Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Wrestleline Report 05-23-09

WWE 2009 Hall of Fame member Terry Funk made a surprise appearance at last night’s TNA house show in Amarillo, Texas. Funk was the special guest enforcer for the show’s main event featuring Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner. He was along side TNA World Champion Mick Foley.

Last week's episode of TNA Impact drew a 1.23 cable rating with 1.6 million viewers

TNA's mobile service sent out a message that referee Shane Sewell has been released from the company, though his name has yet to be taken off of the referee's list on the website.

The Staples Center website is advertising the following matches for Tuesday night's SmackDown/ECW taping from Los Angeles:

Jeff Hardy vs. Edge
World Heavyweight Title Inside a Steel Cage

John Cena vs. Big Show
Inside a Steel Cage

Batista vs. Randy Orton
WWE Championship Match Inside a Steel Cage

The following is an updated card for WWE Extreme Rules:

WWE Championship Steel Cage Match
* Randy Orton (c) vs. Batista

Submission Match
* The Big Show vs. John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match
* Edge (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

No Holds Barred WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
* Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Chris Jericho

Samoan Strap Match
* CM Punk vs. Umaga

WWE Extreme Rules will take place live on pay-per-view Sunday, June 7th from the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Lineup for Sunday's TNA Sacrifice ppv:

Champion Mick Foley vs. Sting vs. Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett

If Mick Foley gets pinned, he loses the TNA Heavyweight Title
If Kurt Angle gets pinned, he gives up leadership of The Main Event Mafia
If Sting gets pinned, he has vowed to never wrestle again
If Jeff Jarrett gets pinned, he gives up his power in TNA

Booker T vs. "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles

Champion Suicide vs. Daniels

Champion Angelina Love vs. Awesome Kong

Kevin Nash vs. Samoa Joe

Taylor Wilde vs. Daffney

Beer Money, Inc vs. The British Invasion


Friday, May 15, 2009

The Wrestleline Report-05-15-09

The UK TNA show entitled 'TNA Epics' debuts tonight and is hosted by Mick Foley. The show reflects on the early days of the company, mostly in Nashville.

TNA announcers Mike Tenay and Don West recently took a shot at WWE while shooting a Slammiversary travel package spot, stating they don't believe WWE embraces fans like TNA does. Yeah, WWE doesn't have to like TNA does either. They did not actually use WWE by name, but it was implied.

There's a wrestling documentary in the works called the Bloodstained Memoirs. Wrestlers featured on the documentary are Chris Jericho, Mick Foley, Rob Van Dam, Christian, Roddy Piper, Nora Greenwald (Molly Holly), Christy Hemme and others. TNA pres Dixie Carter also recently helped out by giving the documentors TNA footage for the project. From what it sounds like, the documentary may actually air on tv before being released on dvd.

Billboard's Top Ten Recreational Sports dvds:

1. WWE: Greatest Stars of the 90’s
2. UFC: Best of 2008
3. UFC 92: Nogueira vs. Mir
4. NFL: Super Bowl XLIII champions - Pittsburgh Steelers
5. TNA: Jeff Jarrett - King of the Mountain
6. TNA: Cross the Line vol. II
7. UFC 91: Couture vs. Lesnar
8. WWE: Best of Raw - 15th anniversary 1993-2008
9. Bluetopia
10. WWE: Best of Saturday Night’s Main Event

The current word is that although Rey Mysterio injured his knee at the last set of tapings, he will be at the PPV to wrestle Chris Jericho this Sunday. It may end up that he takes time off after the event, at least from house shows.

Joey Styles was recently interviewed and stated that he was glad to not be announcing any longer, as he felt like his style of announcing didn't fit in any longer and that he would probably be better suited for announcing in MMA, or other pro sports as current announcing calls more for story telling than actually calling the matches. He also spoke about turning around

WWE Diva Jillian Hall is apparently engaged. She issued the following note on her MySpace account ( this morning: "finally got the ring!" Most hardcore local fans know of the relationship between she and Tank Toland-her new fiance.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Wrestleline Report-05-14-09 has put up a product page for the upcoming 3 disc set on the career of Macho Man Randy Savage. The company will not be including a tshirt that is usually customary with their dvd's though, as WWE doesn't want fans wearing the Macho Man's trademarked merchandise at their events. Doesn't really make sense to me but what do I know.

Triple H is rumored to be returning shortly after the Judgment Day ppv, possibly interfering in Batista's match with Randy Orton on Sunday as 'payback' for Batista costing him the title.

Jesse Ventura-God love him-was on Larry King Live recently-I actually watched the interview-and spoke about the waterboarding issue, and how he'd like to waterboard Dick Cheney-as well as legalize drugs and be the Ambassador to Cuba. I'm gonna throw my two cents in on the waterboarding thing, even though it's not wrestling related. People can cry civil and human rights all they want, but I remember after 9-11 everyone was pretty damn anxious to go after the terrorists that caused harm to innocent American citizens. I think that waterboarding is the least that ANY known terrorist or anyone affiliated with a terrorist organization deserves, and for the US to take a stance saying they will not torture-even known terrorists-blows my mind. You can idealize all you want, but the fact of the matter is they would not show the same mercy to us, and showing mercy is NOT going to win the war on terror. Whew. Now I feel better.

ROH has posted Ric Flair's first official promo with the company on The promo involves Flair, Jerry Lynn and Austin Aries.

Jeremy Borash noted on his Twitter account ( that rap artist "Filthee" is working on the theme song for the Hard Justice pay-per-view. He attended the last set of Impact tapings in Orlando.

TNA Wrestling has launched, a fan-oriented search engine which rewards users with official merchandise and memorabilia.

Scott Siegel, the actor who played Randy "The Ram" Robinson's steroid dealer in the movie "The Wrestler," ironically was indicted this week for possessing and distributing steroids and assaulting law enforcement officers in a New York City suburb. If convicted, he faces up to 45 years in prison.


Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Wrestleline Report-05-08-09

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Former baseball player Jose Canseco is doing a deal where he will box someone for charity and the money will go to benefit John Graziano, the man left in a coma after the Nick Hogan car crash.

It was really no suprise to industry leaders that Ted Turner and Bill Shaw both decided against appearing on the upcoming Rise and Fall of WCW dvd, as the general feeling is that it will not be nearly as flattering as the ECW dvd. Ted Turner was always defensive of WCW, as he felt as though it helped him build TBS and TNT-and felt that wrestling could always reinvent itself. Obviously other Turner execs did not feel the same sentiment though. For those curious, the 3 disc set should be available on August 25.

Last week's episode of SmackDown garnered a 1.9 rating, up from the previous week's record-low number on myNetworkTV of 1.6.

Monday's episode of Raw scored a 3.3 cable rating, down from 3.4 the week before.

For those who haven't yet heard, Dave Batista is considering retiring for the first time when his WWE contract expires next year. He states, among other reasons, that he doesn't want to be so beat up that he can't get out of bed in the morning. Note I said retiring for the first time.

While he can still be quite moody at times, Carlito has been telling friends that he's enjoying his job much more now because his brother Primo is working and traveling with him. Officials put the two brothers together in hopes that it would light a fire under the former WWE Intercontinental Champion, who has a reputation for getting frustrated and lazy when he's unhappy with his standing in the company.

The latest on Jeff Hardy re-signing with WWE is that he is giving mixed signals to friends on his intentions. It was previously reported that he gave friends the impression that he would re-sign, but new reports are saying that he is giving the impression of taking time off without signing a new deal. reports that CBS Films is in final negotiations with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to star in "Faster," an action drama that will be directed by Phil Joanou (Gridiron Gang). Johnson will play "an ex-con bent on avenging the death of his brother, murdered 10 years earlier when the two were double-crossed during a heist." Shooting begins in August.


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Smackdown Spoilers

Dark Match:

* Jimmy Wang Yang b. Paul Burchill - Wang Yang got the win following a moonsault.


* SmackDown starts with Teddy Long introducing Rey Mysterio. He talks about being home on SmackDown. He calls Jeff Hardy the better man and invites anyone to challenge him for the Intercontinental Championship. Chris Jericho comes out. He calls himself the face of SmackDown and boasts about his accomplishments. He calls the fans and wrestlers disrespectful. Jericho goes on to say that Teddy Long is a "fly by night" General Manager. He demands a title match against Mysterio. Rey tells him to shut up and pushes Jericho to the ground. Rey exits the ring. Jeff Hardy enters and says Jericho has to beat him to get a title match. If Chris Jericho wins it will be a Triple Threat Match at Judgment Day. Teddy says it's official and Jericho leaves.

* Mike Knox b. R-Truth - Slow paced match with Knox connecting with fists. Truth hits a drop kick but Knox hits a spinebuster. Knox then connects the sleeper on Truth. Truth breaks free and hits a scissors kick on Knox. Flying drop kick for the two-count. Knox connects a kick to the face of R-Truth, hits his finisher, and wins via pinfall.

* Michelle McCool w/Alicia Fox b. Gail Kim - McCool taunts Kim by doing push ups. McCool gains control early on but Kim hits a swinging neck breaker off the top rope. She gets a two-count. McCool catches Kim and hits a body face plant finisher on her followed by a pinfall.

* Josh Matthews conducts a backstage interview with Jeff Hardy. He asks Hardy about his match with Chris Jericho. Jeff calls Jericho a distraction and says everyone will see him win the title.

* Edge is shown in Teddy Long's office. He complains about the triple threat situation. Long announces Edge vs. CM Punk for the title tonight.

* John Morrison b. Charlie Haas w/Shelton Benjamin - Haas controls early on with his technical mat work. Morrison counters and hits a spring board drop kick off the ropes. Back drop from Morrison on Charlie. Haas hits a couple moves followed by a back breaker. Morrison gains momentum and hits Haas with an elbow to the face followed by a inside out drop kick. Morrison then hits a spinning move off the ropes and pins Haas for the win.

* CM Punk b. Edge - Edge and Punk go back and forth. Punk sends Edge to the outside and hits a diving body. They get back in the ring and Edge hits Punk with a boot. Edge reverses Punk and locks in an arm bar in the middle of the ring. Punk gets lose with knees to the head. Both go for a body dive but collide into each other. Punk comes too and gets a two-count on Edge. He then goes to the top rope and connects with a drop kick. Electric chair attempt by Edge but reversed and hit CM Punk with knees to the face. Edge gets thrown outside and walks away. CM Punk gets the win via countout. After the match Umaga comes out of the crowd and hits Punk with a kick. Samoan Spike on Punk. Edge watches and leaves.

* Cryme Tyme hosts an arm wrestling match between Eve & Layla. Layla stops due to a hurt elbow. They go again and Eve wins. Layla attacks Eve.

* Dolph Ziggler, Jimmy Wang Yang, and Jesse are shown backstage. Dolph says he has something to say next... Dolph offers an open challenge. He says he'll rip through the SmackDown roster. The Great Khali accepts the challenge.

* The Great Khali b. Dolph Ziggler - Khali clothes lines Dolph and follows up with a slap to the chest. Dolph hits him with a chair repeatedly until he knocks him down. The Great Khali gets the win via disqualification.

* CM Punk vs. Umaga is announced for Judgment Day.

* Jeff Hardy b. Chris Jericho - Fast paced match. Jericho counters Hardy and throws him from the steps into the barricade. Hardy attempts Whisper in the Wind. Mysterio comes out. Chris Jericho & Jeff Hardy continue to exchange blows. Chris connects with Walls of Jericho but Hardy counters. He hits a front suplex but misses the Swanton Bomb. Chris Jericho connects with a Lions Sault and gets a two-count. Jericho misses a kick and Hardy reverses and gets him in Walls of Jericho. Two roll ups but both unsuccessful. Both Jericho and Hard get knocked to the outside. Jericho throws Hardy into Edge's lap whose on commentary. Jericho gets a close two-count. Edge distracts Jericho and Hardy rolls him up for a two-count. Hardy finally hits Twist of Fate followed but a Swanton Bomb for the win.

After the match Rey Mysterio hits Chris Jericho off the top rope and cheers with the crowd. This ends this week's SmackDown.


The Wrestleline Report-05-06-09

The Wrestler movie theme song by Bruce Springsteen has been nominated for best song at the MTV Awards.

Although The Rock was tipped by the movie sites to star in 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, the director has now gone on record saying that he's never even spoken to Dwayne Johnson.

Rumors are circulating that TNA is actually considering settling out of court with Konnan for $50,000, after months of totally dismissing his racial discrimination lawsuit. It is unsure what promoted their change of heart. Konnan had his kidney transplanted after charitable donations.

Speaking of TNA, Jeremy Borash posted on his official Twitter account that former WWE star Elijah Burke was backstage at last night's Impact tapings, although no word if he's coming in to the company. He had been dating Knockout So Cal Val.

Eric Bischoff recently noted on his twitter page that Ted Turner turned down an offer by WWE to be interviewed for the upcoming Rise and Fall of WCW dvd. Bischoff also noted speaking to former TBS president Bill Shaw, who helped Bishcoff rise to power in WCW. Shaw had also turned down the offer from WWE. conducted a shoot interview with Bob Holly recently, and in it he makes some pretty big threats against Ken Kennedy, stating that he believes Kennedy is the reason he was let go from the company.

WWE Superstars Spoilers for tomorrow:

Kelly Kelly & Santina b. Beth Phoenix & Rosa Mendes

Chris Jericho d. John Morrison

Edge has a 'Cutting Edge' segment with Jeff Hardy. Leads to Hardy doing a twist of fate & swanton on Edge, then holding up the title.

Finlay d. Zach Ryder.


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Many people in TNA are questioning the recent signing of Jenna Morasca, especially due to the large size of her contract. It should be noted that Johnny Fairplay showed that just because you were seen by millions of people somewhere else, it doesn't neccessarily translate into wrestling tv ratings.

Amazing Red got a great response from his TNA return. Those who'd seen him in TNA years ago thought he did good, while others who'd not seen him before were blown away.

TNA will be releasing all-new shirts on AJ Styles, "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal, The Motor City Machineguns, The Beautiful People, The Main Event Mafia, Latin American Xchange and Beer Money, Inc. in the coming weeks.

TNA Knockout Roxxi has been released from the company. She and Rhaka Khan were suspended for a backstage altercation a few weeks ago and for one reason or another the decision was made to just not bring Roxxi back. Rhaka Khan is believed to be safe for now.

Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter are scheduled to meet with Bobby Lashley prior to next week's Impact tapings in Orlando to finalize his TNA contract. The contract would schedule him on limited dates, still allowing him to pursue his MMA career as well. Right now he's currently working on a per-appearance basis.

Many in TNA are disappointed with recent signee, Sarah Stock's recent debut, feeling that her offense is too weak. The company had hoped to bring her in to be a top babyface, working with Awesome Kong to revitalize the women's division.

The recent tv name change of Christopher Daniels to simply 'Daniels' was just a marketing decision, as Daniels' owns the rights to his name, and TNA prefers to own the rights to their performers' names, although it is scripted for close friends to refer to him as 'Chris' on tv.

TNA's next road ppv will be Slammiversary, on June 21, at the Palace in Auburn Hills, Detroit, MI. This arena is one of the largest arenas in the country, and can hold a wrestling audience of 23,000. Nobody in the company is as delusional to think that if they don't draw a crowd of more than 5000 that it won't be a success.

WWE is currently planning on having Ted DiBiase, Jr. break away from the Legacy faction. As you have likely seen in recent weeks, they've had segments of DiBiase criticizing Orton to Cody Rhodes, with Rhodes seemingly siding with Orton. WWE hopes to have him, or another third generation wrestler, be a strong babyface by the release of the Marine 2 on DVD and Blu-Ray.