans choice of Big Daddy V, The Miz, or John Morrison

Angel Williams is featured on the latest edition of TNA Today.

LAX will be signing autographs this Saturday night from 7-9pm at the Santa Fe Mall in Duluth, GA.

Big Vision Entertainment has just released "Before They Were Stars: Samoa Joe" on DVD. The disc features footage and matches from ROH, UPW, IWA Mid South and more. It is available right now via Highspots.com or select Best Buy locations.

TNA is touting via their website that Bubba The Love Sponge might be attending an upcoming taping of iMPACT! .

Gamingring.com is reporting that the TNA video game will feature online tournements something that has never been done before in a wrestling video game.

Instant Classic: The Best Of Christian Cage will be released in the UK 11/5 on DVD.

It's being rumored that TNA is now interested in Joey Mercury-former member of the tag team MNM.

Johnny Fairplay is suing Danny Bonaduce over the incident at the reality awards show-gee, didn't see that one coming.

credit: gerweck.net

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PWI fundraiser show this Sunday in Indianapolis for The Timmy Foundation-check out indypwi.com or 317-335-4688 for more info!

Smackdown Spoilers

Dark Match:

-- Jacob Duncan defeated Funaki.


-- Chuck Palumbo rolled up Chris Masters for a pinfall. Palumbo controlled most of the match. Afterwards, Masters attacked him and out Palumbo with the Masterlock.

-- Big Daddy V promotional video airs.

-- Jesse & Festus defeated Jay Adams & Conrad Carr (Eddie Venom and Conrad Kennedy III from Michigan indy scene).

-- There is a backstage vignette with Jamie Noble, Deuce and Domino.

-- Drew McIntyre (Drew Galloway from Scotland), with Dave Taylor) defeated Brett Major.

-- Diva search segment.

-- Backstage promo with WWE Tag team champions Matt Hardy and MVP.

-- The Undertaker & Kane defeated WWE Tag Team champions Matt Hardy and MVP after Taker drilled MVP with a tombstone. This was a non-title match.

-- In a backstage promo with Vickie Guerrero and Jamie Noble, leading to Vickie signing Noble vs. Khali next.

-- The Great Khali beats Jamie Noble with the head squishie.

-- Jimmy Wang Yang defeated Deuce and was attacked and laid out by Deuce and Domino. Cherry even slapped Yang.

-- Rey Mysterio vs. Fit Finlay for the #1 contendership of the WWE World title went to a no contest after a chair was used. The lights in the arena went out and by the time they returned, both men were laid out in the ring. Undertaker was inside, making a motion with his hands for the belt, motioning to Batista, who was at ringside doing commentary.

credit: gerweck.net

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


- After being on the sidelines for nearly five months since Judgment Day,
Shawn Michaels made his return to WWE television yesterday at Monday Night
RAW attacking the man who put him out of action, Randy Orton. HBK wrestled
Orton at the Judgment Day pay-per-view however HBK collapsed due to a
'concussion' during the match and was even stretchered out of the arena with
his wife Rebecca by his side. In reality HBK had to undergo knee surgery and
the angle at Judgment Day was played out to protect his knee and prevent
further damage.
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5358]

- The RAW brand main event for Cyber Sunday has been announced as the WWE
champion Randy Orton will defend his title against either the returning
Shawn Michaels, the Intercontinental champion Jeff Hardy or Mr Kennedy. Fans
will be able to vote for any of the three Superstars and the winner of that
vote will be revealed during the show. The Smackdown! main event stipulation
is that fans will be able to vote for the referee of the expected four-way
match for the World title between Batista, Undertaker, The Great Khali and
Mark Henry. Choices will be between JBL, Steve Austin and Mick Foley. Voting
for the RAW brand event is already up at WWE.COM.
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5360]

- Jessica Hatch is the latest Diva Search contestant to be booted out of the
competition. The twenty five year old Texan model was the fourth out of the
competition and now four remain - 2 blondes and 2 brunettes - for the final
prize. The remaining contestants are Brooke Gilbertsen, Taryn Terrell, Eve
Torres and Lena Yada. The competition will wrap up on Sunday October 28th at
Cyber Sunday.
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5238]

- The WWE Corporate website has a press release about WWE teaming up with
the National Literacy Trust to target schools in England to encourage them
to read. This year school Reading Champions will have the chance to enter a
special WWE competition to win a trip to Orlando, FL., and tickets for the
biggest event of the year - WrestleMania! To participate, students need to
read five books of their own choice, enter the book titles on the entry form
provided and write 100 words explaining how they would persuade a WWE
Superstar to read a book. Each entrant that submits a form successfully via
their teacher will receive a certificate from WWE celebrating their
completion of the WrestleMania Reading Challenge. The entries will be judged
by representatives from WWE and NLT. Winners will be announced in March 2008
and four prizes will be awarded with the big one being the trans-Atlantic
flight to the US and Mania tickets. The competition is open to primary and
secondary schools who are signed up to the Reading Champions initiative. To
sign up for free visit http://www.literacytrust.org.uk
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5359]

- Midway Home Entertainment announced yesterday that the world premiere of
the TNA iMPACT! video game will be taking place next weekend in Atlanta,
GA., at the Bound for Glory Interaction event. The game will be released in
Spring 2008 for Xbox 360, PS2, PS3 and Nintendo Wii. Midway is serving as
the sponsor for TNA's pay-per-view - which is scheduled to be their biggest
one yet. A video package on the game will air during the PPV and Midway is
featured in all promotional materials for the show. The ring skirts will be
featuring the iMPACT! video game logo during the show as well.
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5357]

- The passenger who was in Nick Hogan's Toyota Supra when the two had an
accident remains on life support and according to new court documents, he
will likely spend the remainder of his life in a nursing home. John
Graziano, a former United States Marine and a big friend of the Hogan's was
reportedly not wearing a seat belt at the time of crash which is why he
ended up with the majority of the injuries. Nick was released the day after
from the hospital with a broken hand and some other injuries but to this day
Graziano is still in a hospital listed in critical condition. A registered
nurse who compiled the report for court said that Graziano responds to a
pinch and has a gag reflex but doesn't respond to touch or sounds. His
pupils are fixed so they don't respond to light. While technically he's not
brain dead, these symptoms aren't encouraging. In the report, the nurse said
that he suffered a broken skull at the base, had part of his skull cut out,
experienced brain swelling and had cuts to the scalp. The bone was pushed in
and broken in many pieces and had abnormal collections of blood under the
front side of the skull. According to his doctor, the most that Graziano can
do if the condition improves is that he will "open his eyes on and off."
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5115]

As I See It

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets


Anyone remember a year ago when TNA signed Kurt Angle shortly he was released by WWE due to personal and drug related issues?

Anyone remember that more than a few people said that with Angle's behavior issues that he might well be a ticking timebomb without a significant testing and treatment program within TNA?

We were assured that Kurt would be taken care of by TNA, and that they would assure that substance abuse issues would not take place while he was in TNA. A year ago, Angle even admitted to his demons on a SPIKE TV interview where he told those viewing that he "hit rock bottom" after getting addicted to extra-strength Vicodin after undergoing neck surgery.

Then, there came September 28, 2007:

Kurt Angle charged with DUI

By: Cory Nealon, Times Staff


MOON TWP. - Olympic gold medalist and professional wrestling star Kurt Angle was charged Friday with driving under the influence.

Moon Township police said they received a call from a motorist at 1:49 p.m. complaining that someone driving a white Cadillac nearly struck his vehicle in a restaurant parking lot. The motorist, who gave police the vehicle's license plate number, also said the Cadillac was driving erratically on Beaver Grade Road and almost hit a traffic sign. Police tracked the Cadillac to Angle's residence, which they did not identify.

Angle, 38, who has admitted an addiction to painkillers, told police he had been at the restaurant and driven home. He failed a sobriety test but refused a blood test. He was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance and careless driving. He was released to appear in court at a later date. Angle, a Mount Lebanon native, is the current Total Nonstop Action Wrestling world champion. He could not be reached for comment.

A standout athlete at Mount Lebanon High School, Angle was a two-time NCAA Division 1 wrestling champion at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. He also won a gold medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

In 1991 he joined the World Wrestling Federation, where he won numerous accolades. He left the organization, which had morphed into World Wrestling Entertainment, last year. He joined TNA in September 2006 and soon after admitted to a painkiller addiction. He said last November, however, that he had been drug-free for more than a year. In March, Sports Illustrated reported that Angle was one of dozens of prominent athletes to receive steroids from a Florida wellness center. Angle disputed the report on his Web site.

Angle and his wife, Karen, who has appeared with him ringside, have two children.

Now I grant you, any reference to anti-inflammatory drugs probably means Motrin at worst. So "drugs" as such aren't the issue here...we hope. But alcohol is a drug, a pain-killing drug...killing emotional pain and physical pain. Alcohol paired with many other drugs creates a synergistic effect, which makes the effect of each drug much more pronounced than either substance by itself. A case in point was Vice President Dick Cheney's shooting of a hunting friend after consuming alcohol and the blood-thinner Cumidin.

Something that should be of even more concern is that this incident occurred at 1:49 pm, or rather the CALL from the motorist at 1:49 p.m. complaining that someone driving a white Cadillac nearly struck his vehicle in a restaurant parking lot cmae at that time, and Angle was apparently going HOME from a local bar. When in the hell did Angle start drinking that day, anyhow? 9:00 am?

That kind of indulgence can't be the best sign for Dixie Carter, who has Angle as her flagship wrestler for the new two-hour IMPACT on SpikeTV. Meanwhile in TNAland, no one from the promotion has publicly commented on the many mainstream articles about Angle's arrest. Neither have they commented in substance about Angle obtaining horse steroids from a Florida internet pharmacy. Further, they refuse to provide any detail whatever about their alleged drug testing/treatment policy, claiming that the policy is confidential.

Let Dixie Carter try and get away with that when Congress calls her to testify on steroid use and what promotions are doing about it.


Until next time...

If you have comments or questions, or if you'd like to add the AS I SEE IT column to your website, I can be reached by e-mail at bobmagee1@hotmail.com;.

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For advertising requests, I can also be reached by e-mail at bobmagee1@hotmail.com;.

The Wrestleline Report-Tuesday

To Michael C. Rogers-as far as LAX-I'm sure they'll have another run, but probably not as big as they had. I have no idea who does their theme song, but TNA does have an entrance theme cd called Third Degree Burns.

To Dirty Squirrel-congrats! And yes, I definitely do know who EZ Cruz is, and I hope to see him back in the ring again sometime soon!

Earlier today in Tokyo, Japan, Hiroshi Tanahashi beat Yuji Nagata with the High Fly Flow to become the 47th IWGP champion before a reported 7,800 fans.

The man who was left critically injured after he was involved in a car crash with Hulk Hogan's son Nick will probably need to be given lifelong care, according to a report.

According to the Derby City Wrestling web site, Andrew Vain and Lupe Viscara have signed WWE developmental deals. DCW is owned and operated by Ohio Valley Wrestling's Danny Davis.

RAW, Smackdown! and ECW Superstars will be going on a big European tour after the tapings on Tuesday. The company will be performing twelve shows in the United Kingdom, two shows in Ireland, three shows in Germany, one show in Belgium and one in Luxemburg. In total they will have nineteen shows in ten days including tapings for next week's RAW, Smackdown! and ECW in Birmingham, England on Monday and Tuesday. The crew will be back Stateside
on Sunday October 21st.

The WWE Cyber Sunday ppv will feature WWE Championship Match: Randy Orton vs. FANS CHOICE~! (Jeff Hardy, Mr. Kennedy....Kennedy, Shawn Michaels)

Smackdown matches being discussed for Wrestlemania 24 include The Undertaker vs. Batista for the World Heavyweight championship and Edge vs. Rey Mysterio. The previous idea was Undertaker vs. Edge, so perhaps the mindset has changed.

Hardcore Holly will face Cody Rhodes AGAIN next week on Raw.

Mike Johnson reports that the December Turning Point PPV will be held outside of Orlando, FL and that the location and venue will be announced soon.

The brand new TNAwrestling.com website is now up.

TNA's 2nd entrance themes CD "Meltdown" will be released on 11/20.

TNA Mobile sent out an alert earlier today stating that TNA will be scheduling live shows in Ohio in the next 3 months!

Be sure to check out WCWO.com or the WCWO In Touch Line at 317-308-6556 for all the latest happenings in one of Indiana's longest running feds-WCWO!

I just wanted to let you guys know about a fundraiser show taking place this Sunday in Indianapolis for the Timmy Foundation. The show is being promoted by Pro Wrestling International, and proceeds from the event will go to the Timmy Foundation. The show will feature many top local talents, so for more info be sure to check out 317-335-4688, or indypwi.com for more info!

credit: gerweck.net

ECW on Sci Fi Preview

ECW Champion CM Punk knew he had a problem when he met a man - if he is truly just a man - who could overpower him in the ring. The problem grew when Big Daddy V earned a title opportunity against Punk at No Mercy. And as much as the Straightedge Superstar hoped for a resolution to come Sunday night, the problem is a big as it's ever been.

Will Big Daddy V take any further steps in trying to get the ECW Championship? How hurt is CM Punk? Will he continue to work at getting the chip off his shoulder?

Also, Tommy Dreamer's dreams were squashed on ECW on Sci Fi when his win over Elijah Burke in the Elimination Chase to No Mercy was shaken by a twist from ECW General Manager Armando Estrada. Will he get back on track?

Last week, Kelly Kelly finally told Balls Mahoney she’d go out on a date with him, but The Miz, who revealed that he owns Extreme Exposé's management contract, warned he would fire her if she does. Where will Kelly Kelly's heart lead her? Will the ECW beauty stay with Brooke, Layla and ECW’s self-proclaimed chick magnet, The Miz? Or will Kelly Kelly’s new teddy bear be Balls?

Find out the answers to these extreme questions and more Tuesday on ECW on Sci Fi at 10/9 CT.

credit: ECW.com

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Wrestleline Report-Sunday

ROH has a new World Heavyweight Champion in Nigel McGuiness, as he defeated Takeshi Morishima at the ROH ppv taping last night. Congrats to Mr. McGuiness on wearing one of the most prestigious crowns in all of wrestling today!

Unfortunate news for the UFC, as it sounds as though negotiations with HBO have broken down, and the two parties have parted ways.

TNA will be touring Canada by years end.

TNA is in negotiations with a former WWE IC and European champion.

A new TNA entrance theme CD is coming in 2008.

TNA will launch an all new website soon.

Batista's book titled 'Batista Unleashed' will be released on 10/16 in hardcover format. With a total of 320 pages, this book will chronicle the current World champion's life from his early years to joining WWE and eventually winning the World Heavyweight title. Batista also talks about his
family, problems with his ex-wives, his teenage daughters and becoming a grandfather. The book is currently number one on Amazon's wrestling book chart and number six in overall sports biographies. It is already being shipped by Amazon despite being released officially in one and a half weeks.

No Mercy Lineup and Predictions:

* Batista v. Khali (Punjabi Prison)-Batista

* WWE title match-There's rumors going around that Chris Jericho may end up taking on Randy Orton in this matchup, but we'll just have to wait and see tonight! At any rate, I see Orton walking out the new champ.

* Punk v. Big Daddy V-Punk

* HHH v. Umaga -HHH

* Mysterio v. Finlay -Mysterio

* Candice v. Beth Phoenix-Beth Phoenix

Be sure to check out WCWO.com and the WCWO In Touch Line at 317-308-6556 for all the latest news on one of Indiana's longest running feds-WCWO! WCWO returns to action next weekend in Crawfordsville, stay tuned for details!

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Wrestleline report-Friday

ROHwrestling.com has The Best of Christian Cage DVD in stock 3 week's early. It's not due out in stores until 10/23 but they have it right now. ROH also has a 20% off sale currently going on so you can get a great deal on the DVD.

The Steiners vs Team 3D match at Bound for Glory has been changed to a best 2 out of 3 tables match.

Pacman Jones and Sting are the only two members of the TNA roster that won't be appearing at the Bound for Glory fanfest.

Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin are interviewed on the latest edition of TNA Today.
There is talk that TNA series 9 by Marvel Toys may be delayed until early 2008.

Gamingring.com to cover the TNA Video Game world premeire.

On Thursday, WWE released developmental talent Keith Walker from his contract. Walker had been training in Tampa with Florida championshiop Wrestling. WWE signed Walker last November, and he was originally assigned to Deep South Wrestling.

Smackdown Spoilers:

DARK MATCH - Dave Taylor & Paul Burchill VS The Major Brothers d. Dave Taylor & Paul Burchill

Show starts off with a Batista-Khali promo

MATCH #1 - Chuck Palumbo w/ Michelle McCool d. Ace Steel w/ Michelle McCool. Afterward Chris Masters comes out and chokes out Palumbo with the Master Lock.

MATCH #2 - Jamie Noble d. Jimmy Wang Yang

MATCH #3 - Tag Title Match MVP & Hardy d. Deuce & Domino w/ Cherry

MATCH #4 - (The debut of) Jesse & Festus d. Mike Tolar & Chad Collyer

Main Event MATCH #5 - Rey Mysterio VS The Great Khali goes to a no contest when Finlay interferes, then Batista ends up coming out.

Main Event DARK MATCH - The Undertaker d. Mark Henry

Be sure to check out WCWO.com and the WCWO In Touch Line at 317-308-6556 for all the latest news on one of Indiana's longest running feds-WCWO! I may have an interview or two up next week with some WCWO stars talking about the upcoming Oct. 13 show in Crawfordsville, so stay tuned for details!

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The Wrestleline report-Thursday

Be sure to call the wrestling roundup with Sean at 773-572-7867-he calls in all the time, and I thought I'd take the opportunity to help plug what he's got going on!

The Columbus Civic Center in Columbus, Georgia advertised a World Championship Wrestling show for October 28th, 2007. The listing stated that tickets could be purchased online beginning October 5th.

The Civic Center then removed all wrestling references from it's webpage about the WCW event on October 28th. Ticketmaster.com, however, still has the event listed as World Championship Wrestling.

This is listed on the Ticketmaster.com website:

SUN OCT 28 2007 6:00PM

Video Sales - Recreational Sports DVD
#1 This Week

1 UFC Presents: The Ultimate Fighter 2
2 Ultimate Fighter: Season 1
3 UFC 69: Shootout
4 2001 FedEx Orange Bowl National Championship
5 WWE: Wrestlemania 23
6 WWE: The Ladder Match
7 PRIDE GP: Grand Prix 2003: The Complete 2003 Grand Prix
8 WWE: The Great American Bash 2007
9 UFC 68: The Uprising
10 TNA: Slammiversary 2007

For the week of 9/24 to 9/30, "The Condemned" slipped from #2 to #4 among top DVD rentals.

Brooke Hogan was at the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards yesterday, which will air on 10/13 on the Fox Reality Channel.

TNA Impact Spoilers:

*Rhino defeated Black Reign. Raven came to the ring during the match as Rhino was preparing for a gore. Rave pulled Reign down to save him from the gore. Rhino took out Raven and got the pin. Raven got involved after the pin and there were a series of run-ins involving Abyss, Jim Mitchell, Sting and Havok. No Judas Mesias. Sting was left in the ring when TNA champion Kurt Angle appeared on the screen from Sting's son's school and said that if he had a son, he wouldn't miss his football games like Sting is tonight and said he was going to stay there and watch the game, trying to get inside Sting's mind.

*Backstage, Team 3D attacked X-Division Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt as they were being interviewed by Jeremy Borash backstage. 3D dragged them into the ring and said they would keep attacking everyone on the roster until they got a title shot against Team Pacman. Shark Boy tried to make the save but was put on a table. The table collapsed. They hit a Dudley Death Drop through a table on Lethal.

*Gail Kim defeated Jackie Moore. Christy Hemme and Roxxi attack Kim.

*TNA Tag Team champions Team Pacman defeated Team 3D by DQ when VKM attacked Ron Killings. The Steiners come out and 3D leave.

*Eric Young wins a Gauntlet, defeating James Storm.

*Samoa Joe & Junior Fatu & LAX defeated Christian Cage & AJ Styles & Senshi & Christopher Daniels (with Elix Skipper) when Joe pinned Senshi with a muscle buster in about eight minutes in a good match.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Smackdown Spoilers

DARK MATCH - Dave Taylor & Paul Burchill VS The Major Brothers d. Dave Taylor & Paul Burchill

Show starts off with a Batista-Khali promo

MATCH #1 - Chuck Palumbo w/ Michelle McCool d. Ace Steel w/ Michelle McCool. Afterward Chris Masters comes out and chokes out Palumbo with the Master Lock.

MATCH #2 - Jamie Noble d. Jimmy Wang Yang

MATCH #3 - Tag Title Match MVP & Hardy d. Deuce & Domino w/ Cherry

MATCH #4 - (The debut of) Jesse & Festus d. Mike Tolar & Chad Collyer

Main Event MATCH #5 - Rey Mysterio VS The Great Khali goes to a no contest when Finlay interferes, then Batista ends up coming out.

Main Event DARK MATCH - The Undertaker d. Mark Henry

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The Wrestleline Report-Wednesday

It's being reported that Pacman Jones has purchased 1500 tickets to the Bound for Glory ppv and donated them to students.

TNA was really hoping that Chris Jericho would debut as a surprise at the company's first two hour Impact taping, but of course, Jericho has opted to return to WWE.

There is talk of Mark Henry moving to Raw and Umaga switching over to the Smackdown brand. Vince McMahon likes the idea of an Undertaker vs. Umaga program.

Raw on Monday scored a 3.2 off hours of a 3.1 and a 3.3

The 9/28 episode of Friday Night Smackdown scored a 2.5 broadcast rating, which is down from a 2.7 rating the show posted on 9/21.

The 9/29 edition of AM Raw scored a 1.0 cable rating, according to numbers compiled by Nielsen Media Research.

At the Smackdown tapings in Dayton, Ohio, Vickie Guerrero announced that tag team champions MVP and Matt Hardy would defend their belts against The Undertaker and Kane at Sunday's No Mercy PPV. This will be officially announced Friday night on Smackdown.

Congress sent letters to several WWE superstars to request conferences.

In Houston, Booker T filmed a commercial for his PWA promotion as himself, not as King Booker, and made no reference to being apart of WWE.

The Miz-Balls Mahoney storyline has been booked from start to finish by Dusty Rhodes. The WWE hall of famer and Vince McMahon have coached Kelly Kelly on her reactions, and the feeling is that she has progressed her character in the angle.

"The Game Plan" is the final movie Dwayne Johnson will use with his wrestling name.

It's being reported that Hulk Hogan has agreed to terms with NBC to host their remake of American Gladiators, although the deal is still being finalized. The show should air sometime in mid season.

For those who have not heard by now, John Cena is no longer the WWE Champion, and although many may view it as a good thing that he's no longer champion, it's just unfortunate the way he had to lose it. It's being reported that Cena will be out approximately six to eight months due to a complete tear of his right pectoral tendon. With Raw's ratings slipping, it'll be interesting to see how they handle this situation.

Ric Flair had a meeting with Vince McMahon on Sept. 20, and from the sounds of it, things didn't go well. Apparently McMahon was upset that Flair brought lawyers to the meeting. Flair owes the company money due to a pretty large loan that Flair received to help resolve his IRS problems. It's being reported that the two sides are even farther apart than they were before in terms of negotiations. As far as creative goes, Raw head writer Brian Gerwitz is against giving Flair a push against top talent due to his age and the fact that he would just end up leaving anyways.

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