Thursday, April 01, 2010

RIP David 'Dozer' Gumz

Most Indianapolis wrestling fans will remember him as part of the Bomb Squad in ICW and FXW/FEW. The information below is from

David C. Gumz Sr., 48, died March 17, 2010, at his residence in Greenwood.

Survivors include two sons, David C. and Lance E. Gumz; two brothers, Charles E. Gumz and Larry Hood; two sisters, Charlotte Williams and Denise Wissell; and four grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Charles E. and Maudeen (Garrett) Gumz; and a brother, Jerry Hood.

A memorial service will be conducted at 3 p.m. Saturday at Anderson Ferry Church of Christ in Cincinnati. Calling will be from 2 to 3 p.m. Saturday at the church.

Wilson St. Pierre Funeral Ser­vice and Crematory, Greenwood Chapel, is handling arrangements.

WWE NXT & Smackdown Ratings

WWE NXT scored a 1.0 cable rating, with 1,302,000 viewers.

Smackdown last week scored a 1.8 cable rating, with 3,025,000 viewers.

Flair Confronts Orlando Jordan's Male Companion reports that there was an incident between Ric Flair and the on-air male companion of Orlando Jordan at a bar that several TNA wrestlers and crew members hang out at after last Tuesday’s iMPACT tapings. Flair got so upset while watching the male companion dance at the bar, that he confronted the man and cut a promo on him. Jordan’s male companion was saidf to be shaken by Flair’s comments, and left the bar shortly after.

Flair was said to be furious over the male companion having a role in the company, and “not belonging in the locker room.”

RAW & Impact Ratings Breakdown

-- As noted earlier, TNA iMPACT! did a .56 rating on Monday (off hours of .53 and .60). The show's 18-34 viewers were down a stunning 53.5% from last week while total viewers were down 30%. Here are more quarter hour details:

* The show opened with a .50 quarter hour.

* The third quarter hour drew a show-low .43 for The Pope talking, Samoa Joe, and Orlando Jordan.

* The show's highest quarter hour was the sixth which drew a .64 for the end of AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal vs. Beer Money.

* The seventh quarter hour did a .53 rating (featured a commercial, Hernandez update, and The Pope vs. Desmond Wolfe).

* The final quarter hour did a .58 (featured Kurt Angle/Mr. Anderson segments).

* The overrun did a .63. The overrun featured the end of the Jeff Hardy & RVD vs. Wolfpack Cage match.
-- WWE RAW on Monday did a 3.66 rating off hours of 3.53 and 3.79, a 13% increase from last week. Here are some more details:

* The first hour drew 5.2 million viewers while the second hour drew 5.8 million viewers.

* The ratings were up 13% compared to last week with total viewership up 22%.

* RAW drew its highest male 18-49 rating since the January 4th RAW (3.35 to 3.37 on 1/4). If you remove January 4th, the previous high for RAW among the male 18-49 demographic was back on April 6th, 2009 (the night after WrestleMania 25) when they drew a 3.47 in that demographic.

WWE Smackdown Spoilers

Smackdown starts with Chris Jericho coming down to the ring....mixed reaction when he cuts a great promo about keeping the World Title at WrestleMania 26.

Jericho is awesome on the microphone, getting great heat from the crowd.

Edge comes out to a huge pop. Edge says that he thinks he should get a rematch right now. Jericho is not taking the bait.

Edge starts beating up Jericho and ripping off his clothes to reveal taped ribs. Edge then spears Jericho. Jack Swagger then comes out to cash in MITB. Swagger hit Edge with the briefcase. The bell rings and Swagger WINS THE BELT with a power bomb. He walks out of the ring with the world title. The crowd is stunned.

Commercial time and Jericho is being helped from the ring. He's in shock. He starts throwing a tantrum up the ramp. The crowd is buzzing.

John Morrison and R Truth vs. Cryme Tyme is next. Very short. Cryme Tyme are total jobbers. Morrison wins with Starship Pain in about 1 minute. Cryme Tyme then turn on each other with Shad looking like he's turning heel. He beat up JTG pretty good. JTG gets helped to the back.

Swagger in the back halls with World T bragging to anyone who'll listen. He has a short conversation with Shelton Benjamin pretty funny stuff. Swagger is showing some personality.

They show an interview with Shad about it being his time, not very good.

Drew McIntyre is next vs. Matt Hardy. Hardy is way over. Really quick match with Drew ramming Hardy into post and DDTing him laying him out.

Simply Flawless, with Vickie Guerrero, were in the back. They congratulated Jack Swagger for winning The World Title and he kissed Vickie.

The Great Khali vs. Dolph Ziggler is next. The crowd was behind Khali but ziggler beat him with a very long sleeper hold. Khali started talking to his Ranjin Singh and said that he's leaving to go back to India but when he comes back he's coming back to be World champion. Can't wait..

CM Punk came out next for a promo. He had Luke Gallows say that Punk can save all of us, just like he saved him. Serena said to show Punk respect and professes her loyalty to Punk. Punk just looked at the crowd and got heat. Las Vegas is definitely not the town for the SES. Punk ripped the town for not being straight edge. What happens here stays here Punk. Punk wants Rey Mysterio to come and join the SES. Punk said that he will shave his head if he can't beat Rey. It was a great promo.

Teddy Long announced Punk vs. Under taker for later tonight.

Tiffany and Beth Phoenix vs. Simply Flawless saw Phoenix win with her finisher.

Chris Jericho wanted Teddy Long to reverse the World Title decision but Long wouldn't have any of it. He said that if he wants the rematch it will have to be tonight. Jericho said Swagger won't get away with this.

Next was an interview with The Hart Dynasty, which got interrupted by Swagger just standing there with the belt. Funny stuff.

Kane came to the ring for a promo. He said that he needs to take out his frustrations out on the whole NXT roster. They all came out to face Kane in a 8 on 1 match. Kane dominated all the rookies and pinned the rookies one by one. It must be an elimination match. After three were pinned, the remaining 5 rookies start ganging up on Kane. Ref called for DQ. The rookies laid out Kane while DJ Gabriel did a 450 splash. Kane then got up and chased them from the ring.

They showed a clip from earlier tonight with Swagger winning the belt and Jericho trashing ringside. Swagger is coming out next.

Swagger came out for state of the champion address. The crowd was totally hating on the guy. He went on and on, with the crowd booing him. Jericho came out repeating to him "give it to me, give it to me". Funny stuff. Jericho was going nuts. Edge came out and wanted Swagger to face him. Long came out and said that next week it will be Edge vs. Jericho for a shot at Swagger. Jericho then laid out Edge. Then Swagger laid out both with of them with Doctor Bombs. It looks like Swagger is staying the champ for now.

The main event on Smackdown is punk vs. The Undertaker. The crowd was totally behind Taker. Punk kept running away, to serious heat. The match finally started and after Taker beat up Punk and Gallows, Punk went after the bad knees of Taker Taker came back and tombstoned Punk and chokeslammed Gallows. Punk pulled himself up on Taker just like Michaels did at WrestleMania but Taker tombstoned him again, to a happy crowd. Taker saids to Punk "never mistake respect for weakness again." Good stuff for a guy who just two days ago had his best match I've seen.

There was no dark match and no Rey Mysterio but the crowd went home happy.

WWE Superstars Spoilers

Kofi Kingston and MVP def Zack Ryder and Carlito. Kofi pinned Carlito with Trouble In Paradise.

Yoshi Tatsu pinned William Regal. Regal got a bigger than usual reaction with a lot of cheers since there are so many fans from Europe at the show.

Trent Beretta and Caylen Croft vs. The Hart Dynasty. Real good match. The Hart Dynasty wins with a Sharpshooter by Tyson Kid.