Friday, March 05, 2010

TNA News & Notes

--TNA iMPACT! scored a 1.14 cable rating with 1.5 million viewers. The show peaked with the first quarter-hour with a 1.31 and dropped from there. The final quarter-hour only drew a .93 rating.

-- Mick Foley has posted a new blog on the TNA Website, discussing the move to Monday night and more. You can check that out at

-- TNA is holding a special Lockdown fan interaction event in St. Louis, MO on April 17th. More information is available at

-- TNA is working with Namco Networks in a game for wireless devises, which will be out next year. You can read more about that at

-- Alex Marvez has an interview up with Dixie Carter, discussing the move to Monday night. You can read that at

-- You can check out audio of Hulk Hogan's appearance on the Imus show at

-- Speaking of Hulk Hogan, he was recently interviewed on 106.7 in Washington, DC. When asked about Ric Flair, Hogan had the following comments… "Well I am fifty-six. I figure that he has got a couple of years on me. I do have the advantage because last week his wife just beat him up so I know that I am going to beat the hell of out him."

-- Bubba the Love Sponge was saying on his radio show this past week that since he has not been on TNA impact for 3 to 4 weeks that consequently the ratings have fallen. This week Bubba is excited about having a couple of segments. Bubba said he finally thinks TNA realizes what he brings to the table with promotion and as a talent because they didn't force him to follow a script and "act" as they have previously. Bubba said they gave him direction on what the segment was about but he did the rest and it was real. Hogan rang in and said he was actually rattled for a few hours and had trouble concentrating the rest of the show. As no one ever talks to him that way. Bubba asked has Vince ever spoken to you like Bubba did and Hogan said, 'Never'. Bubba said on his way home Kurt Angle rang him and said he had never heard anyone talk to Hogan like that. So basically Bubba didn't promote the past 3 heavily, however since he has a segment this week he has promoted the Impact heavily on radio and believes the ratings will rise, especially in his segment.