Monday, February 18, 2008

The Rush Report- Monday Edition 2/18/2008

WWE Related News and Notes: JBL recently told the Baltimore Sun that during a recent match with Chris Jericho he had a tooth knocked out and he hasn't had time to replace it yet. Also JBL mentioned that he returned earlier than he intended too and still has some ring rust to remove.

THQ is promising that the 2009 edition of Raw vs Smackdown will have the biggest roster of Superstars and Divas ever and will have a "groundbreaking" new feature on the game. Raw vs Smackdown 2009 will be released later this year, probably in the early fall.

No Way Out results: Pre show dark match saw Kane chokeslam and defeat Shelton Benjamin. Chavo retained his ECW championship against CM Punk in the PPV opener. Then a promo with Rey and Floyd Mayweather Jr. airs. Then The Undertaker wins the SD Elimination Chamber match aand will be going to WM 24 to fight for the SD title. Edge, Vicki, Edgeheads, and Teddy Long promo where Teddy bans the Edgeheads from ringside during the title match tonite. Ric Flair makes Mr. Kennedy tap out thus surviving to fight another day. Next Vince tells Finlay he's gonna hurt Hornswaggle on Raw. Edge defeats the injured Rey to no surprise. After the match Big Show returns stating he's lost over 100 lbs and is going to be a champion again, then he proceeds to slap around Rey, which brings Floyd Mayweather to Rey's defense. Big Show drops to his knees to get to Mayweathers level and Show pushes him then Mayweather begin to punch the hell out of Big Show, breaking his nose and bloodying him up real good in the process. Shane comes out to calm the Big Show down. John Cena defeats Randy Orton via DQ after Orton blantently slaps the ref. In the main event of the night Triple H wins the Raw Elimination Chamber to go on to WM 24.

The preview for tonites Raw features hype for Hornswaggle's match with Vince in a steel cage, Cena/Orton backlash, Santino's ultimatum to Maria, and will Triple H have anything to say about going to Mania and his victory in the Chamber last night.

Other Global and National Wrestling News and Notes: Big Vision is presenting for one night and one chance for XPW to return for Cold Day in Hell, May 24th in Redondo Beach, CA. This of course will be a DVD taping and is due to the high sales of recently released XPW DVDs from Big Vision. CDIH will feature alot of stars of XPW's past including Sabu, Vampiro, Supreme, The Sandman, Vic Grimes, Pogo the Clown, Nosawa , for the first time in 10 yrs the reuniting of the Gangstas(New Jack and Mustafa) and many more.

Over on they have posted a leaked e-mail from ROH promoter Gabe Sapolsky to the ROH roster and staff. This is a interesting read for our smarky visitors.

In Japan yesterday either before or during the New Japan show former IWGP champion Yugi Nagata was rushed to a hospital for severe head pains and loss of control of his left side. Medics on site believed he suffered a stroke. On the show Makabe and Yano defeated Travis Tomko and Giant Bernard(Albert from the WWE) for the IWGP Tag Titles and Shinsuke Nakamora(IWGP 2nd Champion) defeated Kurt Angle(IWGP 3rd Champion) to unify the titles. Christopher Daniels, Jushin Liger and AJ Styles were also on the show.

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