Sunday, March 21, 2010

Eric Bischoff Answers Facebook Questions

Why did he and Hogan revamp the entrance ramp?
"We didn't. We pushed for the 4 sided ring. The rest was an internal decision. I think the iMPACT zone looks much better/bigger. I like it."

How do his wife and kids feel when he told them he was getting back in the wrestling business

When will Impact start going Live every Monday?
"It's an economic and logistical issue that will evolve in the months to step at a time!"

What's the deal with Randy Savage and Vince McMahon?
"Don't really know and they probably can't remember...thats the way some of these old "feuds" end up. No one really knows why they dislike each other to begin with! Waste of energy."

When you created was at first a 2 hour show from 8-10pm EST every monday.and you had a group do a survey to see how you can be different from WWE..and you kicked butt for nearly two you believe it would be wise if TNA did the same and go for them hours...and get a interest group to do a survey??
"Interesting thought."

Bringing in DDP could inspire the locker room
"Not a bad idea, but IMO I think TNA has its roster full for now. "

It's almost like TNA has a split fan base. They are seriously matching Thursdays taping audience with the Monday's audience. Wonder if the same audience is tuning into Thursday's or if it's new viewers that want to catch on? If somehow those two fanbase's can interlock, TNA could reach 2.0.
"Its a mystery....for now."

Why are matches around 3 or 4 minutes
"How long was last weeks main event?"

How does he think the Internet has affected wrestling
"Cuts both ways....IMO 10% of the viewing audience are internet fans making 90% noise that WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE LISTEN TO!"

In 2 months your rating went from a 1.5 - 0.8 From the first monday to the 3rd Monday show. What I don't understand is why people in TNA turn a blind eye to the fact during the 2 month "build" to you going Mondays perminantly you lost 33.3% of your audience. You were unaposed on Thursdays so the only reason for this is that the product turned them off. Ontop of this each episode features ratings which decline sharply throughout, emphasising the point that this isn't what people want. Why does TNA not change their booking, and why does noone see a problem with a 0.7 loss in 2-3 months when they pull 0.8 now. You lost the equivelant of 90(odd)% of your current audience.
"Will address this in a blog soon (too much to discuss on this page). Stay tuned!"

Will he be watching WrestleMania?
"Yes...its always a great event."

Was the abduction a way to write Samoa Joe off TV or part of a future storyline?
"Stay tuned."

Did he read the Death of WCW book?
"Parts. Enough to know it lacks credibility. Its a dirtsheet dressed up like a book."

His relationship with Ric Flair backstage
"Great! We spend a lot of time together before/after the shows."

Heard your still making money off your WWE book.. i think thats hilarious and awesome.. but not like the miz awesome
"Trust me, a $50,000.00 check in your mail box that you don't expect for a book thats almost 4 years old is more than Miz awesome."

Thoughts on WWE banning chair shots?
"Mixed emotions on the chair thing. I agree that there is a problem, but like everything else, where do you draw the line on whats dangerous in wrestling?"

Regretting firing Steve Austin in WCW
"Nope. Read the book. Things happen for a reason. I would do the same thing if the circumstances were the same today. That said, I am happy for Steve. He deserves every bit of success he has worked for."

Did he know he was done with WWE when he got fired on TV
"Pretty much knew that I was finished at that point."

Would he accept going into the WWE Hall of Fame?
"No. Not that the issue will ever come up. I am content with my role in this industry and don't really need/want that kind of thing. Nothing against it mind you, as I think its a fantastic thing for talent that feels HOF recognition is a cool thing."

Any chance of bringing a TNA show to Sturgis?
"Nope. Been there done that as far as wrestling goes."

Thoughts on bringing in Jeff Hardy prior to his trial? If convicted, will it shine a bad light on TNA and wrestling as a whole
"Innocent until proven guilty. He's a great talent and worth the support."