Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Smackdown Spoilers

- Batista did an in-ring interview with Michael Cole talking about the Elimination Chamber at No Way Out. Big Daddy V, The Great Khali and Finlay all came out during the segment and claimed they would all win. MVP then came out saying nothing will stop him from going to WrestleMania. The Undertaker is the last to appear with the lights going out, coming back on and Undertaker appeared in the ring.

- Shelton Benjamin defeated Kane.

- Chuck Palumbo defeated Jamie Noble.

- Jesse & Festus defeated Deuce & Domino.

- The Cutting Edge: World Heavyweight Champion Edge and Vickie Guerrero come out for the show. Vickie demands an apology from Rey Mysterio for her injuries at the Royal Rumble. When Mysterio comes out, Vickie slaps him and Edge attacks Mysterio. The segment ends with Mysterio giving Edge the 619.

- The Edgeheads defeated Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore.

- Big Daddy V, The Great Khali & WWE U.S. Champion MVP defeated The Undertaker, Batista & Finaly via DQ when Finlay hit Khali with the shilleagh.